Considering how intense the rivalry between the sports betting sites is, it is only natural that they go above and beyond to attract and hold the attention of punters, and one of the ways to achieve this is through the odds they introduce. As is the case with retailers, prices normally vary between the sports betting platforms, and what sets experienced bettors aside from the other punters is that they take their time to check the prices several oddsmakers have introduced for the chosen market prior to actually placing their wagers.

Sometimes, when they are on the verge of placing an NFL bet, punters might see how odds change and are no longer close to their liking. If this happens, gambling enthusiasts should not grin and bear it, and instead, they should check what other betting sites have on offer for them.

Comparing lines and odds is a must for NFL bettors if they want to make sure that they will get more bang for their buck in the long term. No matter how small the edge might be, punters should always check how the offered prices measure up against the odds and lines other platforms offer, which does not take more than a few minutes of their time.

Read ahead to learn what NFL line shopping involves and what the benefits of looking for the best deal are.

What NFL Line Shopping Involves

Unlike the popular idea, comparing lines and odds is not only a must for seasoned NFL bettors but for total novices as well. In simple terms, line shopping is the process of going from one sportsbook to another in order to find the best price for the bet you want to make. Once punters check where the numbers stand at the different NFL betting sites depending on the wager type they prefer to make, they will be able to pick the most advantageous prices.

No matter how small the difference in the odds might seem at first glance, it will become more noticeable and marked over the course of several bets they make. Because of this, effectively comparing odds and using line shopping is a must for NFL bettors who want to make the most out of each and every stake they make. Thus, if we assume that punters find a platform where they can lay less on the favorite or the odds on the underdog are bigger, they will undoubtedly put money in their pockets.

As likely as not, gambling enthusiasts might be wondering what the causes for the difference in the odds and lines are. In the first place, such dissimilarities might come as a result of the amount of money the bookmaker has taken in on the chosen market or the type of betting platform. The outlook of oddsmakers is yet another factor that accounts for such differences.

When the bets the operator has accepted are concerned, punters should know that bookmakers always strive to maintain a balance when it comes to the betting action market attracts. Thus, if we assume that too many bets are placed on the underdog, oddsmakers will attempt to restore the balance by improving the odds of the favorite. Of course, the odds of the favorite will be decreased in order to make that side of the market less attractive for gambling aficionados.

Gambling enthusiasts need to know that such adjustments to the odds might occur in many different situations and might also be caused by injuries or other information, which is released prior to the game, for example.

If they do not feel like visiting each NFL betting site to check what odds the bookmaker has introduced, punters should consider using one of the many platforms that will do the heavy lifting instead.

How To Compare NFL Odds and Lines

Comparing NFL lines and odds has a lot in common with comparing the prices retailers and companies offer for the same product or service. Punters who are more into placing their bets over the Internet will do this in a breeze as all they will need to do is merely visit several NFL betting sites and place their wager with the one that offers the best value at that point.

Because of the competition in the oddsmaking business, gambling enthusiasts will notice that often, the odds for the same game differ. Now, let’s say that you are about to place a bet on a game in which the Las Vegas Raiders are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars. Before you place your wager, you want to check what prices three of the NFL betting sites offer at the moment.

Betting Site ATeamsMoneyline Odds
Las Vegas Raiders1.22
Jacksonville Jaguars2.25
Betting Site BTeamsOdds
Las Vegas Raiders1.33
Jacksonville Jaguars2.29
Betting Site CTeamsOdds
Las Vegas Raiders1.44
Jacksonville Jaguars2.25

Thus, if we assume that gambling enthusiasts have decided to place a bet on the Las Vegas Raiders, betting site C is indeed the best choice as the price for that team is the greatest. Yet, this will not be the case if punters want to place a bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars. If this is what they prefer, placing their bet at betting site B is what they should consider. In spite of the fact that this time, the difference in the odds is not that significant, placing their bets at betting site B will bring punters the highest potential payout.

Some NFL bettors might say that the difference in the odds of the Las Vegas Raiders is not that considerable, and for this reason, checking what deal bookmakers offer is not worth the effort. This is easily not the case, and if we assume that gambling buffs stake $100 at betting site A, their potential payout will be $122.

Placing their wager at betting site B will mean that punters’ potential payout will be $133, while picking betting site C will mean that they can possibly get a payout of $144. As you can see, the difference in the payout gambling aficionados will possibly get if they place their wager at betting site A and betting site C is $22, which is not at the least an insignificant amount.

If wagering on the Jacksonville Jaguars is what sports bettors prefer, depending on the platform they pick to use, they will be in for a payout of $225 or $229. This time, the difference is not as pronounced as was the case with the bets placed on the Las Vegas Raiders, but this is not to say that earning an additional $4 in profit is not worth your time or effort. As we mentioned earlier, even the slightest difference adds up over time, and just over the course of ten wagers, punters’ potential profit will be $40 less.

As they can see, consistently comparing the lines and odds to find the most advantageous deal can save gambling enthusiasts a lot of money, especially if they do not bet on sports every now and then.

In spite of the fact that the comparison of odds and lines might seem like a walk in the park when moneyline odds are concerned, picking the betting site to make your wager at might not be that easy when point spread betting is concerned.

Betting Site ATeamsOdds
Las Vegas Raiders-6 (-110)
Jacksonville Jaguars+6 (-104)
Betting Site ATeamsOdds
Las Vegas Raiders-4.5 (-120)
Jacksonville Jaguars+4.5 (+100)
Betting Site ATeamsOdds
Las Vegas Raiders+5.5 (+100)
Jacksonville Jaguars-5.5 (-120)

This time NFL bettors should not only focus on the odds of the teams but should also pay close attention to the spread. What punters should consider is which of the three sites offers better returns, as well as in which case they will be more likely to win.

When Is It the Best Time to Go for Line Shopping

As NFL bettors already know what line shopping is, they might be asking themselves when the best time to place their bets is. Most seasoned punters will say that the best time to shop for lines is before the match actually kicks off. Taking a look at the opening odds is what sports bettors should not forget to do, as this is when some truly valuable opportunities can be found. When the odds and lines first come out, gambling aficionados will stand a better chance to find markets for which oddsmakers are wrong.

The time when the opening odds will be introduced will depend exclusively on the sport gambling buffs are keen on wagering. Thus, punters will stand a better chance to find markets for which oddsmakers have jumped to the wrong conclusion about when there is plenty of time prior to the game.

The last-minute odds also attract the attention of NFL bettors as, sometimes, considerable odds shifts might happen right before the start of the match. Most of the time, shifts that take place at the last minute are caused by the betting volume or the injury of major players. If punters want to capitalize on such opportunities, they should be quick to compare the prices bookmakers will introduce because of the value such betting opportunities often hide.

It is also not excluded to see how lines change in the middle of the week. It is easy to see why line shifts might occur then as this is when injury reports are announced. Thus, if we assume that a team is a favorite in a game, but one of the major players will not take part in the next match, punters should take a look at the sports betting sites to see if there are such that are yet to adjust their odds accordingly. If they manage to find an NFL betting site that is yet to adapt the prices, punters will stand a good chance to get some whopping payouts.

The NFL is a league, which enjoys year-round attention, and there are certain things gambling enthusiasts should keep in mind about the odds for the different parts of the season. When it comes to the offseason, punters should know that the odds for bigger markets will be introduced early, and for this reason, the betting action and news will be the main factors that will have an impact on the board.

Pre-season betting also has its intricacies, and as it turns out, the betting volume these games attract is quite overwhelming. In order for punters to win, however, they will need to look for as much information on game plans as possible, including how long will starters play or the team’s philosophy for the particular season, for example. Keep in mind that the pre-season is precisely the time when considerable line shifts occur for the simple reason that this is when sharp bettors take a position, while oddsmakers respond to them.

When the regular season begins, the betting action the NFL attracts will be heavily on the rise, and the prices for each of the 17 games will be available well before their start. Since the betting action is so greatly increased, line movements will occur almost every step of the way.

Line movements become even more common during the postseason, and the 13 games are without a doubt the most heavily bet on events throughout the entire year. For this reason, gambling aficionados should be constantly on the alert for significant shifts in the numbers.

Benefits of NFL Line Shopping

The benefits of line shopping are indeed not thin on the ground, and the main reason why NFL bettors should make it an inseparable part of the decision-making is that the payouts punters might be in for will be greater. If they implement line shopping into their betting session, punters will stand a better chance to win, especially when it comes to point spreads, totals, and moneylines. Naturally, the fact that gambling enthusiasts will be odds-on to win some of the wagers they make translates into better long-term profits.

The possibility of winning more wagers is indeed one of the biggest advantages of line shopping. Getting just one or even half-point added to the lines will have a considerable impact on the share of correct picks punters will make.

When they go for line shopping, it will be easier for punters to determine when bookmakers are about to adjust the lines as a result of the greater betting action a market has attracted. Since bookmakers want to ensure that each bet will get an even amount of action, the new line they introduce might be greatly in favor of those who wager against the public. Seeing the opposite is also not at the least out of the question, but finding an NFL betting site, which lags behind its rivals, and is yet to adjust the lines will be more challenging.

Along with the better lines, NFL bettors will also benefit from better odds, which is to say that they might be in for greater payouts or will be less exposed to risks. If punters need to decide whether they should place a bet at odds of 1.44 or 1.33, it is quite obvious which option is better as the rewards for putting $100 at a stake at the first odds will be greater.

Lastly, line shopping might also help punters find risk-free wagers placed on opposing bets for which an equal payout is offered.

Tips for NFL Line Shopping

In spite of the fact that NFL bettors will need to invest some extra time in order to check what odds bookmakers have introduced for the game they want to bet on, they should have the full confidence that the extra effort will pay off. Punters should keep in mind that while betting on sports, the margins of profitability are low, and for this reason, they should go above and beyond to reduce the commission bookmakers charge.

In spite of the fact that line shopping has so many benefits, punters’ bankrolls might not always allow them to use this flexible approach. Sometimes, NFL bettors might be required to load their gaming accounts with more funds or go for smaller bet sizes in order to keep on using all their accounts. This might be challenging at times, especially for recreational NFL bettors.

If gambling enthusiasts want to ensure that their bankroll will allow them to consistently shop around for lines, it is advisable to look for NFL betting platforms that offer reduced juice or such that shade their prices towards the general public, and do not exclusively target professional bettors.

If they want to make the most out of their betting session, punters should keep up with line movements. To be more precise, gambling enthusiasts should always keep track of the line from the time when it was introduced and up to the point when they are all set up to make their bets.

Something important some punters tend to forget is that when the regular season opens, they will be required to make their picks and assumptions on the information from the previous season. After the first few weeks of the season, gambling aficionados should direct their attention to the most recent play instead as this information can give them some insight into what is about to come.

As likely as not, punters have already noticed that there is a lot of information on what factors they should consider while making their picks. In order to make sure that line shopping will bring them the desired results, they are advised to focus their attention exclusively on the factors that can change the course of the game. By sticking to what truly matters while betting on sports, punters will be less likely to get overwhelmed by the information and misjudge the situation. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.