Tennis provides more exciting betting opportunities than most sports due to its diverse network of competitions and markets. With so many variables to consider, bettors should choose a sound betting strategy, combined with self-discipline to place more winning bets and minimize the associated risk. In the current publication, we are going to review some of the most popular tennis betting systems, along with tips and examples, which will ultimately help you in improving your tennis betting results.

No matter which system punters choose to apply to their betting, selecting value bets is vital. Betting when markets offer good value is essential to accumulating more substantial earnings from tennis betting in the longer term. Learning to identify value bets becomes easier with practice, and ultimately, it is worth the effort.

Considering the great number of tennis matches played all over the year, both in men’s and women’s tennis, bettors should concentrate their attention on the competitions they know well. It is simply impossible to analyze all the upcoming tennis events, so picking between ATP, WTA, or the Grand Slams is necessary for bettors and enables them to make more informed decisions.

The same approach could be applied when picking the betting markets, which punters intend to profit from. Besides betting on tennis competitions and markets that bettors are well-acquainted with, the proper management of the betting bankroll is equally important. Knowing what your limitations are and betting only what you can afford to lose should never be underestimated.

Without a sound bankroll management plan, even the sharpest bettors might end up losing substantial amounts of money. Betting on the spur of the moment and impulsive decisions are to be avoided and would not help in generating profits in the longer term.

Bettors should also take into consideration that it is advisable to have several bookmakers’ accounts to make the most of the different tennis betting systems.

Tennis Betting Systems

Many bettors follow tips from sports prediction sites, which can be profitable in the long run. Following a reputable tipster with a long history of accurate predictions is preferred by many punters. However, to avoid scams and bad tips, a lot of punters rely on their judgment.

Generally, there are two main types of tennis betting markets – pregame and in-play markets. Punters can choose one type over the other, or take advantage of both when suitable opportunities arise. Considering the odds of live betting markets are very dynamic, they might prove more challenging for inexperienced bettors, so they should better explore the pregame options at first.

The most widespread and easy-to master tennis betting systems that we are going to review in the current article include:

  • Arbitrage Betting
  • Matched Betting
  • Value Betting

Arbitrage Betting

Tennis Arbitrage Betting systems deliver bettors with the opportunity to place Sure Bets by covering both possible outcomes of matches at two different sportsbooks. Therefore, the system is also referred to as risk-free betting as wagering ensures profits irrespective of the matches’ outcomes. Arbitrage Betting requires finding overpriced tennis markets that do not reflect the real probability of the outcomes.

Odds for the same betting markets vary across bookmakers due to several reasons. Variations in prices are very often due to mistakes on the part of bookies and learning to take advantage of these mistakes is essential for arbitrage bettors.

For the purposes of Arbitrage Betting, many punters use odds comparison websites, where they check the prices of different bookmakers for the same markets. An arbitrage betting opportunity arises when there is a discrepancy in the price offered for the same betting market between two bookies.

The main idea of the system is to find these overpriced markets, bet on them, and cover the other possible outcome at another sportsbook.

Other bettors prefer to invest in Arbitrage betting software, which makes spotting arbitrage betting opportunities easier and quicker. Thus, bettors are making a profit irrespective of the outcome of tennis matches. Tennis is perfectly suited for Arbitrage betting, as there are no draws in tennis, i.e. only two results are possible.

For an arbitrage betting system to work out, punters should bet on the two possible outcomes of tennis matches at different bookies. Doing this at a single bookmaker would not lead to any profit due to the built-in profit margin of every single line that bookies are offering. The betting markets that are suitable for tennis arbitrage betting include Match Winner, Set Betting, First Set Winner, and Handicap markets, among others.

Although completely legal, Arbitrage Betting is not tolerated by bookmakers. This is simply due to the fact that they are profit-making entities, and as such, they do not like bettors who are winning every single time they place a bet. In cases where bookies detect arbitrage betting, they tend to limit or even suspend betting accounts.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is yet another tennis betting system, which is said to guarantee sure profits to punters provided they follow the rules. Some even do not consider it gambling, but rather an investment that generates profits. An important feature to remember about this system is that it is based on exploiting bonuses from sportsbooks. By using bookies’ promo offers, bettors can place bets covering all possible outcomes of a tennis match.

Promotional offers come with a set of conditions and roll-over requirements, which bettors should consider and adhere to. As a main advantage of the system, if applied correctly, we can point out the lack of risk. To incentivize as many customers as possible to join their betting platforms, sportsbooks put forward different free bet promo offers, welcome bonuses, and similar promotions.

For example, if a punter deposits €50 to a bookmaker, they can get a bonus matching 100% of the deposited amount, i.e. €50. To withdraw the bonus, they should comply with certain wagering requirements. For instance, the deposit and the bonus amount should be wagered 6 times, meaning that they need to stake €600 worth of bets.

Besides making use of bookies’ promotional offers, understanding the concept of lay betting is also very important for matched betting systems. To apply this system properly, punters bet on one of the possible outcomes of tennis matches by using a bookmaker and cover the other outcome by laying it using a betting exchange.

With sportsbooks, punters can only back a certain outcome of a tennis match to happen, whereas, with a betting exchange, they can choose to either back or lay an outcome. The latter means that punters bet on a certain outcome not to happen. Thus, by backing one of the outcomes at a sportsbook, and laying it at a betting exchange, punters are covering all possible results.

Similar to Arbitrage Betting, Matched Betting is frowned upon by most bookmakers. The system can be applied by all bettors provided they are of legal gambling age. However, betting operators tend to impose limitations and even suspend betting accounts if they detect evidence of matched betting.

Value Betting

Value betting is another tennis betting system based on mathematics and known for ensuring long-term profits. Unlike Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting, Value Betting is not risk-free and does not guarantee sure profits. It ensures gaining an edge over the bookies in the long run. Essentially, a value betting opportunity arises when punters can spot odds reflecting a probability lower than the real one.

As many tennis bettors probably know, estimating the implied probability of a particular outcome involves dividing 1 by the Decimal odds, offered by the bookie. To convert it to percentages, the result should be multiplied by 100.

Estimating the true probability of a particular outcome is essential for value betting. Bettors might be able to spot value betting opportunities when there is a discrepancy between the implied probability that the odds suggest and the true probability of an outcome.

True odds, also referred to as sharp odds, represent the real probability of an outcome. The difference between true odds and payoff odds is called the edge of a bookmaker. To figure out the true odds of a particular outcome, bettors can use the prices offered by sharp bookmakers, as they are as close to the real probability of outcomes as possible.

Yet another essential moment in value betting is the ability to calculate the expected value of a bet. To figure it out, punters need to find out the true probability of the outcome:

Expected Value=(True Probability of the odds in % * Decimal odds at the bookmaker)-100

Assuming we are aware of the true probability of odds, we should multiply it by the Decimal odds offered by the bookmaker. Ultimately, we need to take out 100 from this result. If the value exceeds 0%, then we may safely conclude that the bet is worth placing.

To achieve results from value betting more easily and quickly, bettors can use value betting software, which could be either free or paid.

Pros and Cons of Tennis Betting Systems

Whether it is Arbitrage Betting, Matched Betting, or Value Betting systems that tennis punters would like to explore, they should be familiar with their advantages and disadvantages. In the table below, we have listed the main pros and cons of the three most popular tennis betting systems.

Pros & Cons of Tennis Betting Systems
Betting SystemProsCons
Arbitrage Betting– Profits are guaranteed if calculations are correct
– There are many Arbitrage Betting opportunities due to the varying odds of different bookmakers
– Profit margins are slim
– To win from arbing, punters should calculate their bets correctly
– The most lucrative arbitrage betting opportunities are hard to find.
– Bettors run the risk of having their accounts suspended
Matched Betting– Also considered a risk-free betting system
– Punters use bonuses from sportsbooks to place bets
– Bookies may impose restrictions on accounts that are active only when there are promotions
– Miscalculating stakes can lead to losses
Value Betting– Regarded as the most profitable betting system in the long run, although it is not risk-free as the previous two.– The system does not guarantee sure wins
– Not risk-free

Other Methods for Tennis Betting

Besides the systems based on mathematical calculations, punters can choose other strategies for their tennis betting. Many prefer to concentrate on specific betting markets, such as Handicap betting and Totals betting. Below we have listed some additional approaches to tennis betting that also have the potential to generate decent profits.

  • Using statistics
    A lot of punters prefer using the available statistical data on tennis matches to place more winning tennis bets. Making knowledgeable decisions based on information from reputable sites can help a great deal. This strategy requires a deep understanding of players’ performance and proper handling of the available statistical data.
  • Dropping odds
    To take advantage of this betting strategy, which involves tennis betting on dropping odds, punters need to know the difference between sharp and soft bookmakers. Sharp bookies offer odds that are as close to the real probability of outcomes as possible. Soft bookies, on the other hand, are slower in their reactions to important tennis news and other relevant information that might impact the result of a tennis match.
    This knowledge of bookmakers can help punters a great deal in finding the best markets. Finding a bookie that has a slow reaction time enables punters to place a bet before the odds start dropping. As a whole, there are a lot of similarities between the strategy of betting on dropping odds and Value Betting.
  • Live Betting on Tennis
    The most substantial profits from tennis betting can be made from in-play markets. Punters generate proceeds from dynamically moving odds. Underdogs offering surprises can be pointed out as the most common example of major odds movements.


As an individual sport, tennis provides one of the best opportunities for sports betting. Whether you prefer using professional tennis tipsters, or betting on specific pre-game or live markets, looking for the highest value is vital. The systems described in this article remain the most profitable ones as long as consistent, long-term profits from tennis betting are concerned.

With the Arbitrage and Matched Betting systems, punters generate profits by covering both possible outcomes of tennis matches at two different operators. Although considered risk-free, they need to calculate the stakes properly to ensure profits no matter the result of matches. Value Betting Systems, on the other hand, involve finding the best odds available every time a punter makes a bet to achieve a profit in the long run. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.