Betting on sports can be an exciting and lucrative undertaking, and punters who want to maximize their returns are constantly on the lookout for different strategies and betting methods. The choice of approaches is indeed wide, and depending on their level of knowledge and experience, punters can go for more straightforward or complex betting methods.

Matched betting is a strategy NFL bettors might have already heard of, and it might suit the preferences of punters who are looking to get some guaranteed prizes. While sticking to this betting strategy, gambling aficionados will be required to place two bets on the same event, and by covering all possible outcomes, they effectively make it a sure thing that they will get a payout. While using this betting technique, NFL bettors will make the most out of the free bets and other bonus deals bookmakers introduce as part of their rewards systems.

NFL bettors should keep in mind that no betting strategy or system is unfailingly effective, and this also applies to matched betting. Even though the risk avid sports bettors will need to take will be rather small, they should keep in mind that it cannot be eliminated altogether. This is not to say that matched betting will not do the trick for avid sports bettors, but they should not rely exclusively on this method to get the coveted payouts.

How to Use Matched Betting when Wagering on the NFL

Matched betting is also known as no-risk wagering or bonus-hunting, and this strategy can be used by casino fans and sports bettors alike. Many NFL bettors prefer to use this betting method because it promises to improve their success rate by providing consistent wins.

In fact, matched betting is a low-risk form of placing wagers on the NFL and other sports and leagues that offers guaranteed profit using the bonus incentives gaming operators introduce. More specifically, punters will be required to make several bets on the same event, and use some of the bonus funds they have already redeemed to cover one of the stakes they make.

What NFL Matched Betting Involves

Punters who are not familiar with the matched betting technique need to know that it involves placing wagers on both sides of a possible outcome, meaning that they will win, whatever the game outcome is. Thus, if we take as an example an NFL game, punters who want to make a moneyline bet will simply be required to place a wager that one of the teams will win and another wager that this team will lose. As likely as not, at first, this approach might not make much sense to gambling enthusiasts, but they can have the full confidence that if they use this betting technique correctly, they are sure to get a payout.

As we said earlier, if NFL bettors want to give this betting strategy a shot, they will need to make use of the bonus funds they will be awarded upon registration or down the line. The special incentives first-timers and regular users might be allowed to claim can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most frequently offered bonus deals are deposit matches and free bets.

Thus, the first thing punters will need to do before they start using the betting method is to find an NFL betting site where a free bet or a match bonus is awarded. Keep in mind that each betting site has its bonus-related terms and conditions, and for this reason, it is a must for gambling enthusiasts to get familiar with the operator’s bonus policy.

On most occasions, in order for NFL bettors to activate the free bets, they will be required to move some funds to their gaming balance and put a preset amount at a stake. While making their qualifying bet on their game of choice, punters should pay close attention to their potential return, as well as their profit.

So, what NFL matched betting is all about? While using this strategy, punters will merely place two opposite bets on an NFL game at two betting platforms. Thus, they will place their back wager at a regular sports betting site, while the lay bet will be wrapped up at a betting exchange. As punters might already know, betting exchanges are designed to connect gambling enthusiasts who want to back bets with those that want to lay bets.

By using the services of two platforms, one of the bets gambling aficionados make will win while the other one will lose, meaning that ultimately, they will break even. Yet, such an approach will not work to the advantage of punters, and in order to finish ahead, they will make use of the bonus deals bookmakers offer to their users.

In order for NFL bettors to use the matched betting technique, they will need to find two similar betting opportunities for the game they want to have a flutter on. While using this betting method, gambling enthusiasts should make sure that they will place their wagers at close back and lay odds. In this way, NFL bettors will be able to maximize their profit and reduce their losses to a minimum.

Things might seem more complicated when the time comes to make the lay bet. Simply put, when gambling enthusiasts lay a bet, they will need to act like a bookmaker and will take bets at agreed odds. Thus, if the bet wins, they will be responsible for the winnings, and if the bet loses, they will collect the staked amount. What punters should bear in mind, however, is that when the outcome does not come about, they will be required to pay a commission to the betting exchange. By laying a bet on a team, NFL bettors place a wager against that team winning the game, which is to say that they will lose money if the team triumphs in the game.

In order for NFL bettors to lay bets, they will be required to use the services of one of the betting exchanges available out there. This is required simply because standard sports betting platforms only allow their users to make back bets or wagers that something will come about. The first bet NFL bettors will make while using this technique is also known as a qualifying one because it makes them eligible for the free bet the bookmaker offers.

What Parts Matched Bets Have

As we explained already, matched bets have two halves, a back bet and a lay bet. The back bet is the wager NFL bettors make on the outcome to take place, and the most important thing about the back bet is that it is placed using the bonus funds punters have claimed. Gambling aficionados might place a wager that the Carolina Panthers will win a game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This will be their back bet, and if the Carolina Panthers win the game, punters will collect a payout based on the staked amount and the odds at which they have placed their wager. Naturally, if their pick is not correct, NFL bettors will lose the amount they have put at a stake.

Avid sports bettors should remember that not all betting markets will do the trick while using the matched betting strategy. Most seasoned NFL bettors advise going for moneyline or over/under bets, but not all of them agree on whether point spread bets should be placed.

The lay bet is the second half of the matched betting technique, and as we mentioned earlier, this wager is placed against an outcome, or in other words, this is a bet punter’s place that an event will not come about. Thus, punters will lay a bet in order to deal with the risk they will need to face when backing an NFL wager. All risks are removed by laying and backing all possible outcomes in a game, which is how punters guarantee themselves a profit.

Punters should bear in mind that not all NFL games will be suitable for using the matched betting strategy. As we said already, in order to minimize their losses, punters should ensure that the odds at which they will place their bets will be as close as possible. Besides, they will need funds in order to trigger the free bet, as well as enough money to lay their bet.

How to Place an NFL Matched Bet

As punters are already familiar with the intricacies of NFL matched bets, they are all set up to use the betting strategy. Once they have found an NFL betting platform, which offers worthwhile special deals, they should use some of the bonus funds they have earned to make their back bet on the game they are eyeing.

What they need to do next is find another betting platform, which offers odds for the same game. It is worth noting that some seasoned punters consider that it will be best if NFL bettors find the exact same for each side, but if they make their picks at slightly different odds, they will stand the chance to win both bets.

Let’s assume that gambling enthusiasts have decided to bet on a game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills. Punters decide to place their qualifying bet on the Baltimore Ravens, and the odds their preferred bookmaker has introduced are 1.53. Let’s suppose that NFL bettors have claimed a $50 free bet bonus and they will use the bonus cash for their back bet. In this case, punters’ potential returns will be $76.5.

What gambling enthusiasts need to do next is to estimate the amount they will need for their lay bet for the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills. Let’s assume that the lay odds are 1.57, while the commission of the exchange is 0.02. NFL bettors will need to use the following equation in order to determine the optimal stake amount.

Back odds / (lay odds – exchange juice) x back stake

1.53 / (1.57 – 0.02) x $50 = $49.35

While calculating the amount they will use to make their lay bet, NFL bettors should also estimate their liability. In simple terms, this is the amount punters will risk when placing their wagers, and this amount will be taken away from their balance if the bet loses. In order to figure out what amount they need to have in the balance of their exchange account, they need to use the following equation:

(Lay odds -1) x back bet amount

(1.57 – 1) x 50 = $37.50

Before they make a lay bet, NFL bettors might also want to calculate their potential profit if their bet wins. In order to figure this out, punters need to use this equation:

Lay stake x (1- exchange commission)
In our example that would be $49.35 x (1 – 0.02) = $48.36

EventOddsPotential returns
Odds of the Baltimore Ravens winning (sportsbook)1.531.53 x $50 = $76.5
Odds of the Baltimore Ravens don’t win the game (betting exchange)1.57Optimal bet amount – 1.53 / (1.57 – 0.02) x $50 = $49.35
Potential profit – $49.35 x (1 – 0.02) = $48.36

Is Matched Betting a Risk-Free NFL Strategy

In spite of the fact that many NFL bettors are tempted by the idea to give the matched betting technique a shot because it promises to bring them guaranteed returns, they should first consider the risks its usage might have. As it turns out, many punters think that this is a zero-risk betting strategy, but this is not exactly the case, as making a mistake with the calculations is indeed not out of the question. Keep in mind that even the slightest miscalculation might eat up your potential wins and your bankroll. Remember that using the match betting technique requires great attention to detail, as well as plenty of time, which might put off many sports bettors.

In addition to this, NFL bettors should also make sure that they fully understand the terms and conditions that are related to the bonus deal they are about to redeem, especially the fine print, which has to do with turnover requirements.

On some occasions, punters might be unable to keep up with the betting technique because they have not managed to place a second wager. This might be the case if the market is suspended or if they experience any technical issues, for example. Seeing the odds change when you are on the verge of placing your second wager is yet another scenario NFL bettors should not overlook because, if this comes about, they will be unable to continue using the strategy.

Another reason why some NFL bettors prefer to steer clear of the matched betting technique is that they might have their gaming accounts limited or even closed. Even though this is not such a common occurrence, punters should be prepared that this might happen as some operators view this betting method as bonus abuse, which is strictly against their rules. Another punishment that might be imposed on NFL bettors is to get banned from taking part in any special incentives the sportsbook might introduce.

Many seasoned bettors consider that matched betting is not worth the effort because the offered returns will not be that eye-catching, especially considering how much time they will need to invest and what precision is needed. This betting technique might be more suitable for punters who want to make sure that they will get frequent wins but is unlikely to measure up to the requirements of NFL bettors who want to snatch juicy payouts.

Lastly, using the matched betting technique is by no means the most exciting way to place bets on the NFL or on any other league or sport. If punters ascribe great significance to the thrill factor, they might not be keen on consistently placing wagers on the same team to win and lose a game.

At the end of the day, it is up to punters to decide if matched betting will do the trick for them, whether the time and the effort are worth the returns they will hopefully collect. What they should remember is that, on some occasions, finding bets that offer value might be a much better alternative because the payouts might be more considerable. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.