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Staking money on the outcome of sporting events is a preferred pastime for millions of people. As statistics released in recent years indicate, sports betting yields between 30% and 40% of the global gambling industry’s overall revenue.

Thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, punters are now able to wager on their favorite sports from the comfort of their surroundings. In fact, online sports betting is the most rapidly growing segment of this industry on a global scale. If you are wondering why online sports betting has become so popular and where is the perfect place to make wagers online, you should keep on reading the information the professionals of SuperBettingSites are providing.

There are numerous reasons why you can have a great time betting online and the primal one is that wagering makes watching your favorite sporting events all the more exciting. Nothing quite compares with the feeling of making a correct prediction on the outcome of an important match. Also, online sportsbooks are known to offer a greater diversity of markets punters can bet on as well as more competitive odds. At SuperBettingSites, you can find more information about the different types of odds formats, the types of bets you might enjoy and the websites that offer the best odds online.

What also helps the popularity of this industry is its straightforwardness. All it takes is staking some of your money on the outcome you believe is correct and if you guess, you are paid out according to the odds the bookmaker has laid out for this result. Of course, things tend to get a bit more complex if your intentions are to become a consistent winner and this is where SuperBettingSites comes in. But even if you only fancy a quick punt or two but have no idea where to start, reading the articles on SuperBettingSites may be the right thing to do.

We provide you with extensive information on everything you need to know about becoming a better punter, from basic explanations of what sports betting is all about and how odds work through legality matters, popular markets, reviews, and ratings of the best sportsbooks on the web. You can go through this homepage for concise information on sports betting or use the available links to skip to more specific topics.

Online Sports Betting Regulations by Country

Sports betting may be a favorite pastime of millions of sports fans but the unfortunate reality is that placing wagers online is not legal and regulated in all countries. It is of essential importance to check whether these activities are regulated and permitted in the location you live in. To spare you the efforts, we shall outline in brief the legal status of online sports betting in several countries.


Types of Odds and Vigorish

Now that you have acquainted yourself with the history and the legality side of sports betting, the next step in understanding how the odds and vigorish work. And it is a very important step you are not recommended to skip on if you strive to be successful with your bets in the long run. The experts of SuperBettingSites have provided information about the three most common odds formats you will come across at most virtual bookmakers. These will help you to easily understand the odds lines, no matter where you are placing your bets. Most of the bookmakers that we will recommend you accept wagers in all three formats and the purpose of each of those is to show you how much money you can extract from the outcome you are betting on.

Decimal Odds
Fractional Odds
American Odds
The Vigorish

Sports Variety and Markets

There are many reasons why online sports betting is so popular among punters but the biggest incentive for people to switch from landbased to online sportsbooks has to do with diversity in terms of sporting events and markets. There are all kinds of sports you can bet on online and these are not limited only to the usual basketball, football, tennis, hockey, cricket, horse racing, and baseball options.

At SuperBettingSites, we often review online sportsbooks that would also offer odds on numerous less conventional options like motorbikes, cycling, darts, hurling, and handball, among many others. Bettors who are looking for something new are even given the option to make a punt on the outcomes of TV specials and presidential elections.

The options where markets are concerned are just as diverse. The great thing about online sportsbooks is that they tend to offer very extensive coverage of both popular and less known sports. You can wager on different events from the Premier League, the World Cup, NBA, NFL, the ATP World Tour, the PGA, and NHL.

Of course, the specifics of some sports are such that they would offer a greater variety of markets but generally, the options at online sportsbooks would include over/under, straight bets, point spreads (handicaps), propositions, outrights, and parlays, to mention a few. Betting on the in-play (live) markets has particularly big popularity. Many players would prefer to wager money on the live markets because this enables them to place their bets after the events have already started, which naturally increases their chances of making a correct prediction.

Many sportsbooks would also support the so-called exchanges where players can both accept odds backing their favorites and lay odds to sell them to fellow punters in order to lock in profits or minimize their losses.

Mobile Sports Betting

We know that most of you rarely have the time to sit at home and make bets online. However, as most things nowadays, sports betting is also available with a few taps on your smartphone. The majority of online sportsbooks either offer dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices or you can simply load the virtual bookie via the browser app of your device.

At SuperBettingSites, we pay attention to the mobile compatibility of each online sportsbook. This way, you can learn what types of bets you can make on the go, whether you can easily manage your balance and how convenient it is to place your wagers via your handheld device.

Many virtual sportsbooks will also offer generous bonuses and promotions to their members who bet on the move. What is more, some bookies might offer exclusive offers, available only to mobile punters. At SuperBettingSites, we always evaluate the perks you can enjoy both while betting on desktop and on mobile devices.

Sports Betting Banking Methods

From depositing in person at their bank to digital wallets, credit cards, vouchers, and cryptocurrencies, punters face plenty of deposit and cashout options at regulated online sportsbooks.

On this page, we at Super Betting Sites break down the most broadly available banking solutions. Our team accentuates their merits and weak spots to help you pick the ones that work best for you.

We pay attention to factors like efficiency, security, cost, availability, and speed. Spare yourself the trouble of researching on your own and go through our detailed payment-method reviews to make an informed choice when funding your sports betting account.

Types of Promotions at Online Sportsbooks

One of the best ways to make the most out of your time at an interactive sportsbook is to claim some of the bonuses that are often presented to punters. There are different types of promotions that one can enjoy while betting online and we, at SuperBettingSites, will make sure to inform you which offers are great and which ones you should avoid. Depending on your status, you can often enjoy promotions for newcomers or be rewarded for being a loyal member of the sportsbook.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are not as common as they used to be but some online sportsbooks allow their new patrons to enjoy free betting bonuses without having to upload any real money to their newly opened account.

Although such promotions may sound very tempting, often they may be very deceiving as the wagering requirements that apply to them are hard to be met. At SuperBettingSites, we are always diligent about reviewing the different bonuses that virtual sportsbooks offer. This is why we will let you know if a Free Bet promotion requires you to wager amount that is way too big before you can cash out your winnings.

If we do come across a Free Bet offer that sounds generous and is beneficial for your online betting, we will not miss the chance to let you know. In the meanwhile, you might take a look at the other incentives that sportsbooks are offering.

Match Deposit Bonuses

When you are a new member of a virtual sportsbook, this is the most common type of offer you will be able to redeem. It simply requires you to deposit a certain minimum for the first time, which will make you eligible to receive a bonus that will match your deposit with a specific percentage.

The percentage of the bonus will range between different virtual bookies and so will the minimum deposit that will unlock it. Make sure to always read carefully the terms and conditions that apply to the offer, before you go ahead and claim it.

While matched bonuses are common for the new members of a sportsbook, sometimes such offers may be available to regular punters. Although the idea of having extra money to bet with may sound tempting, you should also keep in mind that, more often than not, such bonuses come with wagering requirements.

Before punters are allowed to cash out their bonus or the winnings they have accumulated thanks to it, they will have to wager the amount of their bonus a certain number of times. We want to warn you that some virtual sportsbooks also include your qualifying deposit in the sum that needs to be wagered prior to bonus withdrawal. We recommend you to avoid such offers, as they are rarely beneficial for punters.

Enhanced Odds on Specific Sporting Events

Some virtual bookies will actually allow you to enjoy better winnings on your first-ever successful sporting bet. Enhanced odds are often offered instead of a match bonus and many punters enjoy this type of promotion.

As an encouragement to continue betting online, some virtual sportsbooks also offer daily price boosts which can be very beneficial for fans of sports betting. Since often such deals have pretty good terms and conditions, many punters enjoy making use of enhanced odds.

While the terms for such offers may differ according to the specific sportsbook, usually enhanced odds promotions will have a set maximum for the bet you can place. It can be somewhere around $10 but there are some online sportsbooks that have set the limit to as low as $1. Often when this offer is available only to new punters, they will receive their winnings in the form of free bets. Regular sportsbook members, however, will most likely be able to enjoy their winnings from enhanced odds right away.

How to Pick the Best Online Sportsbook

Now that we have presented readers with basic information on legalities, betting options, and odds, we shall proceed by listing a few of the traits they should look for when choosing an online sportsbook. There are hundreds upon hundreds of websites that would accept wagers on sports but the unfortunate reality is that some of them simply cannot be trusted. SuperBettingsites will help you to determine whether a sportsbook is reliable and you will simply need to look for the qualities listed below.

Versatile Markets
Software and Interface
Broad Cashier Options
Customer Care

The Rules Smart Punters Follow

Luck plays a part in all forms of gambling and sports betting is not an exception to this rule. However, this is one of the few forms of gambling where the bettor can win consistently and overcome the bookmakers’ vig by implementing a proper approach into their sports betting. Here are a few quick rules smart punters follow that will get you started:

  • Build a separate bankroll for sports betting and never resort to using money you cannot afford to part with
  • Do your own “bookkeeping” and keep track of all bets you place, regardless of their outcome
  • Do not succumb to your emotions – a smart punter always remains rational
  • Shop the lines for the best odds that give you good value
  • Narrow down your bets to specific markets and specialize in specific areas
  • Avoid betting progressions like the Martingale, these are inherently flawed and applying them can lead to financial ruin
  • Take the time to do a research on teams and sportsmen’s form and performance in previous events. Injuries are a major warning sign for experienced punters

Is Online Sports Betting Right for You?

The truth of the matter is no one can answer this question more accurately than you can. Yet, there are several things that can be used as indicators to tell whether or not sports betting is an activity you should get involved into.

If you are uncomfortable with losing money, sports betting (and gambling in general) is not for you. A certain amount of risk is always involved when one gambles and if you are unwilling to come to terms with this, it would be foolish of you to bet on sports, or on anything else for that matter. Otherwise, you risk getting sucked into the vicious cycle of chasing your losses and this never ends well.

In order for a punter to win on a consistent basis, it is necessary for them to do their homework and invest some time into researching the teams or players they plan to back. This helps you make informed decisions with your bets and if you are reluctant to invest the needed time and efforts, you will be better off finding another hobby.

Ask yourself do you possess the necessary level of discipline that is needed to exercise proper money management. If not, your sports betting will almost certainly become an unprofitable venture that is doomed to failure sooner or later.


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