As far as Over/Under markets are concerned, football betting fans can place wagers on the total number of goals, corners, and cards in a single football event. Since Corners and Cards bets have marked a significant rise in popularity in recent years, we will pay due attention to these thrilling markets. Available both in pre-match and in-play betting, these bet types present some unique options.

Finding value and discerning discrepancies in the odds offered for these special markets have the potential to bring some sizable profits in comparison to traditional markets such as standard match bets.

Corner Betting Explained

In this section of the article, we will concentrate on the specifics of Corner Betting, the types of Corner bets, as well as some useful tips.

Corner betting markets can bring some considerable winnings, especially if bettors are intent on exploring the in-play markets. This wager type has attracted a great deal of attention particularly due to the relatively lucrative odds. To pick the best corner markets, both for live and pre-match betting, punters should analyze teams in-depth by relying on team statistics, including recent form and style of play.

In Corner betting, punters predict the number of corners to be taken in the course of a football match or the teams taking the corners. There are also options for betting on the number of corners awarded in both halves of the match. Furthermore, you may place a bet on the team to get the first or the last corner in the game. With Corner betting, the match result, and the number of goals scored have no bearing on the success of wagers.

Types of Corner Bets

  1. Total CornersThe first type of Corner betting is the Total Corners market, where punters bet on the total number of corners awarded in a football match. Let’s see how this market is priced and what the available options are. Some bookies offer also Alternative Corners lines.
    World Cup Qualifying Portugal vs Turkey Total Corners
    Total CornersOdds
    Under 69.00
    Over 1411.00

    Odds are also offered for the total number of Corners shot by both teams.

    Team Corners
    Over 6.5 / 2.00Under 6.5 / 1.72Over 2.5 / 1.71Under 2.5 / 2.00
  2. Corner race – First toWith the Corner race markets, punters bet on the team to perform a certain number of corners in a row. This could be 3, 5, 7, 9, and so on, as we will see in the example provided in the table below. If your selected team shoots the selected number of corners first, then your bet wins.
    Corners Race

    Bettors may also opt for markets where they select the number of corners to be shot within the first 10 minutes of football matches.

    First 10 Minutes (00:00-09:59)
    Corners0.5 / 1.570.5 / 2.25

    Other options related to the timing of corners are the First match corner and the Last match corner. As their names suggest, punters should select the team to be awarded the first corner in the match, and respectively, the last one.

    First Match Corner
    Portugal 1.30Turkey 3.40
    Last Match Corner
    Portugal 1.30Turkey 3.40
  3. Handicap Corner BetsWith the Handicap Corner markets, a team is either awarded a head start or disadvantaged by a certain number of corners. Similar to the handicap rules applied to match-winner markets, teams expected to shoot more corners in a match are handicapped, and thus any disparity between the opponents is leveled out. Below, we have listed some of the available Handicap Corner bet markets for the same match from the FIFA World Cup qualification.
    Handicap Corner BetsPortugalTieTurkey
    Corner Handicap-4 / 2.25+4 / 8.00+4 / 1.83
    Asian Handicap Corners-3.5 / 1.90+3.5 / 1.90
    Asian Total Corners 9.5Over 1.975Under 1.825
    First Half Asian Corners 4.5Over 1.950Under 1.850

    If we look at the Asian Handicap Corners bet market from our table above, punters willing to place a bet on -3.5 corner kicks for Portugal are going to win if this team is awarded at least 4 corner kicks over Turkey.

Card Betting Explained

Yet another option available to bettors who want to explore the special markets is betting on the number of yellow and red cards in a football match. It may seem peculiar to the average bettor, but in fact, this market may be very profitable.

Similar to Corner betting, Card betting is not impacted by the match result. Punters place wagers on the number of yellow and red cards shown to teams and individual players. Football matches available for in-play betting deliver some thrilling opportunities for fans of card betting. Punters can profit considerably if they make insightful interpretations of football matches and swift decisions, based on the way the game is unfolding in real-time.

Many are inclined to think that card betting is largely dependent on luck. Indeed, there may be a small degree of luck involved in those markets, however, the long-term profits from them ensue from reading statistics and making smart analyses. This is essential for Card betting markets. Punters usually rely on a number of indicators, related to both teams, such as Tackles per game, Fouls per game, and Cards per game.

The referee is yet another important factor to consider for Card betting markets. Although association football is governed by universal rules, there are many subjectively-based decisions in any football match, which have a direct impact on the number of yellow and red cards shown by the referee.

Card Betting Types

Essentially, there are two basic types of Card Betting wagers. The first one concerns individual players and the second one – the whole team.

  1. Card Betting on Individual PlayersWhen betting on individual players, punters should have a solid knowledge not only of the player they have selected but also of the opponents and the way they usually interact in football matches. The positions within the team are also to be taken into consideration, as center backs, for example, tend to be booked more often than players occupying other positions. Other factors worth examining for card betting markets on individual players are their booking frequency and discipline.In the table below, we have included some of the Card betting markets available for individual players in a match from the World Cup Qualification, Italy vs North Macedonia. Punters may also opt for a market where no players are booked. Odds for the Player To Be Sent Off markets are traditionally higher.
    World Cup Qualifying Italy vs North Macedonia
    MarketIndividual PlayerOdds
    Player to be bookedVisar Musliu2.40
    Marco Verratti4.00
    First Player BookedEljif Elmas7.00
    Stefano Sensi17.00
    No Bookings15.00
    Player to be Sent OffVisar Musliu26.00
    Lorenzo Pellegrini41.00
  2. Card Betting on TeamsThe options available for Card betting on teams vary across different bookmakers and the various football championships. Markets such as Minute of First Booking are usually found on big football events such as the World Cup.
    World Cup Qualifying Italy vs North Macedonia
    First Minute (00:00 – 00:59) Card101.001001.00

    First/Next/Last booking markets are usually available for in-play matches. Bettors place wagers on the first, next, and last players to be booked during a live football match.

    Yet another option available to punters is Totals card betting. Bookmakers set different options for the combined number of cards shown in a football match, and punters predict if the figures offered by bookmakers will be exceeded or not.

    If Liverpool were playing Watford, one of the Totals Card betting market could be 4.5. A winning Over 4.5 bet results from 2 bookings for Liverpool and 3 bookings for Watford, for instance.

    Handicap bets on cards in football are possible, as with other measurable data, such as goals and corners. Usually, the favorite to win the match is granted the handicap, as the underdog is expected to pay more attention to the defense, and hence receive more cards.


Recent tendencies in football betting have shown that serious bettors express interest in other markets, besides the traditional 1×2, Handicap, and Totals. Consequently, interactive bookmakers have prompted a slew of new wager types to enter the sports betting industry, with Corners and Cards bets being among the most exciting ones. They contribute largely to the diversity of pre-match and live betting options.

Initially, this category of special bets was introduced to World Cup football events, and consequently, they became popular in renowned championships such as the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga, the French League 1, and the Italian Serie A, among others.

Punters who would like to explore Corners and Card markets should be aware of the football stats that would be most beneficial for their betting endeavors and use them to place bets knowledgeably. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.