Individual sports are regarded as easier to bet on and predict the winner as opposed to team sports. Generally, it takes less effort to analyze statistical data for individual athletes compared to whole teams. As a highly-ranked sports betting discipline, tennis is a great example in favor of this argument. Due to the lack of draws in tennis, the odds assigned to favorites are usually not very high. As per statistics, 89% of tennis matches are won by favorites having odds varying between 1.10 and 1.35.

While the risk involved with Match winner bets is very small, the returns, in most cases, are also small. Totals betting, along with Handicap betting deliver an excellent opportunity to diversify tennis betting and find markets of better value.

If betting on the standard Match winner markets is not a lucrative option, wagering on Total Sets is a fun, and hopefully more profitable option. Essentially, it involves predicting the total number of sets played in a single tennis match. The current publication elaborates on the specifics of Totals Sets betting, as well as the Set Handicap betting markets.

Total Sets Betting Explained

As а first step to successful Total Sets betting, fans of the sport should be familiar with the number of sets played in the different tournaments. Their rules vary in accordance with the organization in charge of the tournament as well as the type of event.

Most tennis matches utilize the best-of-three sets format, where players need to win 2 sets to win the match. In the four Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open), men play in a best-of-five sets format, that is to say, they need to win in 3 sets to win the match. All women’s matches are played in a best-of-three sets format.

In the world of tennis betting, the Total Sets bet is among the most sought-after markets. It is quite a straightforward option, as it involves simply betting on the number of sets played in a tennis match. This type of bet would also be a suitable choice for punters who struggle to predict the winner of the match.

We can take as an example a match between Andrey Rublev and Filip Krajinovic from an event at ATP Rome. Instead of betting on a short-priced favorite to win at very low odds, bettors may opt for the Total Sets betting market, i.e., on the match ending quickly, within 2 sets. However, if the match is characterized by equally matched opponents, then betting on the match ending in 3 sets would be the better option.

ATP Rome Men’s Singles
Andrey Rublev vs Filip Krajinovic
Total Sets market
2 sets1.33
3 sets3.25

If punters want to bet on the match ending in 2 sets, a €100 wager at odds of 1.33 would generate a total return of €133 or a net profit of €33. The other option, betting on 3 sets, would yield a potential return of €325 from the same initial investment. The net profit, in this case, is more substantial – €225. A 2-set match is seen as the most plausible option considering the odds.

For best-of-five sets events, bookmakers’ Total Sets lines would be 3 sets, 4 sets, and 5 sets. Irrespective of the tennis tournament’s format, it is worth noting that the Total Sets markets focus on the length of the event rather than the match winner. Ultimately, the quantity of sets is of importance.

Set Handicaps Betting Explained

Set Handicap betting is not too different from Game Handicap betting. Higher-ranked tennis players are awarded negative handicaps, whereas inferior-ranked athletes are given positive handicaps. The virtual advantage of one player over another is aimed at leveling out the chances of both sides in the wagering process. As tennis punters most probably know, it is hard to find matches where opponents are of the same playing level.

Although Set Handicaps work better in best-of-five tennis events, they can also be successfully applied to best-of-three sets events, particularly when the underdog is capable of winning one set but does not stand a good chance of winning the match. We can have a look at another event from ATP Rome, Rafael Nadal vs John Isner, to explore the Set Handicaps and the respective odds.

ATP Rome Men’s Singles
Rafael Nadal vs John Isner
Set Handicap market
+1.5 John Isner2.94
-1.5 Rafael Nadal1.37

Let us assume we place a stake at a Set Handicap market, +1.5 John Isner, then our bet would win if the athlete wins one or two sets in the match. As far as profiting from the Set Handicap market is concerned, our selected player does not have to win the match for the wager to be successful. On the other hand, if we bet on Nadal at -1.5 sets and odds of 1.37, our bet is a winner only if he wins by over 1.5 sets.

Figuring out if your Set Handicap bet is a winner is easy. Punters should simply add or subtract the handicap from the final result. In the first case, the +1.5 handicap should be added to the final scoreline of John Isner, and in the second case, the -1.5 handicap should be subtracted from the final scoreline of Rafael Nadal.


Betting on the total number of sets played in a tennis match or on the Set Handicap markets are among the most interesting and popular betting markets that punters love to explore. Whether it is an event from ITF Future Tour, WTA Finals, or a Grand Slam match that you are interested in, bookmakers that prioritize tennis betting are sure to provide odds on these thrilling markets. Oftentimes, they deliver an extremely higher value in comparison to the standard Match Winner bets thus sparking punters’ interest in the sport. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.