The Danish betting regulation system is often given as an example for many countries that have trouble regulating this sector. While the gambling laws in Denmark are very strict, they definitely have a positive effect on the industry and make sure that bettors enjoy fair and safe betting both online and at land-based sportsbooks.

Many admire the way the laws of Denmark are formulated as they are straight-forward, modern and ensure that the betting market in the country is properly regulated. Currently, the Gambling Act which came into effect in 2012 is the law that has set the rules and boundaries for online and land-based betting in Denmark.

As Danish people enjoy many freedoms, betting both online and at land-based facilities is legal and many sports betting fans can make bets at operators that are licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority. For those who conduct illegal betting, the fines are quite harsh which shows that the Gambling Act of 2012 implements a proper way of regulating the betting sector in Denmark.

Legalities of Online Sports Betting in Denmark

Historical Betting Overview

The current situation of the betting scene in Denmark is a lot different than the one back in the days. King Frederick was definitely not a big fan of gambling which explains why, in 1753, he forbid all forms of gambling. This law was the reason why for more than two decades, the only form of gambling that was allowed in Denmark was the lottery which was actually owned and regulated by the state.

Until 1990, there was only a single casino in the country and it could be accessed only by a certain wealthy group of the society. In 1990, a law was passed which was permitting the Danish Ministry of Justice to license more casino which was a big change for the gambling industry in the country.

For quite a few years, the most influential company in the gambling scene of Denmark was Danske Spil. The government owned 80% of the company which acted as a regulator for all of the gambling activities in Denmark. This was clearly a monopoly model that was present in the Danish gambling scene for many years.

As the Danish government was pressured by the EU to change its policy and break the betting monopoly model, in 2010, there were changes to the law, introduced with the Danish Gaming Act. The new law took effect on 1st January 2012 and it changed the gaming and betting scene completely by legalizing online gambling and lowering the taxes for online casino and sportsbook operators.

Odds Format in Denmark

Many virtual sportsbooks make sure that their members will be able to enjoy online betting that is tailored to suit their tastes. This is why punters will often have the chance to choose the format of odds which will help them determine the possible profit they can enjoy when they make winning bets.

The most common formats you will encounter at bookmaker sites include decimal, fractional and American. Decimal odds, which are also known as European odds, are considered one of the easiest formats to understand. They are preferred by many punters in Europe which also include Danish bettors. While decimal odds are pretty popular among Danes, many virtual sportsbooks will also allow them to pick another odds format if they find it more suitable.

You can take for example odds of 1.98 which are expressed in decimal format. These odds indicate that bettors who stake 1 unit, will end up winning 0.98 units if their bet is successful. This would mean that their final profit is going to be 1.98 units.

Denmark Betting Laws and Legislation

The current law which has shaped the current form of legal betting in Denmark was first introduced in 2010. Before that, the betting sector in the country was regulated following a monopoly model. Danske Spil was the only regulator for every type of betting in the country and a big part of it was run by the state.

Thanks to the new Gambling Act, the betting market in Denmark was open for more operators and online betting was legalized. In addition to that, the taxes that online operators have to pay are lower than the ones that land-based gaming facilities are obliged to pay.

The Gambling Act was implemented in 2012 and its purpose was to liberalize the betting sector in Denmark but to also regulate it with strict laws. Thanks to the changes introduced with the Gambling Act, a lot more operators have the chance to apply for and receive online betting and gaming license. This naturally leads to more Danish operators that conduct legal and regulated online casino and sportsbook activities.

One of the main purposes of the Gambling Act is to protect Danish punters and players and prevent underage gambling. With serious fines for those who conduct illegal betting, the law makes sure that gambling on the territory of Denmark is always fair and safe.

The winnings that bettors earn from online betting or any other form of gambling, except for lottery, are not subjected to any taxes. The taxes for online gambling operators have also been lightened by lowering the rate to 22% of their total gaming profit.

Denmark Betting Restrictions

As far as the restrictions that apply to online betting, according to the Gambling Act, only individuals who are at least 18 years of age will be able to join online sportsbooks and make real-money bets. In addition to that, punters must first open an account with the operator to be able to make sports bets.

The sportsbooks which are licensed to offer sports betting odds to Danish punters must always express odds correctly and never imply that the chances of winning are greater than they actually are. As for the promotions offered by betting sites, the terms and conditions for each bonus must be clearly stated on the website. In addition to that, punters must have at least 60 days to fulfill any conditions that are related to the payment of a bonus.

Since spread betting is considered a financial service, simply obtaining a betting license will not qualify virtual sportsbooks for offering their members spread betting. Offering such type of betting is allowed only to registered financial companies that are regulated by the Danish Financial Services Act.

Online Betting Regulatory Body in Denmark

The Danish Gambling Authority is the jurisdiction that issues licenses to operators that wish to offer online betting to Danish punters. The Gambling Authority makes sure that licensees conduct fair and legal online betting and protect punters.

Before the changes in the law, the Danish Gambling Authority was just a department of the Danish Tax Administration (SKAT). However, after the Gambling Act came into effect in 2012, the Gambling Authority has become independent and is now responsible for regulating all gambling activities in the country.

The Danish Gambling Authority follows a thorough process of verifying the operators that can obtain a betting license in Denmark. What is more, it is constantly checking for websites that offer illegal betting and blacklists them as a result. This further proves that the Gambling Authority is very serious about ensuring a fair and properly regulated betting scene in Denmark.

Since it is not that easy to obtain a betting license by the Danish Gambling Authority it is regarded as one of the strictest and most trustworthy jurisdictions in the online betting industry. Operators that obtain a combined online casino and betting license will be able to legally offer virtual gaming and betting to residents of Denmark. However, they must go through a thorough process before obtaining the license.

Denmark Online Betting Bonuses

As long as they abide by the Gamblin Act and properly list the bonus terms and conditions, Danish betting operators are allowed to offer their members different sports betting promotions. While the incentives that bettors can enjoy differ from one site to another, several bonuses are commonly seen at virtual sportsbooks.

Most betting sites offer their new members Welcome Bonuses. This can be triggered by a minimum deposit made for the first time by newcomers. Usually, Welcome Bonuses can match the bonus that new bettors make and provide a bonus amount which can be wagered on different sports bets. Punters should always carefully read bonus terms and conditions as they will inform them what is the required minimum deposit and what are the limits of the bonus that can be received. Most often than not, there are also wagering requirements that must be met before a withdrawal and punters have to stake their bonus on odd of certain minimum or even higher odds.

Other sportsbooks may provide free bets which are offered after bettors have made a certain bet. Typically, there is a minimum for the odds you must place your qualifying bet on, as well as the minimum sum you must spend on your bet. When bettors use their free bet and collect winnings thanks to it, they usually have to be wagered a certain number of times. Just like other sportsbooks bonuses, winnings from free bets must also be wagered on odds of a certain minimum or even higher.

The promotions that are usually offered to sportsbook members can often be seen on the Promotions page of a betting site. There, bettors can also read the terms and conditions of a bonus and determine whether they should claim it.

Mobile Betting in Denmark

As most Danes are constantly on the move, most people in the country are used to handle most things in their daily lives with a single tap on their phones. This is why mobile betting is also very popular in the country and numerous sportsbooks offer their members the opportunity to make bets on the go.

The majority of Danish betting sites are fully optimized to run on mobile devices. This means that you will be able to load the sportsbook of your choice anywhere you go, as long as you have a stable Internet connection. Some virtual bookmakers also offer their dedicated mobile apps that can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

Mobile betting sites will allow punters to place the usual bets they enjoy and will offer the same odds which are available at their web-based versions. All you need is to tap on the odds you wish to bet on and they will be quickly added to your betting slip.

Another very convenient thing that bettors can still do while betting on the go is managing their funds. As long as you head to the Cashier, you will be able to deposit money or request a withdrawal with a few taps on the screen. Even though you will be initiating payments on your mobile device, you can be sure that they will still be carried through safely as mobile sportsbooks utilize the same security measures as their web-based versions.

Bonuses are also available to mobile bettors who will have the chance to claim the different promotions sportsbooks have prepared for them. As one can easily top up their account on the go, claiming deposit bonuses will be a piece of cake for mobile punters.

Popular Betting Banking Methods in Denmark

Danish punters tend to have an easy time managing their payments at betting sites. Most virtual sportsbooks that cater to Danes have included DKK to their supported currencies. This allows Danish bettors to easily handle their deposits and withdrawals, without having to worry about conversion fees.

One of the typical methods that can be used at most sportsbooks is a credit/debit card issued by Visa or Mastercard. This option allows punters to instantly top up their accounts and it can often be used for withdrawals as well. The Dankort card is probably one of the most suitable methods that many Danish punters can use. This is a Danish credit card-issuing company which will allow punters to easily handle their payments at numerous virtual sportsbooks.

Although card-issuing companies take measures to protect the funds of their cardholders, many punters do not feel comfortable sharing their card details with betting websites. This is why they often look for alternative payment solutions.

A safe way to handle your payments at Danish virtual sportsbooks is to use an e-wallet. You can resort to digital wallets by Skrill, Neteller, PayPal as they are accepted at most interactive bookies. E-wallets allow bettors to instantly deposit to their betting account, without exposing any sensitive information. Often punters can also use e-wallets for their withdrawals which will allow them to receive their winnings in a secure and fast way.

Nordea is also another service that is popular among Danes and can be used as a payment method at many betting sites. It allows punters to easily handle their deposits and withdrawals, without exposing any type of sensitive information to the sportsbook. Since Nordea works with some of the biggest and most reliable banking institutions in Denmark, bettors who utilize the service can be sure that their payments will be handled with care and extreme caution.

Often, punters might be able to resort to other payment solutions, depending on the methods that each betting site accepts. However, the options mentioned above are commonly available at most Danish online sportsbooks and allow punters to enjoy fast, secure and easy payments.

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