Betting on accumulators is one of the most sought-after options among football punters all over the globe. Football accumulators also referred to as accas, are an exceptionally popular method of betting, enabling sports fans to experience the thrill of placing multiple bets and the opportunity to delight in substantial profits.

The leading online bookmakers provide some great promotional offers on football accumulators, and bettors can put their skills and luck to the test by trying to predict the outcome of multiple matches.

The current guide includes information regarding the essence of football accumulators, the types of accumulator bets, the manner in which odds are calculated, as well as some further guidelines, possible combinations, and alternatives.

Football Accumulators Explained

Accumulator bets comprise multiple selections combined in a single bet. For such a wager to be a successful one, punters need to make accurate predictions about all of the selections. Should any of their selections fail, the whole bet fails. Due to the increased risk associated with accumulator bets, their odds are much higher in comparison to those of single bets. As per the general rules applicable to football accumulator bets, the selections must be from different football matches.

Now, let us examine the types of football accumulator bets.

SelectionsType of accumulator bet
4Four-fold accumulator
5Five-fold accumulator
6Six-fold accumulator
7, 8, 9, … etc.Seven-fold accumulator

Accumulator bets with two or three selections are typically referred to as a double or a treble, respectively. Four-fold accumulators have four different selections and they are also referred to as 4-leg accumulators. Usually, punters can combine up to 20 selections.

Example of an Accumulator Bet and Odds Calculation

Let us have a look at a comparison between placing 5 single win-draw-win bets and an accumulator bet, combining a total of 5 selections from the German Bundesliga’s fixtures. We may assume that in both of these situations, we make a total investment of €10.

German Bundesliga / MatchSelectionOddsReturn from 5 single €2 betsReturn from a 5-fold €10 accumulator bet
Freiburg vs Bochum1. Freiburg to win1.62€3.241.62*1.90*1.51*2.05*2.00=19.05*€10 = €190.50
Augsburg vs Hertha Berlin2. Augsburg to win1.9€3.80
Dortmund vs Wolfsburg3. Dortmund to win1.51€3.02
Mainz vs Stuttgart4. Mainz to win2.05€4.10
Monchengladbach vs Cologne5. Monchengladbach to win2€4.00
Total Investment€10€10
Net Profit€8.16€180.50

Now let’s examine a scenario where we place 5 single €2 bets on these selections. If every single one turns out to be a successful one, our total investment of €10 would generate a total return of €18.16. To calculate it, as is commonly known, we should simply multiply our stake by the offered odds for each of the selections. It is worth noting that if any of the selections loses, it does not affect the other winning ones.

Instead of placing 5 individual bets on these fixtures from the German Bundesliga, we may prefer to go for a 5-fold accumulator bet. Thus, by wagering €10 on it, we stand a chance of winning as much as €190.50. The odds of accumulator bets are worked out by multiplying the odds from each of the selections (1.62*1.90*1.51*2.05*2.00=19.05), i.e. the total value increases with the addition of every single selection. Then, these odds are multiplied by the amount of the stake (19.05 * €10.00). Unlike single bets, if any of the selections loses, it impacts the other winning bets.

The formula for calculating the returns from a successful 5-fold accumulator bet is the following:

Total Returns = Initial Stake x (Team 1 odds * Team 2 odds * Team 3 odds * Team 4 odds * Team 5 odds)

What this example suggests is that accumulator bets have the potential to generate more substantial profits from minimal investments on account of the greater risk. Bettors should make knowledgeable decisions, based on statistics and research, due to the increased risk associated with accumulator bets. If just a single selection from our 5-leg accumulator fails us, the entire bet loses.

Bettors should also note that there are accumulator bet calculators available online. To figure out a potential return from their accumulator bet, they need to populate the amount of their stake, the number of selections included in their accumulator bet, the odds format, as well as the odds offered for each of the selections.

Tips on Picking the Best Football Accumulators

Placing an accumulator bet should not present a difficulty to bettors who are already used to placing single bets. Once they choose a sports betting operator and create an account, they should make sure they deposit a sufficient amount of money to cover their bets and then navigate to the football section of the platform. Next, they should select a market from a given football league, and then go on to add other selections from different matches.

  1. Explore different markets

    For the purposes of accumulator betting, besides the win-draw-win market, punters may also explore other bet types such as Draw No Bet, Asian Handicaps, Over/Under Goals, Both Teams To Score, First/Anytime Goalscorer, and Correct Score, among others. Bettors should stick to leagues and markets they are knowledgeable about, to make sure that their decisions are well-grounded. Choosing the 1×2 market for an accumulator bet entails referring to statistics regarding home and away records of both teams, head-to-head records, and previous matches with other opponents, among others.

  2. Limit the number of selections

    Bettors are also advised to limit their selections to 5 or 6, especially when they are new to accumulator betting, to minimize the losses they may suffer. The more selections an accumulator bet has, the riskier it becomes. When the selections are added to the bet slip, they will be found under the section of “Multiples”. Out of all the possible selections there, we are currently interested in accumulator bets. Once they enter the amount of the stake they are willing to make, they should check again all of the selections, and finally, confirm them.

  3. Find good value accumulator bets

    When it comes to betting odds, bookmakers provide different prices, so it is always worth researching several different operators to figure out where to place an accumulator bet. Due to some seemingly insignificant variations in the odds offered, bettors will find out that there are considerable differences in the profits they may potentially land. Finding great value accumulators can be easily accomplished by using odds comparison sites. Thus, having several accounts at different bookies is strongly advisable.

  4. Use Acca Insurance Promos

    Some of the leading betting brands offer the so-called Acca Insurance. Basically, it is a type of promotional offer delivering insurance on accumulator bets. If just a single selection of an accumulator bet lets them down, rather than losing their whole stake, punters receive a portion of it in the form of free bets, bonuses, or money.

  5. Sign up for bookies offering Acca Boost Offers

    Bookies also offer Football Accumulator Bonuses for winning accumulator bets. These bonuses vary in terms of percentages from the returns punters have generated. The bonus percentage increases in accordance with the number of selections made. Much like the other promotional offers of bookmakers, these types of accumulator bonuses have their terms and conditions, such as a minimum number of selections, football competitions, and eligible betting markets, among others.

  6. Use an Early Cash Out if necessary

    Yet another option that bettors should be familiar with is that at most bookmakers they will have the chance to cash out their accumulator bet early. If, for example, they have changed their mind about the last selection of their accumulator bet, they may opt for an Early Cash Out to secure their winnings and prevent losing the entire bet due to that last selection.

Combination Betting

Combination betting is similar to accumulator betting, as it involves placing bets consisting of multiple selections. What differentiates both types of betting is that with the first one not all of the selections need to be correct to ensure a return. In this respect, combination betting is less risky compared to accumulator betting. Punters may still benefit from decent payouts, without being exposed to the risk of losing their entire bet over a single unsuccessful selection.

Combination betting involves covering the selections in different combinations. For instance, a 3/5 combination bet enables punters to win a profit, as long as 3 out of 5 of their selections are correct. There are numerous other combinations such as ⅔, 2/4, ¾, 4/6, and so on. Rather than placing one single wager on all of the selections, punters distribute their investment over several different wagers.

Combination Bet with Two Selections

Now, we can return to our example from the German Bundesliga, to illustrate how a combination bet with two selections works.

German Bundesliga / MatchOddsSelection
Freiburg vs BochumWin 1.62 – Draw 3.95 – Win 4.901. Freiburg to win
Augsburg vs Hertha BerlinWin 1.90 – Draw 3.40 – Win 4.052. Augsburg to win

To cover both selections from the German Bundesliga using a combination bet, punters should make a total of three wagers: a single on Freiburg to win, a single on Augsburg to win, and a double wager. Let’s assume that the total stake on this combination bet amounts to €30.00 distributed evenly among each of the three wagers. Thus, if both teams won, our profits would be the following:

  1. Placing a €10.00 stake on Freiburg to win at odds of 1.62 would generate a return of €16.20 (net profit of €6.20).
  2. Placing a €10.00 stake on Augsburg to win at odds of 1.90 would generate a return of €19.00 (net profit of €9.00 ).
  3. Placing a €10.00 stake on the double at combined odds of 3.07 would generate a return of €30.70 (net profit of €20.70).

Ultimately, we see that this successful combination bet yields a net profit of €35.90, which is less compared to the potential profit we would sweep by simply wagering €30.00 on the double bet at odds of 3.07 (total return of €92.10, and a net profit of €62.10). The advantage of the combination bet ensues from the improved chances of winning. In exchange for the lower risk, punters get to enjoy less substantial returns.

Combination Bets 2 out of 3

Now, let us see how a 2 out of 3 combination bet works.

German Bundesliga / MatchOddsSelection
Union Berlin vs Eintracht FrankfurtWin 2.15 – Draw 3.35 – Win 3.301. Union Berlin to win
Leverkusen vs RB LeipzigWin 2.95 – Draw 3.45 – Win 2.252. Leipzig to win
Wolfsburg vs MainzWin 2.35 – Draw 2.95 – Win 2.653. Wolfsburg to win

We may place our bets on wins of Union Berlin (at odds of 2.15), Leipzig (at odds of 2.25), and Wolfsburg (at odds of 2.35). The following combinations come up:

  1. Bet 1: Union Berlin win and Leipzig win
  2. Bet 2: Union Berlin win and Wolfsburg win
  3. Bet 3: Leipzig win and Wolfsburg win

Let us suppose that we have staked a total of €30.00 on this combination wager, i.e. €10.00 for each of the selections. Let us now assume that Union Berlin and Leipzig won, but Wolfsburg lost. As a result, our Bet 1 (Union Berlin and Leipzig) wins, while Bet 2 (Union Berlin and Wolfsburg) and Bet 3 (Leipzig and Wolfsburg) lose.

To calculate the outcome of the wager, we should multiply our stake on the winning bet (€10.00) by the odds of the two selections Union Berlin Win (2.15) and Leipzig Win (2.25), (10*2.15*2.25) receiving a total return of €48.37.

Bettors should note that combination bets work out well with high odds. As we saw from the example above, we invested a total of €30.00 and managed to return €48.37, leaving us with a net profit of €18.37. When the odds are shorter, combination bets may not return profits exceeding the initial investment.


Accumulator betting strategies can definitely increase punters’ chances of landing considerable returns from small investments, however, they should not forget that the increased number of variables magnifies the associated risk. As the chances of losing are very high, bettors should back their selections with caution to make sure that they make optimal decisions.

Other than accumulator betting, they may resort to combination betting. It is a less risky alternative to accumulator betting, but still, one that should be studied in-depth to give decent results. While the different types of combination bets and their calculations can be quite puzzling, using an online bookmaker to place them can be very helpful. As bettors add new selections to the betting slip, the possible combinations become available, with minimum stakes and maximum payouts calculated automatically. is a media website dedicated to sports news and reviews of the most popular sports betting sites. Here you will find comprehensive guides on where to bet on football, tennis, NBA, NFL and information about the most popular betting deposit methods.