If you are interested in betting on goals then, most probably, you have already heard of Anytime Goalscorer bets. Such wagers are placed on a player to score at any given point within the regulation time of football matches. This bet type contributes a great deal to the variety of options available at bookmakers and has the potential to bring a lot of fun and some decent profits.

As per standard practices, Anytime Goalscorer bets span the duration of the regular 90 minutes of football matches, including injury time and excluding extra time and penalties. Own goals are not counted upon bet settlement. The rules of Anytime Goalscorer markets vary across different bookmakers, so checking them prior to placing the bets is of essential importance.

Goalscorer Betting Explained

Unlike the First Goalscorer and Last Goalscorer bet types, with Anytime Goalscorer markets, the consecutiveness of the goal scored by your selected player does not have a bearing on the success of the wager. No matter if it is the first goal or the last goal in the football match, your bet is a winner, as long as your selected player scores against the opponent.


Due to their broader character, Anytime Goalscorer markets usually have less advantageous prices in comparison to First and Last Goalscorer markets. Let us now have a look at some of the Anytime Goalscorer markets available for a match in the Bundesliga between Bayern Munich and Union Berlin.

Bundesliga Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin
Anytime GoalscorerOdds
Lewandowski, Robert/Bayern Munich1.25
Choupo-Moting, Eric Maxim/Bayern MunichM1.95
Choupo-Moting, Eric Maxim/Bayern Munich1.95
Gnabry, Serge/Bayern Munich2.75
Sabitzer, Marcel/Bayern Munich5.50
Sule, Niklas/Bayern Munich15.00
Awoniyi, Taiwo/Union Berlin4.50
Behrens, Kevin/Union Berlin5.50
Ujah, Anthony/Union Berlin6.50
Oztunali, Levin/Union Berlin10.00
Ryerson, Julian/Union Berlin15.00

As usual, the relevant odds for the First and Last Goalscorer markets for the same football players are twice as high in comparison to the prices for the Anytime Goalscorer market. This tendency can be illustrated by examining the odds for First, Last, and Anytime Goalscorer markets for three of Bayern Munich’s top performing players:

GoalscorerFirst Goalscorer MarketLast Goalscorer MarketAnytime Goalscorer Market
Lewandowski, Robert2.652.651.25
Choupo-Moting, Eric Maxim4.004.001.95
Gnabry, Serge6.006.002.75

Tips on Anytime Goalscorer Market

As with any other betting market, punters can increase their chances of landing successful Anytime Goalscorer bets by following a certain strategy and guidelines.

  1. Bettors should read carefully the terms and conditions of their selected betting operator and see if there are any specifics related to the Anytime Goalscorer market.
  2. Those new to Goalscorer markets and football betting as a whole are advised to start with smaller stakes. Furthermore, they may search for some Free Bet sportsbook offers. Bookies often deliver enhanced odds on premier championships. Overall, bettors should always look for the best value available for this market.
  3. Punters who have backed a player who does not play at all will have their stakes returned.
  4. Apart from keeping a close eye on prolific players, punters should pay attention to goal-scoring midfielders, as they provide better value to this market. While players leading the scorer’s charts are the obvious favorites and have better chances of scoring, their odds will be naturally less advantageous than those of the others.
  5. In order to place Anytime Goalscorer bets in an informed and knowledgeable manner, punters should rely on statistics and pay special attention to players’ current form, home and away records, and past matches.
  6. The state of the opponent’s defense is yet another factor having a direct impact on Anytime Goalscorer markets.

Bet Combinations

Some bookmakers provide excellent opportunities to combine Anytime Goalscorer bets with other markets from the same football match.

Anytime Goalscorer & 1×2 Bets

A possible combination offered by some online sportsbooks is one where punters bet on an Anytime Goalscorer and the match result, whereby the odds are higher. If we take as an example the same match from the Bundesliga, we may have a look at some of the possible combinations and prices.

Bundesliga Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin
Anytime Goalscorer1x2
Lewandowski, Robert Bayern Munich1.4219.0041.00
Choupo-Moting, Eric Maxim Bayern Munich2.1134.0081.00
Awoniyi, Taiwo Union Berlin6.2523.0026.00
Ujah, Anthony Union Berlin8.2534.0034.00

Anytime Goalscorer & Correct Score

The combination of Anytime Goalscorer markets with a Correct Score bet is yet another opportunity. Based on the selection of a goalscorer (in our case Anytime Goalscorer) and a correct result, bookies offer different odds. Let’s see some of the possible combinations:

Bundesliga Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin
Anytime GoalscorerCorrect ScoreOdds
Lewandowski, Robert/Bayern Munich3:113.00
Choupo-Moting, Eric Maxim Bayern Munich2:126.00
Awoniyi, Taiwo Union Berlin2:181.00
Ujah, Anthony Union Berlin2:1101.00


Betting on Anytime Goalscorer markets can be a fun and lucrative football betting endeavor. Due to the broader nature of Anytime Goalscorer markets, punters are kept interested till the end of the football match.

On account of the lower degree of risk associated with this bet type, the odds are traditionally lower compared to the First and Last Goalscorer markets. Punters may venture into some lucrative combination bets to increase their expected profits and extract better value from their stakes.

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