Making more winning bets is every punter’s ultimate goal. The ability to analyze football matches, both pre-match and in-play, across different leagues helps bettors generate profits from their stakes on a consistent basis. Thus, they make their predictions in an educated and knowledgeable manner, leaving nothing to chance.

To assess the football form of two teams that are to play in a forthcoming match, bettors need to take into consideration factors such as Head-to-head results, recent meetings with other opponents, the overall performance of both teams in the current season, as well as player stats, among others.

In the current article, dedicated to determining the football form of two teams, we are going to look into some of the major factors to be examined ahead of a match’s kick-off, along with some examples of how to handle the available statistical data.

Determining the Football Form of Teams

Now that we have established that prior to placing a bet punters should conduct their own survey of the available stats, let us examine what the important indicators are. Apart from the league’s website, punters can also use the available statistical data from both clubs’ own websites.

А team in good form is expected to maintain that form and even if they are about to face a stronger opponent, they stand a chance of winning the match.

Notwithstanding, the recent results of a team do not tell the whole story, and to get a more precise idea of the overall picture, bettors need to factor in several other indicators:

  • The ranking of their opponents
  • The margins of wins and losses
  • The overall performance in games from the league


A lot of bettors place their wagers relying on statistics regarding the teams’ recent results. Let us now have a look at a fixture from the English Premier League, Manchester United vs Leicester.

  1. Bettors may start their research by looking into the recent head-to-head results, or the last meetings between the two teams and how they fared against each other.
    Recent MeetingsResults
    16 October 2021
    King Power Stadium, Leicester
    Leicester vs Manchester United / 4:2
    11 May 2021
    Old Trafford, Manchester
    Manchester United vs Leicester / 1:2
    26 December 2020
    King Power Stadium, Leicester
    Leicester vs Manchester United / 2:2
    26 July 2020
    King Power Stadium, Leicester
    Leicester vs Manchester United / 0:2
    14 September 2019
    Old Trafford, Manchester
    Manchester United vs Leicester / 1:0

    While this information is essential and should be carefully considered, it should not be the sole factor that punters analyze. The teams’ tendency to win home and away clashes should be factored in as well. General statistics show that 50% of matches end in a home win, 25% – in a tie, and 25% – in away wins.

  2. Both clubs’ results against other teams from the current season should be analyzed as well, considering their opponents’ ranking and the goal margins. The latter reveals the style of recent wins – whether it is by more goals or just a single one, for example. The combined knowledge about home and away wins and the number of goals scored in a win is a more precise indicator than recent results alone.
    Manchester UnitedHome / Away StatsLeicesterHome / Away Stats
    Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur 3-2Home winLeicester vs Brentford 2-1Home win
    Manchester United vs Manchester City 1-4Away lossLeicester vs Arsenal 0-2Away loss
    Manchester United vs Watford 0-0Home drawLeicester vs Leeds 1-0Home win
    Manchester United vs Leeds 4-2Away winLeicester vs Burnley 2-0Away win
    Manchester United vs Brighton 2-0Home winLeicester vs Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-2Away loss
  3. The overall performance of both teams in the current season is to be examined and compared as well, including information for the current position within the league, the number of matches won, drawn, and lost, the average goals scored per match, and the clean sheets, among others.
    IndicatorManchester UnitedLeicester
    Current position in the league610
    Number of won matches1410
    Number of drawn matches86
    Number of lost matches711
    Average goals scored per match1.661.56
    Average goals canceled per match1.381.7
    Clean sheets75
    Biggest win5-1 vs Leeds4-0 vs Newcastle
    Worst defeat0-5 vs Liverpool6-3 vs Manchester City

Player and Management Changes

In between the teams’ meetings, there may be many things that have changed, including a new manager, new players arriving into the teams, as well as injuries, and suspensions of key players. As a general rule, to make sure that analyses are conducted on the basis of up-to-date data, bettors should not look at results that are more than a year old, as they reflect circumstances different from the current ones.

The individual players’ form directly impacts that of the team. The absences of key players due to injuries or suspensions may influence football matches to a great extent. Punters have access to Top Player Stats, where they can check important indicators such as goals, assists, minutes played, yellow and red cards, passes, fouls, and saves, among others.

Playing Styles and Goals

As already mentioned, the number of goals scored in the teams’ last matches is also indicative of their form. Wins with several goals look more promising than wins by a single goal. Although there is an emphasis on the wins and losses, when it comes to determining the current form, the goal difference is of great significance to show the side’s potential. Furthermore, the opponents’ ranking within the league is also to be considered, because winning three consecutive matches against lower-ranking opponents may be misleading at times.

The playing styles of both teams are yet another important factor to consider. Generally, two teams featuring defensive playing styles are expected to generate fewer goals in comparison to teams characterized by attacking playing styles.


Nowadays, the vast range of statistical information on football leagues and championships from all over the world is a powerful tool that all bettors should know how to utilize to their benefit. Learning how to manipulate the available data and considering the relevant factors bring success in football betting at your fingertips.

Taking all of the above-mentioned indicators into consideration, it is safe to assume that knowing the football form of both teams can help punters evaluate correctly a forthcoming match. They should bear in mind that football form is temporary and that it is not guaranteed that a team in good form is going to win, or that a team in bad form is going to lose.

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