When it comes to wagering on NBA events, the list of things that can affect a punter’s betting decisions can seem endless. There are, however, aspects that take special priority in terms of importance. One such factor of NBA betting is the injuries players can sustain and what the NBA health protocols dictate for such situations.

As one can imagine, the health of the players is of utmost concern to the NBA league, which is why there are various rules and procedures that are to be followed when incidents do occur or someone falls ill.

All of this is relevant to punters because even one player’s absence or hindered performance can affect a game to a monumental extent. This is even more relevant to basketball as opposed to, let us say, soccer. Here, the teams are smaller, and individual players are of much greater importance. One single absence can be a significant disadvantage here.

Player Injury During Gameplay

An accident that can happen while the game is underway is something that will benefit punters who love wagering on live events. Due to the fast-paced and somewhat aggressive nature of basketball, injuries are not a rare occurrence. How they affect the team is usually reliant on the severity of the injury.

For light lacerations that result in bleeding, the team will be allowed 30 seconds to treat the wound in question, after which either timeout or substitution can be requested by the coach. If the injury is not severe, the player may return after the tear has been sufficiently covered by dressing to prevent contamination. In cases where an injury is serious and substitution is necessary, the opposing team also has the right to substitute one of their own players.

All in all, a player being hurt does not mean that they will certainly be removed from play, but they might be substituted if there is no other option. Therefore, we recommend you always remain vigilant when you are partaking in live wagering. Make sure that your decisions are made swiftly but with care nonetheless, and consider carefully just how impactful an injury is combined with the other factors that can affect the game too.

Entering and Leaving the NBA’s Health and Safety Protocols

When a player enters the NBA’s Health and Safety Protocols, it means that, due to an injury or illness, the person in question has been deemed unfit to participate in games for a certain period of time. Once again, the exact length is reliant on how heavy the sustained health issue is.

In addition, it is crucial to know that as per NBA rules, teams are obligated to publicly announce injuries or general player absences prior to the game’s start. Under normal circumstances, the team’s management must make an announcement by 5 p.m. local time a day prior to the actual event. The announcement in question must contain information regarding the player’s identity, the nature of their injury or illness, and how long the player will be absent. The only exception to this rule is no-rest games. In these situations, management must submit their report by 1 p.m. on the exact day of the event. The length of a player’s absence is, most often, entirely reliant on the nature of their injury or illness and will vary from situation to situation.

In the case of Covid-19, regulations have been updated several times throughout recent seasons. At the time of writing, players who test positive are to be put under quarantine for 6 days and must not exercise until they leave the health protocols.

Unvaccinated individuals must be asymptomatic, and their fever needs to have broken more than 24 hours prior for them to leave protocols. In addition, two PCR tests that have occurred within 24 of one another are also required, as is a cardiac screening. With all testing requirements met, the player will be allowed to return to the court and regular training.

For close-contact individuals, procedures are reliant on whether a player is vaccinated. If not, they must isolate, but if they are vaccinated, then only testing will be required.

NBA Injury Reports

Finding information regarding player health is not always easy, even when injuries do get reported on sports news websites. Since you cannot be certain that a given website will cover all possible player absences, checking through multiple sources regarding various teams and players can quickly become a daunting task.

Thankfully, it does not need to be a whole endeavor. Although it is true that finding direct sources for injuries can be a bit of a pain, you will find that there are many websites willing to put in the work to compile the data into easily digestible summaries. Thanks to this, bettors can quickly look up the team or player they plan to wager on. These are the so-called NBA health reports.

As implied, NBA health reports are there to provide you with all necessary facts pertaining to NBA injuries and possible absences. Below is an example of the information you can find in an NBA health report courtesy of VegasInside:

Washington WizardsBradley BealSGWristOut
Vernon Carey Jr.CCalfOut
Charlotte HornetsGordon HaywardSFAnkleOut
Atlanta HawksDanilo GallinariSFAchillesQuestionable
John CollinsPFFootOut
Trae YoungPGQuadQuestionable
Miami HeatJimmy ButlerSFToeQuestionable
P.J. TuckerSFKneeQuestionable
Caleb MartinSFAchillesQuestionable
Orlando MagicJonathan IsaacPFKneeOut
Wendell Carter Jr.CAnkleOut
Chuma OkekePFKneeOut
Bol BolCFootOut
Jalen SuggsPGAnkleOut

Here, you can clearly see which team members have been hurt as well as the nature of their injury. In addition, and most important of all, such NBA reports also clarify if someone is certainly out or not. Reports that can be found at websites will also often include data regarding which events a player will miss and how long they will remain under the NBA’s health protocols. In general, you will basically find all of the data you could need to make educated bets.


Being keenly aware of how the NBA’s health protocols are enacted is important for any punter wishing to wager on NBA basketball events. It can have a significant effect on not just the results of a game, but the odds of the wagers available for the game in question as well.

This can result in high-value wagers, especially if you manage to find new information quicker than other punters. It is not exactly easy, of course, but the fact alone that you are making this effort makes you a step above the ordinary recreational bettor who only wagers with their gut. By making use of this data, your chances of winning are higher, and you can also wager against the public if you notice that this will be beneficial to you.

To achieve this, you can take advantage of the numerous NBA health reports available online. They compile a lot of information and make it easy to look up and understand the condition of the teams you will bet on.

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