Pleaser bets are believed to be one of the most challenging ways to bet on American football and among the hardest bets to win. That being said, the main reason why gambling aficionados find such bets so tempting is that they offer massive payouts. In fact, just like teasers, pleasers are also effectively a type of parlay bets and can be used while wagering on football and basketball.

Teaser and pleaser bets work in almost the same way, with the only exception being that with the latter, the points will favor the sports betting platform as the line will be moved against punters. As gambling enthusiasts might expect, winning such bets will be far more challenging, but the heftier payouts are what make them so preferred.

What bettors should keep in mind is that much like teasers, pleaser bets come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on the sport and the sports betting platform they are placing their bets at, they will be presented with different point values.

Read ahead in order to come to grips with the way NFL pleaser bets work and how to use them properly.

What Is an NFL Pleaser Bet

In spite of the fact that many seasoned punters will recommend avoiding this wager type, it does not hurt if total novices read up on the way pleasers work. What NFL bettors should keep in mind about such bets is that, unlike moneyline and totals, for example, pleaser bets are not that frequently found across the sports betting platforms.

In the first place, punters should know that, as is the case with teaser bets, pleasers also combine several selections into one ticket, but this time, they will only be allowed to add totals and sides. In addition to this, most sports betting sites tend to limit the number of teams that can be added to pleaser bets to six.

While placing a teaser bet, gambling enthusiasts are buying points, while with pleaser bets, they will give points away hoping that they will get juicer payouts. To put it another way, while punters make a pleaser bet, they will be given the opportunity to collect more whopping payouts, while the sportsbook gains a better line over them simply because the teams will need to cover the totals or the spread by significantly more points than the lines the bookmaker has introduced for the game.

Pleaser Bet Point Values to Look for

Another thing to bear in mind is that usually, the pleaser point values range between 6 and 10 points, but on most occasions, NFL bettors will be allowed to give up on six points. As punters might know by now, while placing their bets, the winning margins they should avoid are three and seven. With this in mind, there are several point spread values they should look for when they want to make a pleaser bet. Some of the best point spreads NFL bettors should consider pleasing are -7.5, -10.5, -14.5, +13.5, +16.5, and +20.5, among others. These are the best point spreads NFL bettors should please if they are about to place a two-team six-point pleaser bet.

While placing pleaser bets, gambling enthusiasts will be required to combine several totals or point spread bets into a single ticket, and in order to get a payout, they will need to get all selections they have added right. The points will be moved against punters, which is where the greatest difference between NFL pleaser and teaser bets comes from. As a result, winning a pleaser bet becomes more difficult, which is the reason why many punters advise against placing such bets, no matter the sport gambling aficionados want to bet on.

In spite of the heftier payouts punters will stand the chance to collect, they should not forget that the more legs they add to their ticket, the greater the bookmaker’s edge will be. For this reason, many season NFL bettors are in the habit of placing two-team pleasers.

Why NFL Pleaser Bets Differ

As is the case with teaser bets, NFL pleaser bets also have several variables gambling enthusiasts should pay more attention to before they wrap up their wagers. The number of selections they will be allowed to add to their pleaser bet undoubtedly matters, but the same also applies to the number of points the totals or point spread can be moved by, as well as the payouts punters will be in for if they bet hits.

Depending on the sports betting platform they are placing their bets at and the rules that have to do with the number of selections and points by which they can move the spread, punters might be allowed to manage the risk-reward ratio to a certain degree, but not to the extent they can do with some single-game bets.

This is what a six-point NFL pleaser bet might look like:

Number of legsOdds

How to Place an NFL Pleaser Bet

Making a pleaser bet should be a breeze, especially once NFL bettors have acquired proper knowledge about the way such wagers work. As soon as they log into their gaming accounts, gambling aficionados should add the preferred number of teams to their betslip. As we said already, the maximum number of teams they will be allowed to add to their pleaser bet only depends on the sports betting platform they are using, but typically, the ceiling is six.

Once they pick the teams they want to add to their pleaser bet, gambling enthusiasts will be asked to pick the point values they want to benefit from. Keep in mind that choosing the point values will not always be an option as many sports betting platforms only offer six-point pleasers, and once punters add the preferred teams to their betslip, this number of points will automatically be taken off the offered lines.

No matter the case, it will be a breeze for gambling enthusiasts to determine by how many points the teams need to win or lose a game in order for their pleaser bet to hit.

Let’s assume that gambling enthusiasts want to wager on a match in which the Arizona Cardinals are playing the Carolina Panthers and another match in which Cleveland Browns are playing the Denver Broncos.

Arizona Cardinals+6.5
Carolina Panthers-6.5
Cleveland Browns-7.5
Denver Broncos+7.5

Depending on their preferences, punters might wish to place a point spread bet on Carolina Panthers, and if the team wins the game by more than seven points, they will get a payout. The same also applies to Cleveland Browns, and point spread bets placed on that team will be winning ones if they win the game by eight points at the least. If gambling enthusiasts make correct picks, their potential returns will not be that impressive, but the probability of their bets hitting will be considerably higher.

If they are eyeing juicer payouts, an alternative NFL bettors have is merely to add these two selections into a six-point pleaser bet. If this approach appeals to them more, punters will see that both point spreads will be shifted by six points against them. Thus, the Carolina Panthers will be required to win the match by 13 points in order for the selection to hit, while the Cleveland Browns will need to win the game by 14 points in order for the leg to win.

As punters can see, the outcomes will become less probable to occur, which is the reason why the offered potential returns will be substantially greater. Although punters’ potential returns will depend exclusively on the NFL betting site they are placing their bets at, they should expect to get a payout of around six times the amount they have put at a stake.

NFL Pleaser Bets Odds

If we compare a two-team teaser with a two-team NFL pleaser bet, punters will instantly notice that pleaser bets offer considerably greater payouts. Naturally, such bets are tougher to hit simply because of the extra points gambling enthusiasts are giving up on that add to the bookmakers’ sharp line.

It should be noted that the pleaser odds gambling enthusiasts will be presented with are unlikely to differ significantly between the NFL betting sites, which frequently happens with other wager types like moneylies, totals, or point spreads, for example. The two main factors that determine the pleaser betting odds are the number of selections punters have added to their multi-game bet and the number of points the spread is moved by.

Thus, punters will see how the odds increase when additional points are added to the spread, and this is so simply because making correct picks becomes more challenging when the shift in the spread is greater. In other words, a three-team NFL pleaser bet will have lower odds when compared to a pleaser, which contains five or six teams.

How Do Odds Change

As gambling enthusiasts already know, they will see the odds increase each time they add more selections to their pleaser bet simply because the likelihood of making a wrong pick increases with each new leg. Thus, a four-team pleaser bet will have lower odds when compared to a five-team pleaser bet, for example.

No matter whether punters are about to place a pleaser bet, or any other type of NFL wager, they are advised to first figure out how often their bet needs to win in order to turn out a profit. As likely as not, once they estimate the expected value of their bets, gambling enthusiasts will almost certainly notice that such bets are hard to win, and the profit is not as worthwhile as they might have expected, considering the risk.

It is important to note that although most pleaser bets have a negative expected value, it is not excluded to come across wagers that have a positive expected value, but this is rarely the case.

As with parlay and teaser bets, all selections punters add to their pleaser bet must win or end in a push in order to get a payout. While placing pleaser bets, NFL bettors should fasten their attention on the way ties are viewed. Depending on the sports betting site punters are placing their bets at, if they make a three-team pleaser and one of the selections ends in a push, they might ultimately end up placing a two-team teaser bet. There are also NFL betting sites that consider pushes as a loss, which means that punters’ pleaser bets will automatically lose as well.

When Pleaser Bets Are Worth Considering

As it turns out, gambling enthusiasts prefer to go for NFL pleaser bets when they think that the underdog deserves more credit than the bookmaker has introduced or when they consider that the favorite is given more credit than the team deserves. If punters are about to place a pleaser bet on an underdog, they should make sure that the team will be given three points at the most. Naturally, they should not rule out the possibility of the underdog winning the game.

When it comes to making pleaser bets on strong favorites, however, punters should check the spread to determine whether it is too small and the team can make short work of its opponent or it properly reflects the situation. Of course, it is also not excluded to place bets on games for which punters think that the spread is bigger than it should be. This might be exactly the case in games in which the favorite is expected to blow its relatively weak opponent out of the water.

Another occasion on which punters should consider making a pleaser bet is when they think that a strong favorite is playing, and they expect that the team will not achieve its full potential.

One of the main reasons why many experienced NFL bettors might advise total novices to steer clear of pleaser bets is that oftentimes, they will find other bet types that offer more advantageous lines. Thus, if gambling enthusiasts think that the team they are about to place a bet on is odds-on to do better than the bookmakers’ projections, making a moneyline and point spread are among the alternatives they should not rule out. Not only will the odds be better, but punters will not be required to stay with their fingers crossed to get a payout until the result of the last selection is determined.

Tips for Placing NFL Pleaser Bets

As we explained already, the most challenging part about placing NFL pleaser bets is to find wagers that have a positive expected value. If we have to be more precise, the pleaser bets with a positive expected value for the entire NFL season will be thin on the ground.

An important thing punters should bear in mind if they are about to get started with their pleaser bets is that keeping the staked amounts at the lower end of the spectrum is advisable until they learn the nuts and bolts of this wager type. Thus, even if NFL bettors decide to tune out and ignore the rules regarding such bets, their approach will not have such a harmful effect on their bankroll.

If NFL bettors want to give pleaser bets a chance, they should be aware that there are certain things they can do in order to reduce the increased advantage bookmakers will gain over them. First off, gambling enthusiasts are advised to avoid placing pleaser bets that cross the three-point threshold. What punters should keep in mind is that many NFL games are determined precisely within the three-point margin, which is to say that such pleaser bets are most likely to have a negative expected value and should be avoided.

As we mentioned already, the more selections NFL bettors add to their multi-game bet, the heftier the potential payouts will be. Of course, the risk they will need to run in such cases will skyrocket as well, which is the reason why pleaser bets are viewed as exceptionally poor wagers. Adding more legs to your pleaser bet indeed increases the edge the house has, but if you insist on placing such an NFL bet, it is advisable to merely go for two-team pleasers.

Many seasoned punters recommend total novices to place bets on two-digit underdogs as in this way, they will be more likely to find some valuable betting opportunities. Still, when pleaser bets are concerned, punters are advised to closely examine the odds of the teams and look for two-digit favorites.

NFL bettors might already know that three and seven are the most recurring winning margins, and for this reason, such point spreads should be avoided. The same also applies to strong favorites of -15 or greater for the simple reason that it is a common occurrence to see games in which only so many points are scored. Other common winning margins are 10, 14, 17, and 21.

When it comes to the winning margins we mentioned already, NFL bettors should know that avoiding all of them will not work to their advantage. The best thing they can do, however, is to avoid just one of these point spreads in the same selection.

Creating accounts at multiple NFL betting platforms is a must for gambling enthusiasts, no matter if pleaser bets are what they have on their minds or they prefer to stick with other wager types. Punters should remember that while the odds for pleaser and teaser bets might not vary as considerably as is the case with other wager types, the rules according to which such bets are made differ substantially between the various NFL betting sites. In order for punters to make sure that they will get the most out of their betting session, they should ensure that their bookie of choice has the most advantageous rules.

Of course, having accounts at multiple NFL betting sites also makes it possible to check which bookmaker offers the best prices for the game punters want to have a flutter on. If gambling enthusiasts want to make a regular and consistent profit, they should invariably capitalize even on the slightest difference in the odds. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.