As football betting gets the lion’s share within the sports betting industry, it is no wonder that the ways to bet on this beautiful game are numerous. Apart from the Full-time and Half-time result bets, punters may also choose to explore the Both Halves Result bet market.

It is easy to comprehend but may pose some difficulties when it comes to profiting from it. We will consider in detail the peculiarities of this betting market, along with some examples and further tips. We will also draw some comparisons with other markets and ultimately evaluate the potential to deliver winnings.

Both Halves Result Betting Explained

Both Halves Result Betting market is concerned with the outcome of the match at the end of the first half and the end of the second half. When punters choose a team to back and opt for the Win Both Halves bet, this team should win the first and the second half. Basically, the football match is divided into two smaller games, and for your bet to be a successful one, your selected team should be victorious in both halves, i.e. they are evaluated independently from each other.

Bettors have two options to choose from when betting on the Both Halves Result bet market – to either back the Home team or the Away team.

It is important to point out that this football market is associated with a greater amount of risk since successful wagers depend on two separate outcomes. Unlike winning a match, this market requires winning in both halves for a wager to be a successful one. So, from a bookmaker’s perspective, once the second half of the match begins, the score immediately resets to 0:0. Punters should be aware of their risk tolerance and wager in an informed and responsible manner.

Example of Both Halves Result Bet

The best way to go about the explanation of football betting markets is by using relevant examples. For the purposes of Both Halves Result Betting clarification, let us assume that you have placed a wager on Sevilla to win both halves in their forthcoming clash with West Ham in Europa League. In the table below, we will examine the available odds for this selection, as well as the existing alternatives.

Europa League
Sevilla vs West Ham
Both Halves Result Bet Market
Sevilla – To Win Both HalvesYes 6.50
No 1.10West Ham United – To Win Both Halves
Yes 11.00No 1.03

Bettors can easily see that sportsbooks usually price this market quite generously due to the different variations of outcomes in both halves.

We will now go on with yet another table to illustrate some of the possible outcomes of both halves and respectively see which results would deliver a winning bet and which results would manifest a losing selection.

Sevilla vs West Ham
Match ResultWinning or Losing Wager?
1:0 (Sevilla scores one goal only, in the first half of the match)Lose
2:1 (Sevilla and West Ham scored one goal each in the second half, making the virtual result of the second half 1:1)Lose
2:0 (Sevilla scores one goal in the first half and one goal in the second half and West Ham does not score a goal in both halves)Win

In the first case scenario, Sevilla manages to score one goal in the first half of the match but fails to do so in the second half. Although the Spanish squad wins the first half, with the Both Halves Result markets, the score in the second half automatically resets to 0:0. Thus, with the second half practically ending in a draw, the wager becomes a losing one. Additionally, if Sevilla fails to score in the first half, and goes on to score in the second half, thus winning the match, the wager would still be unsuccessful.

However, if Sevilla scores another goal in the second half as well, and West Ham does not score at all, then the outcome of the second half would also be 1:0, thus making the wager a winning one.

Secondly, let us assume that Sevilla has scored their first goal in the first half, and the second half of the match gets more intriguing, with West Ham scoring as well, and then Sevilla adding a second goal to their result. With both of the teams scoring one goal in the second half, it practically results in a draw, thus making the bet again a losing one. Although Sevilla did win the match, the second half ended in a draw, 1:1, which explains why the Both Halves Result wager, in this case, is ultimately not a winning one.

Other than a final score of 2:0, the Both Halves Result bet would be a winning one with scorelines from both halves such as 3:1, 4:2, 5:3, etc. Bettors should not forget to look at both halves as two mini-games and consider their results independently from each other.

What Is the Difference between Both Halves Result Bet and Half-Time/Full-Time Bet?

Several bet markets allow bettors to combine results from both halves into a single wager. Punters should be able to make a clear distinction between Both Halves Result Bet and Half-Time/Full-Time Bet.

If we take again as an example, the Sevilla vs West Ham match result of 1:0, we can easily discern the difference between the two markets. If bettors opt for the Both Halves Result bet, and the match ends in a score of 1:0, the wager would be a losing one, as already explained.

However, punters who have selected the Half-time/Full-time bet would enjoy a successful wager, because, with this market, they select the winner at half-time and the winner at full-time. So in spite of the goal-deprived second part of the match, Sevilla is the winner at half-time and full-time, thus making the wager successful.

Further Tips

Apart from the resetting of the score at the beginning of the second half, and that both halves’ results are independent of each other, bettors should also consider several other specifics of the Both Halves Result Bet markets.

  • Extra times are not included in the second half. So, for instance, if a penalty shoot occurs after the regular 90 minutes, it will not be counted.
  • Injury time is taken into consideration in the 90 minutes of the game.
  • In case the match gets canceled during the second half due to whatever reason (e.g. weather conditions), the bet becomes void and punters have their stakes refunded.
  • As per football statistics, many teams assert their dominance and secure their wins without necessarily leading in both halves of the match. Having a good idea of how your selected team performs in both halves of matches is a very good starting point. Some outright favorites tend to show a defensive style of play in the first half of the game, and then go on to score goals in the second half.
  • Bettors should research relevant information for the football matches they are interested in, such as the current form of their selected team, injuries, and suspensions, among others. Also, the stage of the championship and the importance of the match are to be taken into consideration


Ultimately, Both Halves Result bet markets are associated with a higher degree of risk, which however has the potential to deliver greater profits. Exploring this category of bets is a matter of personal decision and depends on punters’ risk tolerance. If they manage to successfully weigh in the important factors and have knowledge of when to place this type of bet, they will increase their chances of registering more substantial wins. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.