Live sports betting enjoys great popularity among punters from the four corners of the Earth. That is quite justifiable given the whole new perspective they are given of a particular sport. As far as tennis is concerned, it is perfectly suited for the specifics of live betting due to the quickly-changing scores, recurrent breaks in the course of matches, and the format of the game.

Live tennis betting, also referred to as in-play and in-game betting provides punters with the opportunity to place wagers on matches that are underway. Quite limited in the very beginning, in-play tennis betting now allows punters to bet on almost everything in a tennis match.

In-play markets are very dynamic and characterized by fast-moving odds, reflecting the progress of the game and everything happening on the court. Bettors are enabled to make informed decisions once they see how the match progresses and consequently, identify patterns in the game.

Online sportsbooks create a wide array of live betting lines in view of the quick scoring changes that characterize tennis matches. Besides the standard markets such as Match Winner, Total Games, Correct Score, and Game and Set Handicaps, punters can wager on odd/even games, the winner of the next point in a game, and if there will be a tie-break, to mention a few.

The current publication focuses on the most popular types of in-play tennis betting markets, as well as the closely related features of sportsbooks that can improve the quality of live betting to a great extent.

Tennis Live Betting Markets

In-play tennis betting markets are particularly valued by fans of the sport, because it is very dynamic and the score can change at any given moment. The intensity of the game and the unforeseen turns of events enable punters to adjust their wagers and take advantage of the odds movement when suitable opportunities arise.

With matches going on for hours and frequent breaks between games, punters have enough time to consider the available markets and place knowledgeable bets. Unlike most popular team sports, tennis matches do not have a predetermined duration, making live betting even more thrilling and unpredictable.

The live betting markets available for punters to bet on vary across the different bookmakers. Most operators make a clear distinction between the pre-game and in-play markets they provide, arranging them in separate sections of their online platforms. In the table below, we are going to list some of the most popular live tennis betting markets, along with a short description of their specifics.

Live Tennis Betting MarketsDescription
Match WinnerThe most popular of all betting markets, both in pre-game and in-play sections, the Match Winner bet type involves predicting the winner of the match. Odds go up and down in line with the performance of players. The better play an athlete demonstrates, the shorter their odds become. And, conversely, the poorer the play, the higher the odds are.
Exact Score BetsWith Exact Score bets, punters choose the final score of every game or set in a match or the final scoreline.
Next Game to DeuceThis is a straightforward yes/no wager, where punters should predict if the next game will reach deuce at any point.
Will the match/set go to a tie-break?Yet another yes/no wager, which involves betting on if there will be a tie-break in the current set, or in the match. The final score and the winner of the match are irrelevant to this market.
Handicap BettingHigher ranked players are given negative points, whereas lower ranked players are provided with a headstart, thus leveling out the chances to place a winning bet on both sides.
Set BettingWith Set Betting, bettors pick not only the match winner but also the final set score.
Point BettingWagering on the player to win the next point.
Next Break of ServePunters predict when a service break is going to happen.
Ace TotalsBetting if the number of aces served will go over or under the values predetermined by sportsbooks.
Total Double FaultsIn tennis, making a mistake with both serves results in losing the point. Bettors try to determine if the total number of double faults in a tennis match will go over or under a set value.

Tennis Live Betting Features and Specifics

Once bettors are aware of the live tennis betting markets they can choose from, they should also familiarize themselves with their specifics as opposed to those of the pregame markets. Furthermore, they should take advantage of the live betting features that considerably contribute to an excellent live tennis betting experience.

Dynamic Odds

Live betting odds are very dynamic, as they go up and down swiftly and everything depends on what is currently happening on the court. If tennis players are faring well and show dominance over their opponents, their odds will inevitably fall. Simultaneously, the odds of the poorly performing player will rise, reflecting the lower probability of success.

Live tennis odds very often offer good value, which could be rarely found in pre-game markets, especially on clear favorites. If a high-ranking player happens to lose the first set of a match, their initially shorter odds may rise and provide bettors with a great value betting opportunity. If they believe the player will be able to still win the match, in spite of dropping the first set, then this would be a perfect moment to place a value live bet.

Live Betting Bonuses

Many sportsbooks promote live tennis betting by offering a range of bonuses to incentivize punters to place more live bets. These promotional offers may be in the form of free bets, enhanced odds, and cashback options, to mention just a few. Much like other bookmaker promos, live betting bonuses come with a set of conditions and requirements, which punters need to consider and adhere to.

Live streaming

Some bookmakers offer the added benefit of the live streaming feature, which can be exceptionally convenient for punters. It allows them to watch live tennis matches online. Other operators present bettors with a graphic visual representation of what is currently happening on the court. Choosing an operator offering live streaming of tennis matches is vital to a successful and convenient betting session.

The extensive TV coverage of tennis matches is yet another advantage that fans of in-play tennis betting are entitled to.

Wager Amounts

As for the minimum wager amounts, most bookies set very low limits, so live betting is equally suitable both for recreational bettors and high-rollers. As far as novice tennis punters are concerned, they are advised to start their live tennis betting with more moderate betting amounts to minimize their losses while they are getting used to the ins and outs of in-play markets.

Cash-Out Feature

The Cash-Out feature allows bettors to settle their bets ahead of the match end. The Cash-Out offers may be higher or lower than the originally projected winnings, depending on the way the match is progressing. Cash-Outs give punters the opportunity to minimize their losses or secure their wins. Some bookies also offer the so-called partial Cash-Out, which allows bettors to cash out a portion of their winnings and leave a certain portion of the original stake or winning on the tennis event.


Last but not least, statistical data is a powerful tool that punters should use to their advantage. This is not to say that they should consider the ranking of players as the most accurate indicator of who is going to win and who is going to lose. Bookies do assign odds on the basis of player rankings, however, they tell only part of the story. In a situation where the higher-ranking opponent has gone through an injury and faces a lower-ranking athlete in a better overall shape, betting on the underdog might sometimes offer a very good value.


In-play tennis betting is exceptionally dynamic, with odds changing swiftly and reflecting everything happening on the court. The wide array of options to choose from is yet another benefit of live betting markets. Contemporary online bookmakers are constantly adding new thrilling features thus improving the quality of their services. New options and tools are being introduced aiming to improve punters’ overall betting experience.

Yet another advantage of live tennis betting is the long betting season. With tournaments starting with the Australian Open in January and ending with the ATP Finals in late November, the live betting opportunities are available almost all year round. Overall, tennis ranks among the top sports when it comes to in-play betting.

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