Online sportsbooks revolutionized what it means to wager on NBA games. They have introduced various features never-before-seen at traditional land-based bookies, and cash out is one of the latest and greatest examples of this. It is exceptionally popular and has seen widespread implementation within online bookmakers, which is all thanks to the competitive nature of the remote sports betting market. Nowadays, if one bookie introduces a revolutionary feature that is well-received by punters, other sportsbooks follow suit by offering it on their own websites and applications. Evidently, cash out was not an exception.

Early cash out allows you to settle your bet and get any winnings or a portion of your stake back before an NBA event ends. It is, by nature, very situational in terms of when you should take advantage of it and when you should avoid it, especially when fast-paced sports such as basketball are concerned. Nonetheless, the option to choose is, in and of itself, a welcome addition to sportsbooks.

How Early Cashout Works

As suggested by its name, early cash out refers to the offer to cash out a bet before it settles naturally. By doing so, the bettor can receive any winnings accumulated up to that point or, alternatively, a part of their stake. The amount of money they would get from this will always be lower than what they would receive if they won, but it removes the risk of them losing their entire stake. In addition, cash out is offered on various NBA events, including ones that are underway.

Crucially, you should be aware that once you have accepted an offered cash out, there is no going back. You cannot request to reverse it. The money you receive will not be affected by anything that happens in the game after you cash out your bet, nor will it be taken from you.

We will now take a look at a hypothetical live game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Detroit Pistons to demonstrate. Let us say you wagered $10 on the pistons on odds of 5.1 because you had good reason to believe that they would be able to beat their opponent by the end of the game despite being the underdog.

Halfway through the game, the Pistons were in the lead. However, one of their key players gets injured, making you believe that their performance will drop drastically from then on and that they will lose. You are, then, offered to cash out an amount larger than your stake. If you accept this offer, you will receive more than the initial $10 stake but less money than you would if the Pistons do end up winning the game. If you do not accept the offer, you risk losing your entire stake and winning nothing.

Cashing out when your team is on the losing end is a similar experience. Here, you would have received less than $10 for cashing out early, but you would have cut your losses instead of losing all of your money.

Whether it is better to let your bet settle when the game ends, or to accept the offered cash out, is reliant on many factors that are reliant on the situation at hand. Most importantly, putting all of your NBA experience and knowledge into use is required for you to make the right decision.

Partial Cash Out and Auto Cash Out

Apart from the classic cash out feature, there are a couple of variations that have been gaining popularity in recent years, and partial cash out is the first type we will focus on. By using partial cash out, you can get only a part of your stake and leave the rest as an active bet which will settle when the event ends. How much money you can cash out varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but the typical minimum is 10%, and you can cash out one bet multiple times.

Auto cash out is another feature that gives you an extra degree of control over your bet. It allows you to set a certain profit level, and once your bet reaches this threshold, it will be automatically cashed out. You can only make one auto cash out rule, and you can cancel it at any time prior to your bet settling on the designated threshold.

Auto cash out is very convenient for live games. For instance, if you know you will be unable to cash out your bet manually, you can simply use this offer and not worry about missing out on a good offer or losing everything in the end.

When and When Not To Cashout

Cash out might seem like a safer and more tempting option than risking one’s entire stake, but it is not always the best course of action you could take. There will always be situations where cash out will be a viable choice, while in others, accepting it would be a mistake.

What we first wish to emphasize is that you should always rely on logic when you wager on NBA games, and this is especially important when cash out is introduced into the picture. Whether you will accept the cash out or wait until your wager settles naturally must never be a decision fueled by your emotions. Not relying on your logical judgment as a punter can often lead to rushing and losing out on some potential profits.

As for what exactly can influence your choice:

  1. Do your research before the game commences. Make sure to look up background information regarding each team, as well as their players. In addition, take note of their recent performances and if there are any patterns you can spot.
  2. Keep yourself updated on the teams’ condition, and be especially vigilant when it comes to player injuries, whether a player has entered the NBA’s health and safety protocols in general, and whether one or both teams will be playing their second game of a back-to-back.
  3. If you are wagering on an in-play game, you should also observe the game carefully. The players’ behavior, their performance, and any significant event that might happen should be taken into consideration along with all of the information you had got your hands on prior to the game.
  4. Consider if the cash out odds you are offered are worth it.

If, based on all of this information, you decide that it will be safer to cash out early on, then this is a situation where cash out is a good idea. If, however, this info has given you enough reason to keep having confidence in your bet, then you should refuse the cash out offer.


Cash out, in all of its forms, is an amazing tool for punters so long as they know when and how to utilize it, and it gives a much appreciated extra level of control over one’s bets. Moreover, giving it a try is easy because you likely have access to this feature already. Most popular bookies offer it on various events, and it is a bit difficult to find a sportsbook that has not implemented cash out as a feature.

Becoming good at utilizing cash out is a matter of being an informed NBA punter, all in all. It is crucial for you to be familiar with the things that could heavily affect the game, like scheduling advantages or disadvantages, player condition, and so on. There is skill involved, more so than what you would usually encounter at bookies, and in the right hands, cash out can be a great tool for minimizing the damage of wagering mistakes or bad luck. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.