Proposition bets, also known as specials, are some of the most entertaining bets offered at online sportsbooks. When you place a prop bet, you typically do not wager on outcomes related to who will win or lose a given match. Instead, props tend to focus on specific scenarios regarding the teams or the players, and they come in many types.

Apart from team and player specials which tend to be quite popular, props that count as futures are also among the wager types that see a lot of action. Regardless of which category they fall under, prop bets can always be separated into skilled and unskilled specials, depending on whether a punter’s knowledge regarding the sport can aid them in winning instead of it all being reliant on pure luck. Skilled props are valuable to experienced, profit-driven punters, while unskilled specials are more for casual bettors who value having fun above all else.

NHL Player Props

Player proposition bets are well-liked among NHL betting aficionados. The variety on offer is quite impressive, and punters who are keen on following the careers of individual players are especially fond of this prop type.

NHL player specials include over/under bets on the number of goals an individual player will achieve, as well as the number of assists a player will make. In addition, first player to score is available, and you will also have the opportunity to wager on who the last goalscorer will be. Other goal-focused specials are player to score at least one goal and player to miss scoring a goal during shootout.

There are also unique bets that will also be excellent for punters looking to try something new. For instance, you can place a wager on whether a player will be suspended. Such specials are well-suited for punters who pay close attention to a player’s temperament, their play style, and the dynamics between them and the other skaters.

The last player bet we will focus on is the shots on goal prop. This type of wager refers to goal attempts made by players, and they are subject to specific criteria. For one to actually count, it must be prevented by the goaltender alone, while shots stopped by other players are simply considered blocked shots. To sum up, if the shot would have missed even if the goaltender was not in position, the goal attempt in question is not a shot on goal.

NHL Team Props

Team proposition bets tend to dominate the prop sections of NHL markets. The vast majority are over/under bets, but wager types such as first and last team to score are also an option. Additionally, wagering on whether both teams will be able to score during a specific period is also available.

Team to commit the most fouls is another prop type you could go for. Speaking of which, over/under bets regarding power play goals are also an option. For those new to NHL betting, power play refers to a period when a team has a one-player or two-player advantage over their opponents. This happens as a result of one or two of said opponents’ skaters being penalized and sent to the bench. Power plays typically last either two or five minutes, depending on the severity of the transgression, and power play can also end when the advantaged team scores a goal and frees a benched player. As one can imagine, such situations create exciting opportunities for prop bets, especially during in-play.

Additionally, punters can also wager on whether one of the teams will start a fight with their rivals. Hockey is known for being a fairly violent sport, as the game has a long history of brawls, and fights are far from uncommon on the rink to this day. Furthermore, certain teams have a reputation for being particularly aggressive, so you can use this information to your advantage if you fancy giving these prop bets or power play specials a try.

NHL Props – Outrights

Futures enjoy great availability at many tried-and-true sportsbooks and are some of the bets NHL punters love placing the most. They are, by far, some of the most popular props out there.

You will typically come across specials that include teams to make playoffs, teams to miss playoffs, and award-related props. Award specials, in particular, are very entertaining since there are numerous proposition bets to choose from. The NHL is the largest and most prestigious ice hockey league in the world, after all, so there are plenty of awards that can be earned by the league’s best teams and players. The most famous of them all is, naturally, the Stanley Cup, and punters can place wagers on which team they believe will be this season’s winner.

In addition, there is also the Prince of Wales Trophy, as well as the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl. These awards are given to the Eastern Conference playoff champion and the winner of the Western Conference playoff, respectively.

In addition to futures focusing on the teams, there are, of course, those that award individual players. This includes the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, which is given to the player who, throughout the season, has shown the highest level of sportsmanship and skill. In addition, the Vezina Trophy is awarded to the best goaltender of the season, while the James Norris Memorial Trophy goes to the person deemed the best defense player. The top goalscorer of the regular season also receives an award dubbed the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy. Last but certainly not least, the Jack Adams Award is the NHL’s Coach of the Year award.

Skilled and Unskilled Props

Being able to differentiate between skilled and unskilled props is one of the most crucial steps of a punter’s journey toward becoming a great NHL props bettor. If profitability is your main concern, it is skilled specials that can allow you to get an edge on the bookmaker.

Skilled prop bets allow you to predict what the possible outcome will be based on your knowledge of NHL hockey, and information you have managed to access regarding the specific teams and players. A good number of the bets we have discussed thus far fall into this category, and this includes over/under specials concerning team or individual player goals, as well as player to miss scoring a goal during shootout.

As for fun props, first and last player to score are good examples. Specials regarding the crowd fall into this category too. All in all, if it is not possible to predict, with some degree of accuracy, what the outcome of the bet will be through one’s skills as an NHL punter, then the prop in question is an unskilled one.

There are bets that fall somewhere in the middle, and their designation typically depends on the situation. Team to commit the most fouls is one such bet, since it relies on the specific teams in a match. If one of them is known to be especially aggressive and violent during games, while the opposing players do not have such a reputation, your chances of winning based on having this information are improved. If the teams are similar, however, and you have a match where two brawl-friendly groups are going to go against one another, then this bet would be a fun prop. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay vigilant and think carefully before you place a prop bet, at least if it is mainly the profit aspect that interests you. If you are only interested in the fun of it all and do not mind relying on luck, then wagering on the unskilled bets is a viable and entertaining option.


Bettors fond of having an ample variety of bets to pick from will be very pleased with what the NHL has to offer in terms of proposition bets. Team specials, the likes of first team to score and over/under goal bets, are popular, while prop bets regarding the awards teams and players can win at the end of the NHL season are also well-liked. Last but certainly not least, you can take advantage of player props like last player to score, whether a skater will score over or under a given number of goals, and more.

Whether these NHL prop bets will be successful is strongly reliant on a bettor’s knowledge regarding the game itself, the information they have about the individual teams in question, and the strategies said punter employs. Many sports betting aficionados recommend riding hot and cold streaks, especially player related ones, for instance. Either way, remember to look up any relevant data when you have the chance and, when possible, compare the odds of multiple sportsbooks before settling on a bet. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.