Nowadays, sports betting has become one of the most preferred ways of entertainment for punters all over the globe. In fact, sports betting is now even more popular thanks to the technological advancement which enabled millions of people all over the globe to place their bets in the numerous web-based betting websites. The popularity of these websites can be attributed predominantly to the fact that they provide punters with the desired levels of both convenience and flexibility. The excessive demand for such websites led to the emergence of a mind-blowing number of online bookmakers.

If you live in the UK and you enjoy sports betting, you have definitely noticed that there is an abundance of such websites. In fact, in the UK online sports betting is legal and there are not any legal grey areas, meaning that the online gambling industry is well regulated. This, on the other hand, enables punters to choose from a wide array of trustworthy bookies where they can place their bets without bothering about security issues.

If you are new at sports betting, there are probably numerous questions you are asking yourself. You may wonder which are the best sports betting websites, how to decide whether web-based bookies are reliable or not, what to look for in such websites, and various others. Here, we have tried to provide you with as detailed information about online sports betting as possible, so keep on reading in order to find out more.

What to Look for in UK Sports Betting Websites

The online gambling industry has evolved greatly over the past years. The exorbitant demand resulted in the emergence of hundreds of online bookies. That is why many bettors may find it difficult to determine which bookmaker is reliable and which is the best place to wager.

As far as such websites are concerned, there are certain things punters need to take into consideration while deciding which is the most suitable sports betting website for them. We are convinced that bettors need to stick to certain criteria while searching for the best UK betting website.

In the first place, bettors should look for sportsbooks for which versatility is of major importance. By this, we mean not only variety of the sports that are on offer but also a variety of the covered events. Additionally, punters need to look for sports betting websites that provide their customers with plenty of betting options.

Even if you are a beginner, it would be better if you go for bookmakers that offer an abundance of both sports and betting options as this will enable you to develop your skills and to grow rapidly. It is important to look for operators that cover as many sports as possible due to the fact that this is one of the main things that set dependable bookies apart from the other operators. Most of the good operators are well aware of the fact that punters have their own passion for sports as well as different preferences and that is why they strive to satisfy their demands by offering a wide variety of sports to bet on.

Finding a bookmaker that offers competitive odds is also crucial as bettors want to get the best value for their money. If you do not want to leave money on the table, you should look for the best possible odds.

The next thing punters should pay special attention to is the interface of the website. They should also look for bookies that offer websites that are easy to navigate as this will contribute greatly to the gambling experience. Each UK sports betting website comes with its unique interface, meaning that each of them looks and functions differently. In other words, bettors need to look for sites that enable them to find all they need easily and quickly as this will guarantee them a smooth and a trouble-free gambling experience.

Punters are also advised to look for bookies that offer plenty of payment options. You have probably noticed that most of the bookies strive to provide their customers with plenty of payment solutions. Thus, bettors will have the chance to find the payment option they consider most suitable for them. The good news is that established and trustworthy bookies will give you the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals via credits and debit cards as well as via bank transfers. What is more, some bookmakers have also added e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller to the list of the supported payment options.

Nevertheless, bettors need to bear in mind that the payment solutions may vary greatly from one sports betting website to another that is why they need to check that beforehand. They also should check whether there are certain fees associated with the preferred payment option.

Bonuses and promotions are also essential for punters as they can make their gambling session not only exciting but also rewarding. As a matter of fact, UK sports betting sites are known for offering various advantageous bonuses and promotional incentives that give bettors the chance to further increase their profit. A large number of these websites give newly-registered customers bonuses after they have made their first deposit. Some of them give punters bonuses upon registration, meaning that they do not need to make a deposit in order to get such a promotional offer. Still, bonuses and promotional incentives also vary greatly from one bookmaker to another, that is why it is advised to check this in advance.

Mobile Sports Betting in the UK

Nowadays, punters are not required to go all the way to land-based bookmakers in order to wager on their favourite sports as they can do this even via their smartphones. The gambling industry is also among the fields that were influenced by the advance in technologies. Over the past few years, gambling fans were presented with several innovations. The two greatest innovations were the introduction of the online betting websites and the mobile gambling apps.

Most of the bookies provide their customers with full-blown mobile versions of their products or with mobile apps. As a matter of fact, presently, almost every sportsbook has a mobile version that comes with an extremely slick interface and enables bettors to wager from almost every location, irrespective of the time.

Punters are given the opportunity to load the software of the preferred sportsbook from the browsers of their smartphones and then they will be redirected to its mobile version immediately. You will only need to sign in your account and you can start wagering on the sports you prefer right away without downloading any additional software. Still, if they consider that the mobile app is the more suitable option for them, they can always take advantage of it and download the app for free. Still, both options will provide you with the desired convenience and flexibility of wagering even while you are on the move which means that it is all up to you to decide which option is more suitable for you.

Types of Sports Bets

If you are still a beginner at sports betting, you probably wonder what are the most popular and the best types of bets? In fact, this is a question that even seasoned punters ask themselves. It is hard to determine which are the best types of bets that can be placed on sports simply because it all depends on the demands and the preferences of the bettor. Of course, we should mention that circumstances also play a major role.

Still, most of the inexperienced punters find the various types of bets quite confusing as they do not fully understand how they work. That is why here, we compiled information about the most widespread types of bets that can be placed on sports.

uk full time bet
An example of a Win bet

Win bet or money line is one of the most popular bets mainly because it is quite straightforward. In practice, the win bet can be placed on every sport which explains why it is preferred by so many bettors. The win bet involves wagering on the team or on the player you think is going to win. If, for example, you want to wager on football and you want to place such a bet, you simply need to wager on the team you think will become a winner.

uk overs bet
An example of an Over/Under bet

Over/under bet is also among the most common types of best that can be placed on numerous different sports and events. It is so popular mainly because it is quite an easy way of wagering. Over/under bets involve predicting whether, for example, the total number of the scored goals or runs in the game will be over or under a specific number which is set by the bookie. This means that each of the options will come with different odds.

uk handicap bet
An example of a Handicap Bet

Handicap betting or Point Spread is also among the betting options punters have. In fact, it is preferred by a large number of the punters as they enable them to wager on the team they think is going to lose, meaning that if the team you have placed your bet on eventually lose, this will bring you profit. Still, if the team wins, this will mean that your bet is not a winning one.

You will see that there are a plus and a minus before the names of the teams. Here, certain confusion may arise as the odds for the winner are expressed with a minus, whereas the odds for the team that is supposed to lose are expressed with a plus. For example, if we take a game of soccer between Liverpool and Southampton in which the odds are expressed like this -3.0 Liverpool and +3.0 Southampton, this will mean that the Liverpool is the favourite and Southampton is the underdog. If you have decided to place your bet on Liverpool, for example, this will mean that your bet will be a winning one as long as Liverpool wins the match with four or more goals.

You need to bear in mind that if you decide to back Southampton, which in our case is the undergod, the team will be given additional goals that will be deducted from the result of the favourite which aims at increasing your chances of getting a winning bet even when you have decided to support the underdog.

uk props bet
An example of a Proposition bet

Proposition bets or specials as they are also known, are one more common type of sports betting that are preferred predominantly by punters who want to have fun. These bets involve wagering on particular aspects of the game or of the sports event that may not influence the outcome.

You can bet, for example, which of the two teams will score first or who will be the player who will score the first goal, or will the team that has scored the first goal eventually win the match and various other. In fact, bettors are presented with an abundance of options for proposition bets as even a single game or a sporting event may come with plenty of options for such bets.

uk futures bet
An example of a Futures bet

Punters are also enabled to make future bets or outright bets as they are also known. As their name hints, these are bets the results from which become clear in the future. Such bets involve wagering on the winner prior to the start of the season. In other words, bettors are trying to predict the winner from a tournament or from a championship.

This means that punters do not wager on a particular game or event. Instead, they bet on an entire season and the potential winner. As you can probably guess, the time frames for such bets are quite extended, meaning that sometimes you may need to wait for a few weeks or months in order to find out the results.

uk preseason bet
An example of a Preseason bet

Occasionally, such bets are placed before the season itself. Still, a large number of the bookies give punters the opportunity to wager on the winner even when the season has started. If the team you have decided to support shows good results, this will mean that the payoffs will start decreasing.

uk accumulator bet
An example of an Accumulator bet

Parlays or accumulators are also among the options bettors have. This is a bet that comprises several bets, which means that several types of different bets are gathered into a single bet. Such bets will be winning only of all of the bets that constitute the parlay bet are winning ones. The payoffs for such bets are more than attractive but the chances of getting a winning parlay bet are quite small.

Understanding the Odd Formats

If you are not familiar with the various odd formats and the way they work, you should definitely take your time to read more about them prior to making any real-money bets. Inexperienced bettors may get confused when they want to wager on their favourite sport but they do not understand the way odds are expressed.

The decimal odd format or European odds as it is also known shows the potential return after a winning bet. Here, the odds are written in a decimal form and look like this 2.2, 1.5, and so on. This odds format enables punters to estimate their potential profit by multiplying the odds and their stake. For example, if you wager £100 and the odds are 2.1, this will mean a winning bet will bring you £210. It should be noted that your initial bet is included in this amount. The bigger the number is, the bigger payout you will get.

Still, the oldest odds format is the fractional one. This format is most popular in the UK and it shows both your profit and your stake. That is how the odds look like 5/1, meaning that punters will get five pounds for every pound they have wagered. If you have wagered £100 at odds 5/1, you will get £500. It should be noted that here, the stake is not included.

The American odds format can be found in almost every web-based bookmaker and represents the odds with positive and negative numbers. The negative numbers show how much you need to wager in order to get £100 profit. The positive numbers, however, will show you your profit after betting £100. Punters need to bear in mind that they are not required to wager an amount that is equal to the money line. If the odds are -150, for example, this will mean that you will get £100 as long as you wager £150. If the odds are + 150, however, you will need to wager £100 in order to get £150.

Advantages of Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting comes with numerous advantages which explains why such a large number of the punters have decided to switch from land-based bookies to web-based sportsbooks. One of the best things about betting over the Internet is that this will provide you with an extremely high level of convenience. UK sports betting websites will give you the chance to wager on your favourite sports without travelling to any land-based bookmaker, thus saving time and money.

The variety of both the betting options as well as the variety of the covered sports events is one more undeniable advantage of the web-based UK bookies. Such websites offer a greater variety of betting options in comparison with their land-based counterparts. What is more, online bookies also offer a wider range of sports which sets them apart from brick-and-mortar operators that are usually, focused on local sports.

While wagering over the Internet, punters can make their decisions easier as they are provided with literally endless sources of information. They can search for statistics and analysis that can be extremely useful while placing bets.

One more thing that is definitely worth mentioning is that UK sports betting websites offer really advantageous bonuses and promotions in an attempt not only to grab punters’ attention but also to retain them. These promotional offerings vary greatly from one sportsbook to another but in most cases, bettors are presented with bonuses upon registration or after they have made their first deposit.

Most Popular Sports to Bet on in the UK

Nowadays, online sports betting enables punters to wager on almost every sport available out there. Web-based bookies strive to satisfy the demands of the punters from the UK by providing them with plenty of sports to bet on. They also strive to offer broad selections of betting markets on each sports event. Which sometimes may mean that bettors can have more than 100 different betting opportunities per a single game.

Occasionally, the number of the markets depends on the particular sport you have chosen. As you can probably guess, football is the most well-liked sport by punters who reside in the UK. Horse racing, tennis, golf, and boxing are also among the most preferred sports for wagering.

What makes online bookies so attractive is that they give punters the chance to wager on almost everything that can occur during a football match, for example. By this, we mean that punters can wager not only which team will win and which one will lose. They can also wager on the number of the goals that a particular player is expected to score during his career, or whether a certain team will pass a season unbeaten.

Sports Betting Tips

If you prefer engaging in sports betting, you should always strive to set achievable goals. In fact, it is not that hard to win while wagering on sports. In practice, everyone can place successful bets on sports but in order to get profit, you will need to go the extra mile. Bettors need to bear in mind that good knowledge about sports is not enough and that they will not start winning some mind-blowing amounts of money right away. In other words, it would be better if you set goals that are realistic and achievable at the same time. That is why bettors always need to work in order to improve their skills and keep on learning.

One more important thing is that punters should learn all the basics prior to making real-money bets. Even though this may not guarantee that you will get a profit right away, you can be sure that your adventure in the world of sports betting will be on the right track.

Bettors are also advised to draw a plan and set a budget in order to enjoy their gambling experience to the fullest.  Hardly there is a person who wants to lose a lot of money, that is why it would be better if you decide how much money you can risk. You also need to make sure that you will not continue wagering when you have reached the set limit. You can draw up a budget for the whole week or for the month. In this way, you will not end up with an exhausted bankroll.

We can also advise bettors to be selective. What does this mean? By this, we mean that punters should be careful while deciding on which sport or sports to bet on. In fact, it would be better if you stick to a smaller number of sports you are most familiar with. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.