Apple Pay is the proprietary online payment solution of Apple. Available to customers who own an Apple device, Apple Pay provides them with a quick and convenient way to make payments online. Users are able to add their bank cards to their Apple Pay app and to use it to safely issue transactions. Apple Pay is used in more than 50 jurisdictions all over the globe, with the number of supported countries expanding each year.

When the service came out in 2014, it was not long before the online gambling industry got wind of it. Soon after, many gambling websites began accepting deposits made via Apple Pay, giving iPhone and iPad bettors a new way to manage their bankrolls. While not the most widely supported service, Apple Pay is a great service to use for the purposes of online sports betting. Below, we go into detail regarding the features of Apple Pay. We provide information about the service structure, how it operators, the benefits and drawbacks of using it, and other important aspects that will factor into your experience with the service.

Registering an Account with Apple Pay

Accessing Apple Pay is, naturally, only available to Apple customers. To this end, you will need an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or a Mac computer. It is worth noting that Apple Pay is only available on newer devices, such as the iPhone 6 or later versions, the iPad Mini 3 or newer models, and Mac devices which came out in 2012 or later. Apple Pay utilizes the Touch ID feature and your device must also support it.

Apple Pay is quite simple to set up and you can get started in only a few minutes. You will need to launch your Apple Pay app and find the “+” symbol, which will prompt a window to enter your card details. The process is mostly similar across the different device types, except the Apple Watch, where you have to enter the card details from the Watch App on your iPhone, rather than from the Watch itself. Once you have put in the details, your banking institution will verify it before you are allowed to use the service.

Depositing with Apple Pay

Making a payment with Apple Pay is quite similar to other banking methods on the Internet and it takes only a moment. Simply, go to the Cashier page at your online sportsbook and find the Apple Pay option. From then on, you will have to enter the amount you wish to deposit and press the Apple Pay button. Then, you will need to confirm the payment. This will happen on your device by using the Touch ID or, if lacking that, using the Face ID feature. As soon as the device registers that it is you making the payment, it will confirm it.

Once you make a transaction with Apple Pay, the money will be transferred immediately from your card to your sportsbook balance. From this point on, you can use the funds as you see fit. There is practically no downtime from the moment you confirm the deposit to when the money is available in your bankroll.

Apple Pay serves an intermediary between you and the online sportsbook, handling the payment and adding some extra security and privacy features for your benefit. The convenience of making a payment with a single tap of your Touch ID scanner is also quite useful.

Withdrawing with Apple Pay

When you are done with your sports betting activities you will likely want to cash out your balance. As it happens, you cannot do it via Apple Pay. Unfortunately, Apple Pay only supports transaction in one direction and you do not have the option to cash in. Of course, this does not mean your money is lost. Instead, you will need to rely on a different banking method. At most online sportsbooks, this will be a Bank Transfer and you will need to discuss this option with the support staff. Specifically, you will have to provide the sportsbook with the relevant banking information required for the payment to be sent.

Bank Transfers can take several business days to process, usually between one and five, depending on your bank and jurisdiction. As such, they are hardly the ideal withdrawal solution but it is the only way for you to cash out your bankroll.

Fees Related to Apple Pay Betting

Every service comes with some form of fee structure as precious little in life is free. However, Apple Pay is one of the few services where you can go without paying a dime. This is one of the best aspects of this banking method and why it has become so prevalent with users. When making transactions with Apple Pay, you are not required to pay any sort of fee. The whole process is entirely without cost and this is great. The only aspect which features charges is when you top up you Apple Pay Cash card, which is a different aspect of the service. In this case, you will need to pay a fee of 3% to load money on it. However, you are not required to do so and can freely use your existing credit and debit cards as they currently are.

One thing to keep in mind is that while Apple Pay is mostly cost-free, online sportsbooks may charge commission on deposits. Granted, this practice is dying out in today’s industry, but some platforms still maintain it. If that is the case at your sportsbook, you will have the option to either pay the fee or to switch to a different betting website. How large the fee will be is dependent entirely on the sportsbook. It could be a flat charge or a percentage of the whole transaction.

Benefits of Betting with Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay is not without its advantages. These are the most important aspects of Apple Pay and the primary reasons why you would use this service. Below, we will outline the most important features of Apple Pay and how they will positively affect your experience.

One of the main benefits of Apple Pay is the speed of the transaction. When you make a deposit with Apple Pay there is no downtime and you will get to stake the money immediately. By contrast, Bank Transfers can take several days to process, depending on your bank and location.

Additionally, the security features of Apple Pay are some of the best out there. The biometric features of Apple Pay make it practically unusable by other people. When you also factor in that they need to have physical access to your device, you have nothing to worry about.

Finally, we also have to take into account how cost-effective Apple Pay is. This service is one of the cheapest out there and you can go on using it without ever paying a cent. Few services can match Apple Pay in this regard and we believe that this is one of the best features of this banking method.

Drawbacks of Betting with Apple Pay

Above we covered the positive aspects of Apple Pay, but there are several negatives one, as well. Sadly, no banking method has it all and you will also experience some drawbacks. Below, we will mention the undesirable features of Apple Pay so that you can weigh them against the positives before you reach a conclusion.

First and foremost, Apple Pay is not the most popular service and as such, it is not supported by a large number of online sportsbooks. Currently, Apple Pay is far behind more renowned banking methods, such as Skrill, Neteller, or credit cards. This directly impacts the support it seems from the online betting scene and the websites at which you can use it.

Something else that you need to consider is that withdrawals are not possible via Apple Pay. This service will allow you to conduct quick and efficient deposits, but withdrawals can only be done via another method. Much like many of the prepaid solutions, Apple Pay is designed with direct purchases in mind, rather than moving money back and forth.

Finally, as the name implies, Apple Pay is only available to Mac and iOS users. This limits the availability of the service and also plays into the first point regarding popularity. Unless the number of Apple Pay users at online sportsbooks increases drastically, the number of websites that will support it will not follow soon.

Regulations and Availability of Apple Pay

Of course, you should only trust properly regulated services and avoid any that are not. The global scale of Apple Pay makes it difficult for Apple to handle everything on its own. This is why it uses different service providers in the various jurisdictions it operates in. For example, the Apple Pay Cash service in the United States comes to users thanks to Green Dot Bank, which is a member of the Financial Deposit Insurance Corporation. In other countries, Apple has partnered with long-standing and trusted banking institutions to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Apple Pay is available in a whole range of countries. When the service was released back in 2014, only US customers had access to it. However, over time Apple Pay was expanded to the point where Apple users in more than 57 jurisdictions can make use of it. At the moment of writing, users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Hong Kong, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Taiwan, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Denmark, Greenland, Finland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Iceland, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Faroe Islands, Macau, Georgia, and Belarus can utilize Apple Pay, with Azerbaijan and South Africa to be added to the list in the near future.

Apple Pay Security

As far as security goes, Apple Pay is one of the best services you can use. This is realized in several different ways, all of which are beneficial for you. The first and most obvious security feature is that Apple Pay utilizes the hardware of the phone to confirm the transaction. Touch ID and Face ID are tied to your biometrics, which are unique to you. Since no one else has the fingerprints or face as you, you can be certain that only you can issue payments via Apple Pay.

The other aspect comes in the role that Apple Pay plays in the whole transaction process. Apple Pay does not store your money, as an eWallet would. Instead, the service will serve as a man-in-the-middle, protecting your privacy from the other party, in our case – the online sportsbook. It will not reveal your card information when making a purchase There are other services that function in a similar way which have proven quite popular and useful among online bettors.


Overall, Apple Pay is a great payment method for certain punters and not so great for others. The advantages offered by Apple Pay are undeniable, with advanced security features and instant deposits being the most important. If available as an option, you should certainly consider Apple Pay for the purposes of online sports betting. This service should not be ignored, as it can be quite useful. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if Apple Pay is right for you and you can only do this after giving it a shot. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.