Widely acknowledged as one of the most popular individual sports across the globe, tennis attracts a great deal of betting action as well. That is hardly surprising given the broad range of betting markets provided by bookmakers. Besides the popular Match Winner and Outright Winner bets, there are many other ways to bet on tennis matches.

A quite challenging market, betting on Exact Scores of tennis matches, has the potential to bring a good return on your investments. However, winning a Correct score wager is not an easy feat and requires plenty of research.

Bookies assign odds to each of the Correct score lines they offer, and, more or less, they reflect the real probability of the match ending with the specific score. Punters are supposed to select the score they believe the tennis match or set will eventually end in.

In the current publication, we will elaborate on the Exact Score betting opportunities tennis punters are provided with, as well as the important factors to be considered when betting on this exciting market.

Exact Score Bets Explained

As fans of tennis and betting most surely know, tennis matches are divided into sets. Depending on the specifics of the tournament, tennis matches are played either in a best-of-three set or best-of-five set format.

Correct score betting is usually offered on the final score of the match or the outcome of a particular set. Therefore, exact score betting can be encountered under the name of set betting. Wagering on Exact Score markets is worthwhile considering since it allows punters to predict scores with some degree of precision if they have a decent grasp of the players’ form and their recent performance.

Exact Score betting is regarded as a high-risk wager due to the complexity of factors impacting the outcome of tennis events, hence the payouts are very good. Betting on the outcome of sets can be equally challenging. If your exact score prediction does not correspond to the result of a set, or the match as a whole, the wager loses. The closer to the real probability an exact score bet is, the lower the odds will be. Conversely, the more improbable a certain Exact Score line is, the higher payout it will offer.

As far as betting on the correct score of a specific set is concerned, this variation is not impacted by the final score of the match. It takes under consideration only the outcome of the set. As soon as the specific set is over, bettors know if their wager is winning or not. They do not have to wait till the end of the match for their bet to be settled.

Yet another thing worth mentioning in relation to betting on Exact Set Score is that it is among the most popular live tennis wagers. Similar to pre-game markets, in-play markets for Exact Set Scores involve choosing both the winner of the set, as well as the number of games each of the opponents will win. For instance, a punter may wager on Player A to win the set with a result of 6-3, or on Player B to win by 7-6. As bettors may easily suppose, exact set scores that are in favor of the stronger opponent will pay out less compared to the odds on the underdog.

Examples of Exact Score Betting

In the third round of men’s singles matches in ATP Madrid, Novak Djokovic is going to face an old-time rival, Andy Murray. In the table below, punters may have a look at the Exact Score markets provided for the event. As we can see from the listed prices, Exact Score betting tends to offer higher odds compared to those of regular Match Winner markets.

ATP Madrid – Round 3 Matches
Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray
Exact Score Bet Markets

As far as the standard Match Winner market is concerned, the odds for the favorite, Djokovic, can be as low as 1.15. Placing an Exact Score bet may seem quite straightforward in this case, but there are some intricacies to be considered, and, we are going to explore them in further detail below.

As already mentioned, some bookies also offer odds on the outcome of a specific set. If we take the same match between Djokovic and Murray as an example, we can explore the various Exact Scores for the first set, along with the relevant odds.

ATP Madrid – Round 3 Matches
Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray
1st set – Exact Score

What to Consider When Betting on Exact Score in Tennis?

There are a lot of ins and outs punters need to consider when betting on Exact Score tennis markets. Below, we have outlined some of the major factors that can influence tennis outcomes.

  1. Court surface and weather conditions

    First and foremost, the different types of court surface professional tennis matches are played on have a major impact on the final score. Individual players have a preference for one surface over the others, and, generally tend to perform well on it, and score more points.

    Тhe weather conditions are also to be taken into consideration. Played all year round, across the globe in various climate zones, tennis matches are conducted under varying conditions such as rain, heat, or strong wind. These inevitably affect players’ performance.

  2. Motivation

    Motivation is yet another important factor to bear in mind when figuring out the final score of matches, or the outcomes of particular sets. Different players may be motivated by various things such as prize money, advancing in the level of tournaments they participate in, home and away matches, and so on.

  3. Rankings and current form

    Rankings of players are to be considered when making a correct score prediction, however, their significance should not be overestimated. The physical condition of players and their overall current form are to be monitored more closely. Some players, for instance, may rank high, but demonstrate poor current physical condition.

    The current form of tennis players is comparatively easy to analyze, as it involves researching data for two players for singles matches and four players for doubles, compared to 22 players in football, for example.

  4. Statistical data

    Punters need to analyze head-to-head records before wagering on an Exact Score market. Players often show a certain tendency in their scoring and overall performance against particular opponents. Novice tennis bettors may concentrate on a few tennis players and follow their performance throughout the year to track any patterns in their scoring. Other statistics data that punters may look into include service points won, frequency of aces, breaks of serve, and the number of unforced errors, among others.


Simply guessing the final score of a tennis match or a single set without considering some basic factors may prove to be successful once or twice, but relying on luck, in the long run, will certainly not bring any success. Thus, once bettors are aware of the ins and outs of this challenging wager, they should prioritize referring to statistics, news, and other available information to make smart choices.

Overall, Exact Score betting is recommended for knowledgeable punters, ones that are familiar with players’ overall performance and current form. Although hard to predict, such bets are much sought-after, as they have the potential to generate sizeable returns.

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