Sports betting has significantly evolved since the days when the sole option for punters was wagering on a limited number of standard bet markets. Football Accumulator Betting has been widely embraced by thousands of sports fans around the globe. It is a form of betting, enabling them to combine several selections into a single wager to receive a larger return compared to that of standard bets.

Betting on accumulators has the potential to generate high winnings even from small wagers, yet there are intricacies involved. As bettors probably already know, to win their accumulators, they should predict correctly all of the outcomes of their bets. Should a single selection lets them down, the whole wager loses.

We have all heard some inspirational success stories of punters staking negligible amounts of money and receiving substantial profits, however, these are a rare phenomenon. There is a multitude of tips on football accumulator betting and ways to improve your betting records. To win consistently from football accumulators, it is of vital importance for bettors to understand how they work and identify the good value offers.

Some of the leading betting brands put forward a promotion called Acca Insurance. In the current publication, we are going to concentrate on what Acca Insurance is and how it can help bettors in the process of winning more Accumulator Bets.

Acca Insurance Explained

Punters intending to incorporate Accumulator Betting into their strategy should be aware of all the benefits of Acca Insurance promotions. Getting one is an absolute must when betting on football accumulators. Acca Insurance is a valuable tool, enabling punters to get their stake refunded (in the form of free bets, bonuses, and, more rarely, money) if just a single selection of their accumulator bet fails them.

Thus bettors who enjoy regular accumulator betting can have a substantial portion of their funds back. Not all Acca Insurance offers are made equal, and each has its own terms and conditions, which bettors should adhere to.

General Conditions

Bettors should make sure they refer to the terms and conditions of Acca Insurance Promotions to place qualifying bets. In the majority of cases, the related conditions are similar. Qualifying bets typically have a minimum number of selections. Most commonly, they are set to five selections. Usually, there is also a lower limit for the odds per selection.

Some bookies impose a minimum stake amount of original wagers to trigger the promotion. Football’s presence in these promotions is almost ubiquitous, however, some operators limit the sports disciplines where they can be used. The same holds true for the betting markets. Typically, sportsbooks clearly state the bet types that are eligible for their Acca insurance promotions.

Punters should note that as per the conditions of some offers, cashed-out accumulator bets do not apply. Some bookies impose requirements on the payment methods used and the origin country of users who may apply for this type of bonus.

Yet another important condition refers to the validity of the refunded free bets. They usually expire after several days. As with most Acca Insurance promos, the selections of the qualifying accumulator bet must be placed and settled on the same day.

The Way Refunds Are Paid

As we already mentioned, punters who have opted for Acca Insurance and their accumulator bets lose by a single selection, receive their stakes back rather in the form of free bets, than a cash refund.

The value of the refunded free bets usually matches the value of the original stake, up to a certain amount. For example, let us assume that as per the conditions of an Acca Insurance promotion, stakes are refunded up to €20. If a punter has wagered €30 on a 5-fold accumulator bet, and it fails by a single selection, the value of the refunded free bets cannot exceed €20, as stated in the terms and conditions of the promotion. Checking the maximum allowable value of the refunded free bets before placing an accumulator bet is important to make sure that we can use our funds for future wagers, albeit in the form of free bets.

When used subsequently, returns from free bets do not include the original stakes. This condition is typically applied to free bets as a whole.

A Guide to Opting for Acca Insurance

We are now going to deliver a step-by-step guide to the process of opting for an Acca Insurance offer.

  1. Compare offers and check conditions

    As a first step, punters interested in football accumulator bets should review and compare the Acca Insurance offers delivered by several operators to figure out which one they would like to use. A good idea would be to check the conditions, which should be met, in order to place a qualifying bet.

    Let us assume that the Acca Insurance offer, which we have picked has the following conditions:

    • A minimum of 5 selections
    • Minimum stake of €10.00
    • Maximum stake of €20.00
    • Minimum odds of 1.50 per selection
    • Bonus matching bet up to €20.00 in free bets in case one of the selections loses
    • Free bets expire in 7 days
  2. Make your selections

    Secondly, bettors should make their selections of football betting markets. As we already stated, most bookies limit the number of minimum selections to 5, and some impose restrictions on the betting markets. Let us assume that we pick the following 5 teams from the English Premier League to build our accumulator bet:

    EPL League / MatchSelectionStakeWinning or Losing selectionOutcome if Acca Insurance is not presentOutcome if Acca Insurance is present
    1Tottenham vs BrightonTottenham to win at odds of 1.52€10.00WinPunters lose their stake of €10.00.Punters receive their €10.00 stake back in the form of free bets.
    2Southampton vs ArsenalArsenal to win at odds of 1.95Win
    3Watford vs BrentfordBrentford to win at odds of 2.50Lose
    4Newcastle vs LeicesterNewcastle to win at odds of 2.20Win
    5West Ham vs BurnleyWest Ham to win at odds of 1.71Win
  3. Check outcomes

    As per the conditions of our selected Acca Insurance promotion, we have made a stake conforming to the requirements. As a result, let us assume that 4 of our selections turn out to be correct, and only one fails us.

  4. Get your stake back if a single selection fails you

    Provided that we did not opt for the promotion, we would lose our initial €10.00 stake. However, taking advantage of this bonus and complying with its conditions ensures bettors will take their initial €10.00 stake back. Thus, they will be able to use the bonus funds for future wagers.


Accumulator bets are mostly enjoyed by punters due to the chance of winning considerable profits with small stakes. The Acca-related bonuses of sportsbooks reduce the risks of these bets and allow punters to have another go if they wish. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.