Punters who are motivated to bet on sports want to make sure that they will start their betting session on the right track, and because of this, they tend to start looking for different ways to win more frequently or get more generous payouts. While being on the lookout for a quicker path to success, gambling enthusiasts are bound to come across numerous NFL betting systems that promise that they will win every step of the way.

The choice is indeed wide, and based on their preferences and level of experience, punters might wish to go for simple or complex betting strategies. Instead, successful NFL betting depends more on the knowledge of gambling enthusiasts, how thoroughly they research the available information, and above all, their persistence.

Even though many punters spend lots of time hunting down a fail-safe betting system, what they should remember is that there is no single best way to wager on the NFL or other sports or leagues. That being said, it does not hurt for punters to have a good understanding of the various NFL betting systems, as using this knowledge can help them improve their performance.

Should Punters Use NFL Betting Systems

Punters prefer to stick with NFL betting systems because most of these systems promise to give them an edge, find value, and make them more likely to place winning bets. While some sports bettors say that using betting systems will help you see your bankroll grow, others advise against using these. It can safely be said that some systems available out there do not work well for NFL bettors because they do not offer profitable bets to make or are not effective at all.

Punters might want to use NFL betting systems when they do not have the time to always keep up with the latest news and results or do not have their own style of placing bets. Still, they should be wary of betting systems that promise they will win all the time or that they will snatch whopping payouts in next to no time.

One of the biggest benefits of using NFL betting systems is that they can save punters lots of time, especially the ones that tell them what their next move should be. Still, if punters only rely on betting systems and do not invest any time in polishing their knowledge, this is sure to have a detrimental effect on their bottom line.

Over the years, multiple betting strategies were designed, and their main purpose is to offer more effective ways to place winning bets. As punters might already know, sports betting is considered a high-risk form of gambling, and to improve their chances of placing winning bets, they should polish their knowledge of the sports, the various bet types, odds, and so on no matter how much experience they have under their belts.

Most Common NFL Betting Systems

Before punters pick the most suitable bet type, they should know how each wager works, and the same also applies to the various betting systems they can implement during their betting session. Before they pick which tenet will work best for them, gambling enthusiasts should have a thorough knowledge of each betting strategy, its strengths, and weaknesses.

NFL bettors should bear in mind that no matter the intricacies of the betting system they have chosen, they will not guarantee that each of their picks will be a correct one. Although there is a bevy of systems these days that have gained tremendous popularity, these are some of the most widely used ones.

Martingale Betting System

The betting system punters from all skill levels might be familiar with is the Martingale. It gained prominence in the 18th century, and its wide application is what makes it such a preferred option by casino players and sports bettors even today.

If punters decide to make use of this betting system, they will be required to double the amount they will put at a stake each time their bet loses, and return to the amount they have initially staked whenever they win. Using this system promises that no matter how many losing bets punters have placed, when they win, they will make up for their losses and will even turn out a profit.

Let’s assume that you want to stake $10 on the Green Bay Packers to win a match, but ultimately, they do not achieve this. Since you are required to double your bet after a loss, the next time you place a bet, you will need to put $20 at a stake. Once again, your pick turns out to be incorrect, and because of this, the amount you need to stake increases to $40. If we suppose that this time your bet hits, you will collect your payout, and the next time you place a bet, you will need to stake $10 again.

As you can see, while using the Martingale betting system, the amount you will be required to put at a stake grows at an exceptionally fast pace. It is important to note that this system does not promise that punters will turn out a profit, as depending on the odds at which they place their bets, the profit they will be in for might be next to nothing or break even.

The biggest shortcoming of this betting system is that punters might not always be able to double their stakes, which is to say that they will need to abandon the system and will not manage to reach the point at which they will make up for their losses or get a profit. Another reason why the Martingale betting system might not work well for NLB bettors is that the number of games they will have the opportunity to bet on will be relatively limited, which might not be the case with other sports.

Labouchere Betting System

Those who are not first getting into NFL betting might have also heard about the Labouchere betting system. As it turns out, many gambling enthusiasts prefer to use this betting system because, when compared to the other systems, it provides greater flexibility and freedom.

In order to start using the system, punters first need to write down a sequence of numbers, the total of which is the profit they want to collect. Let’s suppose that the number sequence is 2, 3, 5, 4, 3, 5. In this case, the desired profit will be $22. If NFL bettors want to give the Labouchere betting system a try, they should first consider what amount they are willing to risk during their betting session.

In order to determine the amount they need to stake, NFL bettors will need to put together the first and the last numbers from the sequence, which adds up to $7. If punters’ pick is correct, they need to cross these two numbers from the sequence. Yet, if their bet does not hit, they need to add 7 at the end of the sequence. Punters should keep on placing bets until they cross out all numbers they have written down.

Let’s suppose that punters’ first bet of $7 wins, they will need to cross out the first and the last numbers in the sequence, and the new one will look like this: 3, 5, 4, 3. Now, they decide to place another bet, and the amount they need to put at a stake should be $6. This time, their pick is not correct, and for this reason, they need to add 6 at the end of the number sequence. Thus, it will look like this: 3, 5, 4, 3, 6. The amount punters will be required to stake now is $9, and since their bet wins, they need to cross 3 and 6 from the sequence, and so on.

The Labouchere betting system also has its flaws, and placing several losing wagers at the beginning of your betting session might have a disastrous effect on your bankroll. That being said, if punters run well in the short term, the profit the usage of the system might produce can be quite juicy.

What sports bettors should know about the Labouchere betting system is that it might work better for fans of casino games, especially for those who are keen on playing craps or roulette.

D’Alembert Betting System

The D’Alembert is a negative progression system, which is to say that NFL bettors will need to increase the amount they will put at a stake each time they make a wrong pick. Before they start using the system, punters need to decide what their bet unit will be. Whenever their bet loses, punters will be required to increase the staked amount by one unit. On every occasion they win, NFL bettors need to decrease the staked amount by one unit. Punters should continue to use the system until they reach the point at which they will place a single-unit stake.

Let’s suppose that the betting unit punters have picked is $3. If punters stake this amount and lose, next time they wager on the NFL, they will need to stake $6. Let’s assume that they make a wrong pick again, which means that the amount they will be required to stake will increase to $9. If this time, the pick turns out to be correct, gambling aficionados will need to decrease the staked amount by one unit, meaning that they should wager $6.

Fibonacci Betting System

The Fibonacci betting system was introduced by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci and can be used by punters and fans of casino games. The system is based on the Fibonacci sequence, in which to get the next number, punters need to put together the two that precede it. The series of numbers looks like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on.

While using this betting system during their sports betting session, punters will first need to determine the size of the bet unit they will stick to. Punters will need to use the first number in the sequence when they go ahead with their stakes, and if their bet loses, they will be required to move to the next number in the sequence. If punters’ bet hits, what they need to do is move two numbers left in the sequence.

Assuming that the chosen betting unit is $5, if punters stake that amount and make a wrong pick, they will need to stake $5 again. If their bet becomes a losing one, they will be required to stake two units or $10. If their prediction is not correct, they should move further in the sequence and stake three units of $15. Seeing four losing stakes in a row means that this time, punters need to stake five units or $25. If we suppose that this time, their bet wins, they will need to move two numbers left in the sequence, which is to say that in this case, they need to stake two units or $10.

Paroli Betting System

If punters decide to put the Paroli betting system through its paces, they will once again need to pick a unit size, and whenever their bets win, they will need to double the staked amount. No matter how many winning bets they have placed, if punters lose the staked amount at any point, they will be required to return to their original bet.

Thus, if the betting unit is $10, and your bet wins, next time, you will be required to stake $20. If you see two wins in a row, next time, you will need to stake $40. If we assume that this time your bet is a losing one, your next bet should be $10.

Kelly Criterion

As was the case with the above-mentioned systems, the Kelly Criterion can also be used for various forms of gambling, wagering on the NFL included. The reason why this strategy works so well for punters is that it is designed to reduce the chances of losing their entire bankroll and maximize the returns they will potentially get for the stakes they make.

In simple terms, the Kelly Criterion is a mathematical formula NFL bettors can use in order to determine the optimal sum of money they should put at a stake. This sum will be determined by the expected return and the bankroll they have set aside to use during their betting session. Thus, NFL bettors will make larger bets when the probability of winning is higher and will put smaller amounts at a stake when the likelihood of winning is smaller. In this way, punters’ losses will be smaller, while their potential returns will be greater. The reason why the system is so preferred by gambling enthusiasts is that it promises to bring more handsome payouts in the long run when compared to the other betting systems available out there.

The Kelly Criterion formula looks like this:

(bp – q) / b = f

Here, b is the amount punters can potentially win if their bet wins, while p is the probability of their bet becoming a winning one. Punters need to replace q with the probability of their bet becoming a losing one. When they make all these calculations, punters will get what fraction of their bankroll they will be required to put at a stake.

NFL Hedge Betting

Hedge betting is more of a betting strategy than a system, and many punters prefer to employ it while betting on sports because it gives them better flexibility, guarantees them lower risk, and larger profits.

Simply put, while using this strategy, NFL bettors need to place a counter bet against another wager they have made, thus ensuring that no matter the outcome of the match, they will be in for a payout. In other words, when punters put the hedge betting strategy through its paces, they will place a bet against themselves in order to ensure that they will turn out a profit no matter how the game plays out.

By wagering on both sides of the market, NFL bettors reduce the risk they will take whenever they bet on sports. One more reason why hedge betting is so preferred is that this strategy can be applied to just about any market.

Fixed Amount Betting

The name of this system is pretty much self-explanatory as it involves consistently staking the same amount. As NFL bettors can see, following and applying the strategy is a breeze, and all they will need to do is decide what bet unit they will stick to. It is important to note that while employing the system, punters will not be required to adjust the bet amount based on whether they win or lose, which was the case with the above-mentioned NFL betting systems.

This strategy might work best for punters who want to have better control over the sums they will use during their betting session or when they have already used a considerable portion of their bankroll. The strategy is also known as the unit system, and most of the time, the betting unit punters will pick will range between one and ten. Naturally, the higher the chosen bet unit is, the more confident in their picks punters will be.

Other Approaches to NFL Betting

Successful NFL betting can also involve building your own strategy depending on your expertise, bankroll, and the goals you have set. As punters already saw, there is a bevy of NFL betting strategies they can rely on depending on the goals they have set and their bankrolls.

It can safely be said that betting systems have several advantages over wagering in a random manner, and there are several approaches gambling enthusiasts can pay attention to when they want to make the most out of their betting session.

NFL Favorite and Underdog Systems

As punters might already know, many seasoned bettors advise to invariably place bets on the favorite. Even though backing big favorites makes sense since they are expected to be placed first in games more frequently, this approach is unlikely to bring punters long-term profit. In spite of the fact that a significant share of the betting public is obsessed with this way of betting on the NFL, what they tend to overlook is that the term big favorites is exceptionally vague.

What NFL bettors should take into account is that since this approach says that they should place bets on big favorites, the odds for such teams will be rather low, which also translates into less generous returns. Another thing NFL bettors should not forget is that big favorites will also lose games from time to time.

Backing the underdogs makes a lot more sense, especially when such teams are playing in their home stadiums. In spite of the fact that betting on the underdogs is rather riskier, punters prefer this approach because of the more generous payouts they will potentially get.

NFL Halftime Betting System

Most punters consider that the halftime betting system promises to bring the most value in comparison with the other approaches. While using this approach, gambling enthusiasts will be required to place bets on the second half of football matches or on lines that are introduced for that part of the game. On some occasions, using the system involves placing bets on big underdogs.

Many seasoned sports bettors consider that the halftime betting system is so well-suited for the NFL because, on most occasions, it will be challenging for the contending teams to cover big amounts of points.

What might often be the case is that teams that have taken the lead during the first half will slow down, while teams that have struggled during the first half will go out of their way to gain the upper hand. For this reason, the halftime betting system can indeed bring value.

Pros and Cons of the NFL Betting Systems

As we mentioned already, NFL bettors will hear very polar opinions about betting systems, and while some gambling enthusiasts favor their usage, others recommend steering clear of them. Without a doubt, the best way to determine whether betting systems will do the trick for you and will help you achieve the goals you have set is to weigh their strengths and weaknesses.

Pros of NFL Betting Systems

  1. NFL betting systems undoubtedly give punters some basic guidance as to how to analyze games and how to proceed depending on the situation. Betting systems make it possible for punters to skillfully wager on the NFL, as most of the time, they will be required to stick to a specific pattern.
  2. Chasing losses is one of the most common mistakes among seasoned punters and total novices at NFL betting, and unfalteringly using betting systems will make them less likely to attempt to make up for their losing bets.
  3. Some betting systems also allow punters to make the most out of hot streaks. This is exactly the case with the Paroli betting system, which requires punters to double the amount they will put at a stake whenever they place winning bets.
  4. While betting systems guarantee that punters will place their bets in a more systematic manner, some of them might also give them better chances to win. Besides, NFL bettors will always be one step ahead of punters who base their decisions exclusively on their gut feeling.

Cons of NFL Betting Systems

  1. First and foremost, using betting systems while wagering on the NFL does not guarantee that all picks of punters will be correct ones. In addition to this, betting systems do not give punters a long-term edge over bookmakers, as instead, they will only have an impact on their short-term results. If they want to develop an edge over bookmakers, however, punters should invest more time in enhancing their knowledge about the sport itself and how to properly bet on it.
  2. Sometimes, using betting systems might translate into big losses, which might be the case with negative progression betting systems.
  3. While using some betting systems, punters’ bankroll might not suffice to reach the point at which they will make up for their losses and turn out a profit.
  4. Lastly, most betting systems are more suitable for players than for gambling enthusiasts. What makes it challenging for punters to use betting systems while wagering on sports is the conversion between stakes and winnings, which works far easier when playing casino games.
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