Online sports betting’s rise to prominence has contributed a great deal to the diversification of the markets offered to punters. Played all year round in a variety of tournaments, tennis is beyond doubt, one of the sports delivering innumerable betting opportunities. Prop bets also referred to as proposition bets, novelty bets, side bets, or specials, are among the most intriguing wagers one can place on this high-ranking sport.

Props are traditionally offered for major tournaments such as the four Grand Slams or ATP and WTA events. The first ones are the ultimate celebration of professional tennis and as such, they provide a wealth of prop betting options for punters.

As there is no universally recognized definition of prop bets, in tennis, they may refer to a variety of outcomes such as the number of aces a player may have, or if there will be a tie-break. Tennis betting enthusiasts who are looking to broaden their betting horizons beyond the standard set of Match Winner, Over/Under, and Exact Score bets, will be interested in the way props work.

Specifics of Prop Bets

This special category of bets is not involved with the outcome of matches, or at least in most cases. Prop bets are made with reference to the occurrence or non-occurrence of a certain event during a match, which does not directly impact the outcome. If we bet on the occurrence of a certain event in a tennis match or a whole tournament, and it does happen, our bet wins. Similarly, if we bet on something not to occur, and it does not happen, our wager wins. Some of the most popular prop bets consider the accomplishments of individual players.

We can take as an example a tennis prop bet on the player to score first in a particular tennis match. Although a player can score the first point and win the game, this, of course, does not necessarily mean they will win the match. As a typical prop bet, this type of wager does not affect directly the outcome of the match. By wagering on the tennis player to score the first point in a tennis match, punters win if this player scores first, no matter if they eventually win or lose the tennis match.

Prop bets can be generally divided into two main categories – the so-called skilled bets and fun bets. While the first ones rely on statistical data and require proper research, the second type serves mainly entertainment purposes and is explored primarily by recreational bettors. If you intend to make long-term profits from tennis prop bets, then the fun category might not be the suitable one.

Props are a much sought-after option throughout the whole tennis season. Some bookies allow punters to combine several special bets under one accumulator bet. The greater number of selections a tennis accumulator bet has, the greater the chance for a more substantial return becomes. However, if just a single selection fails, the whole accumulator bet loses.

Yet another thrilling betting opportunity that fans of tennis betting have is to explore different prop bets in the live section of bookmakers. They have different options to bet on live tennis matches while the action is unfolding and take advantage of the fast-moving odds.

Besides their great entertainment value, prop bets are ideally suited for novice bettors who are not well accustomed to the specifics of the other types of tennis wagers. Furthermore, they offer a great chance to place a long-term bet and thus generate some nice profits.

Yet another great benefit of proposition bets is the great diversity and flexibility that they add to tennis betting. Although Match winner markets are the most popular tennis wagers, prop bets also have their undeniable attraction. Some punters are great at analyzing individual tennis players, but may not be so successful at picking Match and Outright winners.

Tennis punters should not underestimate the profitability of prop bets. While some props pay out even money profits, other types can deliver more substantial payouts.

While we are still on the topic of prop bets’ profitability, we should mention that some offer great value betting opportunities. As tennis punters most probably know, odds vary across different bookmakers and they should always be able to find the best value. The biggest disparity in prices can oftentimes be found in the prop betting category. This does not mean that you should conduct extensive research of all familiar bookies but checking a couple of suppliers is usually sufficient.

A strategy that tennis punters may put into practice involves predicting the way the whole tennis match will unfold and then looking for prop betting opportunities. Once they have a certain idea of how the game may develop they will be able to select the most suitable props based on their expectations.

Types of Prop Bets

As we already mentioned, a great abundance of prop bets can be found while high-profile tennis tournaments such as the four Grand Slams are underway. The table below delivers a summary of the most popular tennis prop betting variations.

Tennis Prop BetsSpecifics
Head-to-head tournament betThis bet has to do with two tennis players and betting on the one who will last more in a particular tournament.
Total aces served over/underBetting on the number of aces served by a particular tennis player to be over/under a predetermined figure.
Whether there will be a tie-break in a setThis wager type focuses on predicting if there will be a tie-break in a set or not.
Over/under unforced errorsUnforced errors of tennis players are not forced by good shots of an opponent. Betting if the predetermined figures by bookies will be surpassed or not.
Player to score the first pointWagering on the player to score the first point in a tennis match.
First double faultThis bet involves wagering on the player to commit the first double fault. As is commonly known, double faults rarely occur in high-profile tournaments.
A player to do a Grand SlamBookmakers offer props on certain tennis players to accomplish certain achievements such as a Grand Slam and usually set a timeframe for these bets.

This list is not exhaustive, as the prop betting opportunities vary across different bookmakers. Fans of tennis betting will most surely come across other prop betting variations, some designed for fun, others aimed at landing substantial profits.


Prop bets are generally differentiated from the rest of the betting markets as they rely more or less on pure chance and serve mainly an entertainment purpose with no strategy involved. No one can deny the extra layer of excitement and thrill they bring to tennis betting. There are some variations though that can use statistics and analyses, thus increasing the chances of landing more successful bets.

Either way, specials are a thrilling opportunity to add flavor to betting on tennis, particularly when big tournaments are underway. As long as prop bets fit your betting style and strategy, and you stick to the ones you are comfortable with, they can be perfectly incorporated into your tennis betting. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.