With about 3.5 billion devotees around the world, football captivates a huge number of betting fans as well. Due to their nature, some sports offer limited betting alternatives, but that is definitely not the case with football. According to some statistics, football accounts for approximately 60% of all sports bets. One of the basic reasons why football betting has taken the world by storm is the profusion of bet markets.

Betting on the full-time result of a football game is the most common way to go about football wagering. There are several different subcategories of betting markets, which we will look into in further detail. They include the 1×2 bet market, Double Chance, Draw No Bet, Handicap Betting, Asian Handicap Betting, and Correct Score.

Football Full-Time Result Bet Markets

We will cover the main types of full-time result bets in further detail below, along with relevant examples, so bettors can comprehend their specifics more easily. The tables below illustrate the bet markets’ specifics along with bookmakers’ odds expressed in a Decimal format. Based on the available odds and the amount of the stake, we will also review what the potential payouts are.

The 1×2 Bet Market

Ever since football betting exists, the most popular way to bet on football has been the 1×2 bet market, also called the win-draw-win market. Bettors need to wager on one of the three possible outcomes of a football match – a home win, away win or draw.

To better understand the specifics of the market, punters may have a look at the table below, illustrating the three possible outcomes of a football match, as well as the potential payouts for each of them.

1X2 BetOddsStakeTotal potential profit
/returned stake and profit/
Home Win / Liverpool1.28€10€12.80
Away Win / West Ham9.50€10€95.00

As we can see from the table, the three possible outcomes result in three different potential payouts. If a punter stakes €10 on a Home Win, at odds of 1.28, the potential payout would be €12.80, including the initial stake. A €10 wager on an Away win would be far more lucrative, although not as highly probable, as the odds of 9.50 suggest, bringing a total return of €95.00, including the stake. A match ending with the two teams scoring an equal number of goals would bring punters a payout of €52.50, at odds of 5.25 and a €10 stake.

As the odds suggest, the obvious favorite here, Liverpool has better chances to win the match, but not all football games are easy to predict or their odds mirror the precise chances of both teams. Bettors should be aware of several factors influencing the outcome of any football match and read beyond the prices posted by bookmakers.

Double Chance

The next subtype of full-time result bet, the Double Chance, does not involve a great degree of risk, but ultimately brings a lower profit. As its name suggests, punters have two chances to enjoy a successful wager. They are supposed to choose two out of the three possible outcomes of a football match, and if one of their selections is correct, their bet wins. They may go for a Home win or Draw, an Away win or Draw, or for a Home win or Away win.

If we take the same football match from the example above, we will again examine three different outcomes, but the chances of punters placing a winning wager will be increased at the expense of lower prices offered by the bookmaker.

Double ChanceOddsStakeTotal potential profit
/returned stake and profit/
Home Win / Liverpool / or Draw1.07€10€10.70
Away Win / West Ham / or Draw3.45€10€34.50
Home Win / Liverpool / or Away Win / West Ham /1.16€10€11.60

By looking at the first possible scenario, if a bettor places a €10 wager on Liverpool or Draw, they will be successful if the match ends in a win for Liverpool, or if both teams score an equal number of goals. Consequently, at odds of 1.07 and a €10 stake, the potential profit from this wager would be €10.70, including the initial stake.

Similarly, a €10 wager on West Ham or Draw will bring a profit both if the underdog wins the match, and if it ends in a draw. If punters choose the third option, to back both teams, their wager will be correct irrespective of the winner.

Due to the lower degree of risk associated with the Double Chance markets, the potential profits are much lower than the ones bettors stand to win with the 1×2 markets.

Draw No Bet

The Draw No Bet is yet another example of a lower-risk wager. With this market, punters should simply select a winner out of the two teams. They receive their stake back in case the match ends in a draw, hence the name of the betting market.

Draw No BetOddsStakeTotal potential profit
/returned stake and profit/
Home Win / Liverpool /1.07€10€10.70
Away Win / West Ham /7.25€10€72.50

Bettors who have chosen to back the favorite by placing a €10 wager, will have a net profit of €0.70, or €10.70, in total, including the initial stake. A match resulting in an Away team win would make this wager a losing one.

Backing the Away team, West Ham is riskier but would bring a much higher potential profit, amounting to €72.50, including the initial stake. And again, a Home team win would render this wager an unsuccessful one.

Handicap Bets

The three full-time result bet markets that we have reviewed so far are quite simple to grasp. Handicap betting, on the other hand, poses more challenges for making a successful bet and, generally, appeals to more experienced bettors. However, this does not mean that novice bettors should not familiarize themselves with the specifics of the market and consequently take advantage of it.

Handicap bet markets are designed to even out the chances of winning of both teams. This is especially true when one of the football opponents greatly outperforms the other. Bettors are rarely intrigued by matches featuring a big difference between the odds for the possible selections. Teams that are heavily favored to win offer great chances for making a successful wager, but the potential returns are usually negligibly small.

On the other hand, teams considered underdogs, most commonly have rather profitable odds, but also very small chances of winning. Hence, we may discern the potential of Handicap bets, which provide the underdog with a virtual advantage over the favorite. The latter is handicapped, thus leveling out the chances of both teams.

There are two main types of Handicap bets – European and Asian. The European Handicap bets are also referred to as three-way handicaps. They offer three potential betting options – a win, draw, and loss. With the Asian Handicap bet markets, the Draw is not possible.

Let us provide an example of an Asian Handicap bet using the same Premier League match – Liverpool vs. West Ham.

Asian HandicapOddsStakeTotal potential profit
/returned stake and profit/
Liverpool -1.51.75€10€17.50
West Ham +1.51.88€10€18.80

Liverpool is given a goal handicap of -1.5, while West Ham has a goal headstart of +1.5, and there is a slight difference in the odds for the two teams – 1.75 for Liverpool, and 1.88 for West Ham. To place a successful bet, punters should take into consideration the teams’ respective handicaps and advantages. By eliminating the possibility of an outcome ending in a draw, the Asian handicap bet requires choosing between a Home win or an Away win.

In case bettors choose to back Liverpool here, they would need to win the match by at least 2 goals. Even if they won the match by a single goal, the bet would not be successful. The other way around, if punters choose to back West Ham, the wager would be successful even if they lost the match by a single goal due to the applied handicap of +1.5 goal headstart. If the match ends in a draw, punters will have their stakes refunded.

Correct Score

A rather challenging market, the Correct Score bet market, has the potential to bring some decent profits to punters who have succeeded in guessing precisely the outcome of a football match. Since this is quite a difficult task to accomplish, the prices offered by bookmakers are adjusted accordingly. The odds are much more beneficial in comparison to lower-risk markets such as Double Chance and Draw No Bet.

Bookmakers typically offer several correct scores for each of the game’s possible outcomes – Home win, Draw, and Away win. In the table below, punters have the chance to review and compare the odds and the potential total returns of several Correct Score markets.

Correct Score
Home Win / Liverpool / DrawAway Win / West Ham /
ScoreOddsStakeTotal returnScoreOddsStakeTotal returnScoreOddsStakeTotal return

Some bookmakers even offer the so-called Multi Bet Correct Score markets, each of them containing more than one option for guessing the correct score of a match.


Based on this overview of the different full-time result football bet markets, we can conclude that the risk exposure has a direct impact on the odds offered by bookmakers and the potential profit. If punters aim to bet in a knowledgeable manner and plan to stick to football betting for a longer period they should invest some time in getting to know the various bet markets, along with the host of available information for the specific football leagues they are interested in.

Although successful football betting requires a certain degree of luck, the greater portion of winning bets results from in-depth research of the available statistics and factors impacting the games’ outcome.

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