BTTS markets, more commonly known as Both Teams To Score, deliver football betting aficionados with some thrilling opportunities. This market can be encountered also under the name of Goal-No Goal or Goal/Goal across the different interactive sportsbooks. As its name suggests, punters are betting on whether both opposing teams are going to score a goal in the course of the game. So, for their bet to land, they do not need to pick the winner of the match.

This market usually occupies one of the uppermost positions in the bookmakers’ listings of available betting options for any football event. Taking into consideration the fact that the more goals there are in a football game, the more attractive it gets, it is no wonder that this bet type is a very popular choice.

To provide a better idea of this much sought-after football betting market, we will explain in detail the way it functions, along with some proper examples and further tips on some successful betting strategies.

Both Teams to Score Football Betting Explained

You may be wondering why Both Teams to Score is an extremely popular betting market. Compared to other football markets, it often features more attractive pricing, varying on average between 1.90 and 2.00, which has the potential to bring some substantial profits.

According to football statistics, approximately 51% of all matches end with both teams scoring a goal. By choosing the proper football strategy, punters will be able to identify the best football games for Both Teams To Score market.

To win Both Teams To Score bet, the match should end with both teams scoring at least one goal. Punters can also opt for the other option where they bet that either both or one of the teams will not score a goal.

As long as both of the opposing teams have managed to score a minimum of one goal, the final score is irrelevant. So, no matter if the final score is 1:1 or 3:1, your wager would be a successful one


In the table below, we provide as examples three football matches from the English Premier League and the relevant odds available for Both Teams To Score market from different interactive bookmakers.

Both Teams To Score Football Bet Market
Crystal Palace FC vs
Manchester City FC
Yes 2.1No 1.69
Arsenal FC vs
Liverpool FC
Yes 1.61No 2.23
Everton FC vs Newcastle United FCYes 1.72No 2.05

As we can see from the table, the options with this betting market are two – Yes or No, consequently the chances of placing a winning wager increase to 50%.

In case bettors decide to go for the second option, i.e. No, they are actually placing a bet that either both of the teams or at least one of the teams will not score a goal.

The rules of bet markets vary across different online bookmakers but there are some universally valid principles. Extra time and penalties are not included in the timeframe of the Both Teams To Score bet market. The regular 90 minutes plus injury time count towards this market.

Tips For Making Successful Both Teams to Score Bets

If you want to incorporate Both Teams to Score bet markets into your betting style, then you should follow several guidelines, which will enhance your potential for making winning selections.

  1. You may easily find the most suitable matches by relying on football statistics. Many online sources deliver this kind of information. A good starting point would be searching for a team that has a decent away record. When thinking about the BTTS markets, you should be on the lookout for teams who score even when they lose. We can have a look at the statistical information available for the six teams from the above-mentioned example.
    Statistical information on football teams from the English Premier League
    Matches PlayedNumber of games where both teams have scoredBTTS %Home %Away %
    Crystal Palace FC281554%64%43%
    Manchester City FC281036%29%43%
    Arsenal FC261038%43%33%
    Liverpool FC281139%36%43%
    Everton FC261350%46%54%
    Newcastle United FC281864%71%57%

    So, if we consider the situation with the first team from our table, Crystal Palace FC, we will see that out of 28 matches played by the team, 15 resulted in both teams scoring a goal, or in 54% of all cases. As far as the home and away records are concerned, we note that Crystal Palace FC has 64% home wins and 43% away wins.

    In comparison, Newcastle United FC has a better Away record (57%), meaning that they offer a better chance when it comes to placing a Both Teams To Score wager.

  2. Attacking and defensive qualities of both teams

    Yet another useful tip to consider is to look for teams that feature strong attacks and weak defense. So, a factor of essential importance would be to check the current attacking and defensive qualities of both teams.

  3. Combining Several Both Teams To Score Bets into an Accumulator Bet

    Bettors are oftentimes tempted to combine several Both Teams To Score bet markets into a single accumulator bet. Although it is a lot riskier alternative, it has the potential to bring a more sizeable profit, as the odds of the separate markets are multiplied.

    So, if punters choose to bet on Both Teams To Score market and combine the three matches between Crystal Palace vs Manchester City, Arsenal FC vs Liverpool FC, and Everton FC vs Newcastle United, into a three-leg Accumulator bet, then their profit would be a hefty one, as long as the three selections are correct. By multiplying the odds of all three selections, we can easily calculate that a stake of €10 would bring a potential profit of €58.15 (2.1*1.61*1.72=Total odds of 5.81532).

  4. Combining Both Teams to Score with Match Winner Market

    The combination of Both Teams To Score and Match Winner markets is yet another popular option for bettors to maximize their potential winnings. For this wager to be a successful one, the team backed by you should concede at least one goal and score a minimum of two goals.

  5. It is also worth noting that Both Teams To Score markets are quite popular when it comes to live betting. Odds are adjusted in line with the matches’ development.

Final Words

As we can see from the above examples, there are different options to combine Both Teams To Score wagers into more lucrative combinations. No matter which one you choose, or you decide to go for a single bet, you should not forget to check the available statistics, team news, and home/away performances to be able to make well-grounded and informed decisions. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.