Arbitrage betting is one of the most appealing and widely used sports betting strategies because it promises to bring punters guaranteed profits from the wagers they make, no matter what might happen during the game. What further adds to the appeal of this betting strategy is that punters can use it without having that much experience under their belts, as instead, they need a keen eye for the right betting opportunities.

Naturally, NFL bettors will only be able to turn arbitrage betting to their good account and hopefully get the coveted payouts, after they learn the way the strategy works inside out. Punters should not be carried away by the promise to get wins every step of the way as the arbitrage betting strategy also has its weaknesses they should be aware of before they decide to put it through its paces.

Continue reading to find out how the arbitrage betting strategy works, what its pros and cons are, as well as how to make the most out of it while placing wagers on the NFL.

How Does Arbitrage Betting Work

The arbitrage betting system has its roots in economics, and as some punters might already know, this is a betting strategy many seasoned and inexperienced punters have already included in their betting strategy. In simple terms, arbitrage is an investment strategy, which involves selling and buying an asset at the same time in order to make the most out of the price differences, and thus ensure that they will get a profit. In spite of the fact that usually, such discrepancies in the prices are not that significant and only last for a while, the potential returns can be whooping.

What Is NFL Arbitrage Betting

If used correctly, arbitrage betting can also do the trick while placing bets on the NFL and other sports and leagues as well. While using arbitrage betting, NFL bettors will place wagers on all possible outcomes of a game in order to ensure that they will get a profit, no matter how the game will play out. By making two or, on some occasions, more bets, NFL bettors will cover all possible outcomes, which makes it a sure thing that they will get a payout. By taking advantage of the price discrepancies, the overall profit they will get no matter the result of the event can be quite eye-catching but of course, this will also depend on the amount they have put at a stake.

As likely as not, NFL bettors might be asking themselves what exactly price discrepancies are and how to find such. As punters might already know, the odds for the game they might wish to place a wager on might differ slightly from one NFL betting platform to another.

Arbitrage betting and middling have a lot in common as with both methods, gambling enthusiasts want to get the most out of the difference between the prices bookmakers have introduced for the same event. Yet, using middling is possible for over/under markets, as well as Asian handicaps. The potential returns middling offers are indeed eye-catching, but punters should bear in mind that the losses can be significant as well.

Let’s assume that the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing the Las Vegas Raiders, and punters want to check what two of the NFL betting sites have on offer for them. As punters might already know, comparing the prices for the games they want to bet on is something they should always do if they want to guarantee themselves long-term success. When they take a look at the odds, they will quickly notice that the difference in the offered prices is not that considerable, but even such small discrepancies add up over time, especially if they do not place bets from time to time.

Betting Site AJacksonville JaguarsLas Vegas Raiders
Betting Site BJacksonville JaguarsLas Vegas Raiders

What NFL bettors should bear in mind is that they are sure to find such small differences in the value of the odds almost every step of the way, but finding markets for which the differences in the odds are rather marked, is what can be a challenge.

No matter what sport or league punters are keen on wagering, they should recognize the significance of line shopping, all the more so if they intend to use the arbitrage betting strategy. What punters should remember is that finding the best odds for the game they want to place a wager on does not happen in the blink of an eye, and they will need to switch between several platforms in order to find the highest odds.

Gambling enthusiasts should know that two-way arbitrage bets are the most widely used, but in sports, like soccer, for example, the method can be used for events with three outcomes as well.

Example of NFL Arbitrage Betting Opportunity

Now, let’s take a look at the game in which the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing the Las Vegas Raider and assume that the introduced prices differ slightly from the first example.

Betting Site AJacksonville JaguarsLas Vegas Raiders
Betting Site BJacksonville JaguarsLas Vegas Raiders
Betting Site CJacksonville JaguarsLas Vegas Raiders

As punters can see, betting site A has made both teams equal favorites, which is to say that if they stake $10 on the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Las Vegas Raiders, this will result in a payout of $20. Yet, this is not the case with betting site B, where the Las Vegas Raiders are the favorite, while the Jacksonville Jaguars are the underdog. With betting site C, however, Las Vegas Raiders are the underdog, while the Jacksonville Jaguars are the favorite.

Even though the difference in the odds is not that substantial, gambling enthusiasts should consider using the arbitrage betting system. In order to make use of the betting strategy, NFL bettors will be required to compare the prices and place their wagers on both outcomes at the highest odds introduced.

In this case, NFL bettors should consider placing a bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars at betting site B, and another bet on the Las Vegas Raiders at betting site C. It goes without saying that one of the teams will win the game, which is to say that, depending on the situation, punters will get a payout for one of the wagers they have placed. Let’s suppose that gambling aficionados want to make two wagers of $100 each, this means that they will be in for a payout of $295 if their bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars wins and will stand the chance to get $210 if their bet on the Las Vegas Raiders wins.

In the first case, the profit of punters will be $195, while in the second, the potential profit will be $110. The outlay should also be taken into account, and in our example, this amount is $200. Thus, we get that if they use the arbitrage betting strategy, punters’ total profit will be $95 or $10. As NFL bettors can see, their guaranteed return might not be that mouth-watering, but they are sure to come ahead, which is the main reason why many punters stick with this betting strategy.

What is important to note, however, is that before they dive into using the arbitrage betting strategy, NFL bettors should have the full confidence that they have a good understanding of how odds work, what the different formats are, and what these numbers tell.

Many gambling enthusiasts view arbitrage betting as a betting strategy, which guarantees them that they will get a profit almost all throughout their betting session, but what they should keep in mind is that spotting good opportunities might not be as easy as with the above-mentioned example.

It is essential to note that gambling enthusiasts will not be able to use arbitrage betting every day simply because the opportunities for which the strategy can be employed effectively are rather limited because of the smaller number of NFL games.

How to Identify Arbitrage Betting Opportunities

What punters might be asking themselves is how opportunities that make it possible to use the arbitrage betting strategy appear. In fact, the explanation is pretty straightforward as such opportunities arise because of the way bookmakers set odds. On most occasions, the odds bookmakers introduce might be much the same, and seeing identical prices for the same game is not excluded either. The similarity in the value of the odds is due to the fact that oddsmakers tend to focus on roughly the same factors while introducing the prices.

That being said, it is still challenging to find sports betting sites where the oddsmakers have the very same outlook for the way the game will play out.

If they want to make the most out of the arbitrage betting strategy, NFL bettors should always be on the lookout for betting markets for which the opinions of oddsmakers vary simply because as a result, discrepancies in the odds will appear. In simple terms, if we pay attention to the game in which the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing the Las Vegas Raiders, using the strategy will be possible when punters notice that the Jacksonville Jaguars are the favorite at one of the NFL betting sites, while the Las Vegas Raiders are the favorite at another platform.

What gambling enthusiasts should also take into account is that the odds that are initially introduced might be altered as a result of the constantly changing circumstances. For example, the money punters put at a stake on that market or news about an injured player might be the reason why the opening odds are adjusted.

What Calculations Are Needed to Use Arbitrage Betting

In order to start using the arbitrage betting strategy, punters will need to make two types of calculations. First, they need to determine whether the opportunity is worthwhile, and then they should determine the amount they will put at a stake.

To determine whether an arbitrage betting opportunity exists, NFL bettors will b required to use the following formula:

(1/Odds) x 100 = individual arbitrage percentage

It is important to note that punters should make these calculations for both outcomes, and then, they will be required to put these figures together in order to get the total arbitrage percentage and determine whether they should employ the betting method for the markets.

If the result punters get is less than 100%, gambling enthusiasts have managed to find an arbitrage opportunity. The lower the percentage is, the greater the profit punters will stand the chance to collect will be. If the result NFL bettors get is over 100%, they should not make use of the arbitrage betting method.

To determine the bet size they will go for, NFL bettors should make use of the following formula:

(Investment x individual arbitrage percentage for the game) / total arbitrage percentage

Lastly, if avid sports bettors want to check whether the potential profit is what they are after, they should make the following calculations:

(Investment – total arbitrage percentage) – investment

Pros and Cons of Arbitrage Betting

Much like the other NFL betting strategies, arbitrage betting also has its advantages and disadvantages punters should pay attention to before they give it a chance. If NFL bettors are not sure whether arbitrage betting is a viable strategy, there are certain things they should take their time to consider.

Pros of Arbitrage Betting

When compared to merely placing moneylines, totals, or point spread bets, arbitrage betting undoubtedly has several key benefits that are worthwhile to consider. In the first place, if gambling aficionados use the strategy correctly, they can be sure that winnings as compensation will be offered, no matter the game outcome. In spite of the fact that finding good arbitrage betting opportunities might be challenging at the beginning, punters can rest assured that their eyes will quickly become sharper.

One of the most important things NFL bettors should bear in mind about this method is that if they want to enjoy long-term success, they need to be consistent with its usage. This is not to say that gambling enthusiasts should place bets on every game as instead, they will be more likely to enjoy good results if they pick and choose the opportunities and carefully assess the risk to determine whether it is worth the effort.

If properly used, the arbitrage betting strategy involves no risk simply because gambling enthusiasts bet to back themselves. The no-risk aspect of the betting method is exactly what makes many gambling enthusiasts stick to it. It is worth mentioning that zero risk will be involved only if NFL bettors place wagers they can afford.

As they gain more experience in using the strategy, punters will see that the arbitrage betting opportunities are not that thin on the ground, especially if they are not interested exclusively in wagering on the NFL. Even though the NFL offers a limited number of games to bet on, this is not to say that punters will be short of chances to get the returns they are eyeing while using the strategy.

Another great advantage of the arbitrage betting strategy is that it is suitable for total novices and seasoned bettors alike. Unlike the lion’s share of betting strategies and systems available out there, arbitrage betting is exceptionally straightforward. If punters have a good understanding of odds, keep track of the way they change all the time, and are quick to act, they are sure to enjoy lucrative results.

Cons of Arbitrage Betting

The small profit margins are one of the things that make NFL bettors steer clear of arbitrage betting as they consider that the funds they will collect will not be worth the time and the effort. As punters saw from the examples we provided already, the profit they will be offered while using the strategy will be at the low end of the spectrum, and in order to boost their winnings, they will be required to increase the amounts they will put at a stake. Therefore, if NFL bettors are after juicer payouts, they will need to have a large bankroll.

The bet limits are yet another thing punters should inquire into before they give the strategy a go because if the ceiling on the bet amount is too low, they will not be able to stick to it. Thus, this method of betting on the NFL might not work well for risk-averse bettors and such that have limited bankrolls.

One more thing NFL bettors should take into account if they are about to start using the strategy is that they should be prepared to have their account closed. In spite of the fact that using the arbitrage betting strategy is not forbidden, if the sportsbook detects that punters go for the maximum allowed bet amount on a regular basis, avoid riskier bets like props, for example, or tend to focus on smaller markets, depending on the policies of the operator, gambling enthusiasts might have their account limited or even closed. The odd bet sizes might also be viewed as a sign that punters are using the betting method.

Some NFL bettors avoid the arbitrage betting strategy because of the extra efforts they need to make in order to find the right betting opportunities. As we explained earlier, finding arbitrage betting opportunities might not be a walk in the park as gambling enthusiasts will need to invest some time to compare the odds bookmakers have introduced for the game they wish to bet on. Additionally, good arbitrage betting opportunities do not appear all the way down the line, meaning that they cannot invariably stick to the strategy.

Even if NFL bettors think that they have stumbled upon a good arbitrage betting opportunity, they should be quick to make use of it simply because odds might change in the blink of an eye. As we said already, arbitrage betting opportunities are normally short-lived, which is to say that the odds might move before punters wrap up their bets.

Lastly, NFL bettors should consider the fact that, like all other betting strategies available out there, arbitrage betting is not a surefire way to win each time they place a wager. Thus, this method of wagering on the NFL will not bring sports bettors guaranteed returns if they place a bet on one of the outcomes, and in the meantime, the odds of the second one change, thus making it impossible to guarantee themselves winnings. Of course, if the chosen selection hits, they will be paid out accordingly. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.