Qatar is a country located in western Asia, with a population of about 2.6 million. When we compare the GDP per capita rate, the country ranks third worldwide. The predominant part of the people residing in Qatar are Muslims and Sharia law is the main legal framework in the country.

People in Qatar enjoy a wide range of sports, including horse racing, soccer, tennis, cricket, and many more. While the number of sporting fans residing within the country is significant, like many other Islamic countries, Qatar deems all forms of gambling to be illegal. Even if you are a tourist visiting the country, you will not find any gambling or betting facilities where you can place bets on your favorite sports.

Even though the gambling scene in Qatar is far from welcoming, you should be aware that several loopholes in the law let many Qatari punters place bets on major sporting events. The most common practice for bettors located in the country is to resort to online betting at various offshore sportsbooks. If you want to learn how this is possible despite the harsh laws, we recommend you continue reading.

Legalities of Online Sports Betting in Qatar

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Historical Betting Overview

As it was already mentioned, any form of gambling is illegal in Qatar and historically, there have not been significant changes in the legal status of sports betting or other forms of wagering. Despite that, camel races are extremely popular in Qatar, with the sport being considered an old-time tradition among Qatari people.

Professional camel racing became a thing as early as the 1970s, and until this day, it is an extremely popular form of entertainment. Camel racing is also a very lucrative business, with often the possible profit that a camel owner can enjoy amounting up to a six-figure sum.

Camel racing competitions are typically held every year between October and February. The major competitions, however, usually take place in March and April. For many years, the sport used young children as camel jockeys due to their short height and lighter weight. However, as many considered this a form of child abuse, in 2004, camel races replaced young jockeys with robots. Nowadays, these races are done with robot jockeys that are controlled by the camels’ owners, allowing the popular sport to continue to entertain numerous Qatari people.

What You Need to Know About Sports Betting in Qatar

If you are looking for a way to legally place sporting bets in Qatar, do not hold your breath. Being an Islamic country, Qatar has banned any form of gambling, including sports betting. You cannot find any land-based casinos and betting facilities in the country, meaning even tourists will not be allowed to participate in gambling activities while being in Qatar.

Online sports betting is also illegal in Qatar, with no operators having the chance to offer sports betting services to individuals located in the country. As there is no regulatory body to issue gambling licenses, offshore operators are also not allowed to apply for permission to offer their services on the Qatari market. Even though the country has the potential to benefit from a very lucrative gambling sector, there are no signs for Qatar to introduce any changes to its law any time soon.

While participating in any form of gambling is illegal and there are no casinos to be found in Qatar, this does not mean that there is no illegal gambling going on in the country. What is more, even though online betting is also considered unlawful, many punters resort to placing bets at offshore websites. Due to some legal loopholes, those who are keen on making sports betting wagers often take the risk of joining foreign sportsbooks and placing their bets there.

While Qatar does take some measures to block offshore betting sites, there are still some ways to make sports bets online if you are located in Qatar. Bettors, however, should be very careful before betting on an overseas website as they can often employ shady practices and scam punters. That said, those who are determined to bet online can find quite a few offshore sportsbooks where they can enjoy odds on a myriad of sports and place various bets on different markets.

Odds Format in Qatar

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Considering all forms of gambling, sports betting included, are illegal in Qatar, it is difficult to determine a certain odds format that is popular among bettors residing in the country. That said, those who decide to place wagers on offshore sportsbooks will most likely have the chance to choose from several formats that are popular worldwide.

The three most popular odds formats that can be found at different online sportsbooks include American, decimal, and fractional. The good thing is that often Qatari bettors will have the chance to choose the format they find the easiest to work with and calculate their potential return.

As the name suggests, American odds are most commonly preferred by US punters, with odds looking something similar to -175 for the favorite and +145 for the underdog. The former represents the amount you need to wager to win $100, while the latter shows the profit a $100 wager will bring you.

Decimal odds are more popular in European countries but many punters from across the world also prefer this format. Odds such as 4.00, 1.3, or any other similar value represent the amount one could win for a $1 wager.

Fractional odds are most commonly used by British punters but Qatari bettors may often choose to use them for their sports betting. Such odds may be represented like 6/1, 10/11, or any other value that is valid for a bet. Simply said, these odds represent the ratio of your profit to the stake’s amount.

Qatar Betting Laws and Legislation

As previously mentioned, all forms of gambling are illegal in Qatar, leaving sports fans no legitimate options for enjoying sports wagering. The only activity similar to a game of chance that Qatari people can legally enjoy is a lottery that is overseen by Qatar Duty Free, which is a subsidiary of Qatar Airlines. This is more of a raffle type of game and resembles the Dubai Duty Free lottery that is also the only legal gambling-like game in Dubai.

Naturally, as the law forbids all forms of gambling, online sports betting is also banned in Qatar. Under the 2004 Qatari Penal Code, individuals who are caught participating in any gambling activity, both offline and online, can be penalized with imprisonment of up to three months. An alternative penalty is having to pay a fine that cannot exceed 3,000 Riyals (about $824).

Despite imposing such penalties, it is very difficult for the law to enforce those sanctions internationally or to specific individuals. In fact, there are no records of serious attempts to track or prosecute individuals who have illegally participated in any type of gambling in Qatar.

While the Qatar government is utilizing a censorship system that is supposed to block inappropriate content online, it only applies to pornographic materials or political and anti-Islamic content. Meanwhile, in a Freedom House Report published in 2014, there is no information for the same system blocking gambling websites.

Qatar Betting Restrictions

There are many arguments that there is no clear distinction between games of skills and games of luck. That is why the Qatar laws prohibit participation in any form of gambling or games that resemble gambling in any way. Under Article 274 of the 2004 Penal Code of Qatar, gambling is defined as “any game in which the probability of gain and loss depends on the luck and not on controlled factors and each party agrees to give the amount of money, in case of loss, to the winning party” and is considered illegal.

Anyone who offers any form of gambling is also conducting an unlawful activity. Despite that, illegal poker tournaments are far from uncommon in Qatar. Typically, these events are hosted by foreigners, in their private homes, with participants having to pay 10% of their winnings to the host.

Despite the government’s efforts to ban unregulated operators, many Qatari punters find a way to place sports betting wagers online. A common practice is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access offshore sportsbooks and place their bets. It should be noted that while using a VPN is not illegal, resorting to it to place bets online is still considered a crime in Qatar.

Online Betting Regulatory Body in Qatar

As Qatar has not legalized any form of gambling, there is no regulatory body that is in charge of regulating the gambling sector in the country. There are also no authorities that grant licenses to operators who wish to legally offer sports betting to punters based in Qatar.

As previously mentioned, the only game that is similar to gambling and is allowed in Qatar is the Duty Free lottery. This is more of a raffle type of game that is offered by Qatar Duty Free, a subsidiary of Qatar Airlines. There are three types of draws that players can participate in, and each one of them is supervised by the Management of Qatar Duty Free.

Popular Betting Markets in the Qatar

football icon Football
Cricket icon Cricket
Tennis icon Tennis
Handball icon Handball

Despite being illegal, online sports betting is still accessed by many Qatari punters who decide to bet on offshore websites. In addition to choosing the sportsbooks by evaluating factors like security, supported payments, and promotions, bettors are also considering the sports market coverage they will be able to enjoy.

There are several sports that are mostly adored by Qatar fans and it is only natural to expect to see them among the betting options offered by sportsbooks. That said, most major betting sites make sure to cover an abundance of popular sports to cater to the preferences of different punters, including those residing in Qatar.

It comes as no surprise that the worldwide popular soccer is also one of the favorite sports of Qatari punters. The sport typically boasts a number of international leagues that bettors from all around the world enjoy. That said, many bookmakers also cater to those who live in Qatar, with the Qatar Stars League also often being present at the soccer section of a number of sportsbooks. The major soccer events that many Qatari bettors would appreciate include the Qatar Stars Cup, Emir of Qatar Cup, Qatar Crown Prince Cup, and Sheik Jassim Cup.

Another sport that is often preferred by Qatari sports betting aficionados is cricket. It is widely popular in the country and many of its fans are starting to see the appeal of betting on the sport. Even though those residing in Qatar have the single option to wager on foreign websites, this allows them to bet on various major cricket competitions played worldwide. Qatar T10 League is often among the options that punters can enjoy, with other major international competitions like ICC World T20, Indian Premier League, T20 Blast, and many more also being popular picks.

Tennis is also a popular source of entertainment for sports enthusiasts in Qatar. This is why it is also often sought as a betting option by punters residing in the country. Of course, as Qatar hosts tournaments like ATP man and WTA women, these are often offered by major online sportsbooks.

Yet another sport that enjoys a huge fan base among Qatari people is handball. This is also a commonly covered sport by numerous online bookies, allowing bettors from the country to possibly bet on handball events from the Qatar Handball Association (QHA) league and IHF Handball Super Globe. Of course, international leagues like Men’s Beach Handball World Championships, the Asian Championship, and Asian Games are also options appreciated by Qatari punters.

Motorsports may not be among the first options that other punters choose but it is extremely popular in Qatar. Since one of the 18 annual MotoGP professional motorcycle racings in the world is hosted in Qatar every year, the option is also among the top choices of Qatari punters. Most reputable sportsbooks will most definitely offer odds on MotoGP races, providing bettors from Qatar with a fun online betting experience.

Popular Betting Markets in Qatar Summary
SoccerQatar Stars Cup, Emir of Qatar Cup, Qatar Crown Prince Cup, Sheik Jassim Cup
CricketQatar T10 League, ICC World T20, Indian Premier League, T20 Blast
TennisATP man, WTA women
HandballQatar Handball Association (QHA) league, IHF Handball Super Globe, Men’s Beach Handball World Championships, the Asian Championship, and Asian Games
Motor SportsMotoGP

Qatar Online Betting Bonuses

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Betting online has many advantages and one of them is the opportunity to redeem various generous promotions. Qatari bettors will often have the chance to claim different types of sportsbook incentives and elevate their online sports betting. There are several types of bonuses that are most often available to bettors from Qatar, allowing them to improve their winning chances.

Despite having the chance to claim bonuses, as Qatari punters can bet only on foreign websites, it is possible that some offers will not be available to them. The reason for that is some promotions are country-specific. What is more, some payment methods may not count towards sportsbooks offers, making it impossible to redeem certain bonuses.

Welcome bonuses and match bonuses for returning members are often the types of promotions bettors from Qatar can redeem. Typically, these offers require making a certain deposit that is then matched with a bonus of a specific size. The bonus amount is often subjected to wagering requirements that need to be met before these funds are available for withdrawal. Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of every bonus before you redeem it. Sportsbooks tend to have requirements for the minimum odds you can use your bonus money on. What is more, some sports and betting markets may not count towards the bonus staking so it is best to avoid them while you are wagering your bonus.

Free bets are also a common type of incentive that Qatari bettors can enjoy while betting online. This type of promotion usually requires punters to make a qualifying bet of a specific minimum. The qualifying bet must also be placed on a certain minimum of odds or on a specific sport/betting market. To be fully aware of the conditions that need to be fulfilled to redeem the free bet, make sure to read the terms and conditions of such offers before you claim them. Free bets are types of bonuses that are used only for betting purposes and cannot be withdrawn.

Mobile Betting in Qatar

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Many online sportsbooks are optimized to run smoothly on various mobile devices that support HTML5. Qatari punters will also have the chance to place bets via their smartphones or tablets. Whether they utilize Android or iOS devices, they will be able to load their preferred betting website via the browser app on their handheld device.

It is also possible to come across online sportsbooks that offer dedicated iOS and Android apps that can be installed on one’s mobile device. Whenever you load the mobile version of the bookie, check if there are any download links you can tap to install the app and enjoy an even smoother betting experience on the go. Unfortunately, such apps will not be available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Qatari punters.

Even though mobile betting is a great alternative to PC betting, Qatari bettors should be very careful when they want to bet on the go. As all forms of gambling are prohibited in the country, one should be very discreet about placing bets on such websites. What is more, to make sure they are protected, punters should always be connected to a trustworthy WiFi network when betting on the go. This will ensure that no third parties will have access to their personal information or banking details.

Popular Betting Banking Methods in Qatar

bank transfer icon Bank Transfer
credit card icon Credit Cards
e-wallet icon E-Wallet
prepaid card icon Prepaid Cards

When it comes to betting for real money, Qatari punters will have a few payment solutions to choose from for their deposits and withdrawals. While quite a few websites accept bettors from Qatar, being able to set up your account in QAR may not be that easily available. That said, most reputable sportsbooks support a wide range of currencies so Qatari bettors can choose the one that is most convenient for them.

In most cases, punters from Qatar will be able to deposit to their sportsbook accounts via credit cards by Visa or Mastercard as well as a bank transfer. Typically, deposits are processed almost instantly and bettors will be able to quickly place their preferred bets. The same solutions can also be used to withdraw one’s winnings in a timely manner. While these are options that are easy to use, Qatari bettors are advised to resort to alternative methods if they wish to ensure better privacy for their betting transactions.

A great way to fund your betting account is via an e-wallet. Such a service will allow you to make quick deposits without exposing any sensitive information about your credit card or bank account. The most common e-wallets that can be utilized by Qatari punters include Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and MuchBetter. These will also be available for withdrawals, enabling bettors to cash out their winnings in a short period of time. While e-wallets are a great payment option, it should be noted that sometimes deposits via digital wallets do not count towards sportsbook promotions.

Other great alternatives that can add another layer of protection to your betting payments include prepaid cards or cryptocurrencies. Qatari bettors may resort to Paysafecard prepaid cards that will allow them to stay anonymous while instantly depositing into their sportsbook accounts. Unfortunately, prepaid cards cannot be used for withdrawals, with punters having to resort to different methods to cash out their winnings.

As for blockchain payments, many betting sites will allow their members to make instant deposits and just as fast of withdrawals with Bitcoin or Litecoin. Qatari punters may also make use of this method and initiate extremely secure payments at their preferred sportsbooks.

Popular Banking Methods in Qatar
Payment MethodFeesDeposit LimitsDeposit TimesWithdrawal LimitsWithdrawal Times
MastercardFreeMin $20/Max $50,000 per transactionInstantMin $20/Max $5,000 per transactionUp to 5 days
VisaFreeMin $20/Max $50,000 per transactionInstantMin $20/Max $5,000 per transactionUp to 5 days
NetellerFreeMin $10/Max $50,000 per transactionInstantMin $10/Max $50,00 per transactionInstant
SkrillFreeMin $10/Max $50,000 per transactionInstantMin $10/Max $60,000 per transactionInstant
ecoPayzFreeMin $10/Max $50,000InstantMin $10/Max $50,000 per transactionInstant
MuchBetterFreeMin $10/Max $50,000 per transactionInstantMin $10/Max $50,000 per transactionInstant
PaysafecardFreeMin $20/Max $1,000 per transactionInstantN/AN/A
BitcoinFreeMin $6/Max $50,000 per transactionWithin 30-60 minutesMin $12/Max $50,000 per transactionInstant
LitecoinFreeMin $6/Max $50,000 per transactionWithin 30-60 minutesMin $12/Max $50,000 per transactionInstant
Bank TransferFreeMin $10/Max $50,000 per transaction3-5 daysMin $10/Max $50,000 per transaction3-5 days

What to Watch For When Picking a Qatari Betting Site

Security icon Security
Customer Support icon Customer Support
Mobile Compatibility icon Mobile Compatibility
In-Play Betting icon In-Play Betting

As already discussed in the sections above, sports betting is currently illegal in Qatar. That said, as the country is not taking any serious measures to prevent locals from betting online, many Qatari punters resort to placing wagers on offshore websites. There are, however, several things to keep in mind before you proceed with betting on foreign sportsbooks.

Security must be a top priority when choosing a Qatar-friendly website. While quite a few online sportsbooks welcome punters from the country, one should join a betting website only if they can trust it. While operators are not allowed to apply for licenses in Qatar, you should still pick sportsbooks that have been licensed by other respectful authorities.

Betting websites that have been licensed by the jurisdiction of Gibraltar or the Malta Gaming Authority are often brands one could trust. Many sports betting websites have also been licensed by the government of Curacao. Even if this may not be the most reliable licensing body in the gambling industry, you should still pick websites that have been licensed rather than risking betting with unlicensed bookies.

Sports coverage is another factor that can make or break one’s betting experience. This is why Qatari punters are advised to check whether they will be able to bet on their favorite sports. Betting markets are also important as they can allow bettors to enjoy an array of fun and rewarding betting options.

Of course, the value of odds is also important as you would want to receive the best possible return for your bets. To make sure that you can easily calculate your potential profit, make sure that the sportsbook supports your preferred odds format. This will enable you to always be on top of the odds offered by the bookie.

Available payment solutions are also important when picking a Qatar-friendly betting website. If punters are available to handle their payments in QAR, this could be very convenient for their future deposits and withdrawals. Another thing to consider is whether punters will have issues claiming bonuses if they utilize a specific payment solution. Redeemable promotions are also something to pay attention to, so picking a suitable payment option for the sportsbook’s promotions is also important.

Best 10 Betting Sites in Qatar

Picking the right sportsbook for Qatari bettors may be a tad tricky. This is why we have listed ten brands we believe can ensure a fun and fair betting experience online. The sportsbooks listed below welcome punters from Qatar, with some of them even accepting payments in QAR. These brands are licensed by some of the most reputable authorities in the world, ensuring a safe betting experience for sports fans.


Pinnacle logo

Bettors from Qatar can enjoy a very exciting betting experience at Pinnacle, which is a sportsbook that is well known for its extremely low-margin sports odds. The bookie covers a wide range of sports, including soccer, handball, and tennis, which are some of the Qatari punters’ favorite betting options.

Pinnacle is a website where one could be certain that the betting experience is going to be fair and secure. The company operating the sportsbook is licensed by the government of Curacao. The betting site supports several payment solutions that Qatari punters can resort to for their deposits and withdrawals. One thing that should be noted, however, is that withdrawals will incur a $15 fee, no matter which option is used.

The sportsbook section of Pinnacle can also be easily loaded on almost any mobile device. This allows punters to place their bets on the go in a hassle-free manner. To be sure they have taken the most secure approach to their online betting, we recommend resorting to options like e-wallets or crypto payments, both of which are accepted by Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Pros
  • Competitively low-margin sports odds
  • Coverage of different sports and betting markets
  • Supports various solutions available to Qatari bettors
  • Optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices
Pinnacle Cons
  • Supports only Decimal and American odds formats
  • No current promotions available to Qatari punters
  • Bettors must pay a fee whenever requesting a withdrawal


32Red logo

Another great sportsbook that welcomes Qatari bettors is 32Red, which is a brand that strives to offer a top-notch betting experience to its members. The betting website has made sure that its members can enjoy some of the most competitive odds on popular sporting events. Qatari punters will also be very pleased with the sports coverage of 32Red, offering odds on many of their favorite sports such as soccer, handball, tennis, cricket, and many more.

Those interested in a specific event can quickly type the leagues or competition’s names and find the odds on the upcoming match. Whenever you pick odds to place your money on, you can simply click on them and the betslip feature of 32Red will allow you to quickly set up your wager.

As security is a top priority for 32Red, its operator has acquired licenses from several trustworthy authorities, including the government of Gibraltar. This gives punters peace of mind, allowing them to safely make wagers on their favorite sports and enjoy fruitful outcomes. As for the payment options, Qatari bettors will be able to choose from several fast, secure, and easy-to-use solutions.

32Red Pros
  • Provides competitive odds on various popular sports
  • Offers a Cash Out feature on specific sporting events
  • Supports various payment solutions suitable for Qatari bettors
  • Offers Live Bettings
  • Fully optimized to run on mobile devices
32Red Cons
  • Offers a limited number of sportsbook promotions for Qatari bettors
  • Does not support crypto payments
  • No VIP program


Betway logo

Betway is yet another sportsbook we recommend to Qatari punters who want to enjoy a fun and rewarding online betting experience. The bookie makes sure that every sports enthusiast will have the chance to bet on their favorite sporting events, teams, and players. This is why Betway offers odds on numerous sports, many of which are also favorite to bettors from Qatar.

The online sportsbook also has a mobile version that can run smoothly on almost any handheld device and there are also dedicated apps that can be installed on Android and iOS devices. This makes betting on the go extremely easy and fun, allowing bettors to always be on top of their sports bets.

Betway makes sure to provide a fair and secure betting experience and it has been authorized to offer its services by reliable jurisdictions, one of which is the Malta Gaming Authority. As for their payments, punters will be able to choose from several convenient methods that enable fast and easy deposits and withdrawals.

Betway Pros
  • Offers odds on various popular sporting events
  • Has an optimized mobile version
  • Punters can contact customer support via several channels
  • Offers live streaming
Betway Cons
  • Does not support Arabic
  • Chat support is difficult to launch
  • Does not support payments in QAR


BetVictor logo

Qatari bettors can also head to BetVictor if they want to place wagers on some of their most favorite sporting events. Thanks to licenses from well-known jurisdictions such as the government of Gibraltar and other reliable regulators, BetVictor offers a fair and secure betting experience. The sportsbook welcomes Qatari punters and provides competitive odds on a vast variety of events.

Sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, handball, and esports are just a few of the categories you will find in BetVictor’s sportsbook section. Different betting markets will allow punters to explore fun betting options and make wagers that can be both exciting and very rewarding. It is also possible to make use of early cashout on certain bets.

Those who wish to bet on the go, will have the chance to make use of that opportunity via a dedicated app or the mobile browser version of BetVictor. Punters will be able to place their wagers with just one tap on the screen and enjoy a fun mobile betting experience.

BetVictor Pros
  • Great sports coverage with competitive odds
  • Optimized to run on various mobile devices
  • Offers in-play betting
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Offers Cash Out on numerous sports
BetVictor Cons
  • No current promotions for bettors from Qatar
  • Does not support QAR


888sport logo

Bettors from Qatar will also have the chance to enjoy a very thrilling and rewarding experience if they decide to join 888sport. The brand is well-known among sports betting enthusiasts from around the world, ensuring a fair and fun experience for numerous punters. The sportsbook operates on various markets thanks to licenses obtained by a handful of some of the strictest authorities in the gambling scene. A couple of these regulators include the Malta Gaming Authority and the government of Gibraltar.

Punters will be free to bet on a variety of international sporting events. Soccer, handball, and motor racing are just a few of the options that many Qatari bettors will appreciate when betting at 888sport. The various betting markets will allow any sports fan to make exciting bets that have a great potential for generous payouts.

When it comes to funding one’s account, bettors will have the opportunity to handle their payments via credit cards, e-wallets, and other options that ensure fast and secure transactions. While there is a dedicated iOS app, bettors can also load the sportsbook via the browser on their smart device and bet on the go with just a few taps on the screen.

888sport Pros
  • Sportsbook with odds on numerous popular and less conventional sports
  • Offers in-play betting
  • Bettors can choose from a decimal, fractional, and American odds format
  • Allows Cash Out on certain bets
  • Dedicated iOS app and fully-optimized browser-based mobile version
888sport Cons
  • Website cannot be loaded in Arabic
  • Does not support payments in QAR
  • Sportsbook does not accept crypto payments


Intertops logo

When looking for the right place to make their sports bets, Qatari punters can join Intertops – a sportsbook that boasts extensive experience in the online betting industry. If you decide to become an Intertops member, you will have the chance to place wagers on several popular sports, including several of Qatari bettors’ favorite options. Even though Intertops’ portfolio could use a bit of expansion, you can still find odds on soccer, handball, motorsports, and many other top sporting events.

Unfortunately, Intertops have not obtained licenses from any of the big regulatory bodies in the gambling industry. That said, the brand is definitely trustworthy, considering it was established back in 1983 and has been a part of the betting scene ever since.

For smooth payments, the sportsbook is accepting a wide range of banking solutions that can also be utilized by Qatari bettors. Credit cards and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are among the solutions one could resort to for their deposits and withdrawals. In addition to that, bettors can also use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin if they want to add another layer of protection to their sports betting transactions.

Intertops Pros
  • Sportsbook with extensive experience in the sports betting sector
  • Supports fractional, decimal, and American odds formats
  • Constantly updates its promotions
  • Accepts payments via cryptocurrencies
Intertops Cons
  • No information about any relevant licenses
  • Could expand its sports coverage
  • Does not support payments in QAR


22Bet logo

Even though it is a fairly new player in the game, 22Bet is still a great option for Qatari punters who wish to bet on their favorite sports. The brand offers odds on a vast variety of sports that can appeal to numerous punters from across the globe. The brand operating 22Bet is TechSolutions (CY) Group Limited which has been licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

After joining 22Bet, one could bet on soccer, tennis, cricket, and a number of other sports, including many virtual ones. In addition to covering a myriad of sports, the bookie also offers different betting markets to make one’s wagering experience more entertaining. To allow all of its members to easily calculate the potential return, the sportsbook supports various odds formats, including fractional, decimal, American, Hong Kong, Malaysian, and Indonesian.

The sportsbook supports several payment solutions that allow fast and secure deposits and withdrawals. The options one could utilize include credit cards, e-wallets as well as cryptocurrencies. To make their betting experience even more accessible, 22Bet has a mobile version that is fully optimized to run on almost any mobile device.

22Bet Pros
  • Huge sports coverage
  • Optimized mobile version
  • Supports a number of odd formats
  • Accepts payments in QAR
  • Allows payments with cryptocurrencies
22Bet Cons
  • Fairly new sportsbook with less experience
  • Limits on withdrawals tend to be low
  • Withdrawals can sometimes take longer to be processed


10bet logo

Punters can revel in a great betting experience if they decide to join 10bet. The sportsbook welcomes bettors from Qatar and allows them to place bets on some of their favorite sports such as soccer, cricket, handball, and many more. The website operates thanks to a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority which is a reputable regulatory body in the gambling industry.

Not only does the sportsbook offer competitive odds on various sporting events, but there are also numerous betting markets to choose from. What is more, 10bet also offers in-play betting that many punters would enjoy. To make the whole experience even more enjoyable, 10bet offers promotions that can help one achieve a more fruitful experience.

As for their payments, members of 10bet can choose from several convenient solutions such as Visa or Mastercard, e-wallets, and prepaid cards. It should be noted, however, that some of the available deposit methods may be excluded from 10bet’s promotional offers.

10bet Pros
  • Offers odds on a wide range of sporting events
  • Has a Live Betting section
  • Fully optimized to run on mobile devices and has dedicated apps
  • Provides great sports betting incentives
10bet Cons
  • Some deposit methods do not qualify for promotions
  • Does not accept payments in QAR
  • No live streaming


20bet logo

Another sportsbook that welcomes Qatari bettors and offers a top-notch betting experience is 20Bet. The brand has not been operating that long but it can still offer a great sports betting time for fans of different sports. The brand has been licensed to operate by the government of Curacao and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

To fit the preferences of different punters, 20Bet is offering odds on a myriad of sports, allowing sports fans to place stakes on their favorite sporting events. Qatari bettors’ top betting choices such as soccer, tennis, handball, and many more are also among the sports covered by 20Bet.

Those who wish to bet on the go, will have the chance to simply load the sportsbook via the browser app on their handheld device. On 20Bet’s official website, you can also find download links for an Android and iOS app that can be downloaded on your respective mobile device and allow easy betting on the move.

20bet Pros
  • Provides odds on a vast variety of sports
  • Fully-optimized mobile version as well as Android and iOS apps
  • Supports various payment solutions, including crypto payments
20bet Cons
  • Less experienced brand on the betting market
  • Does not offer live streaming


1xBet logo

Qatari bettors can also enjoy a great betting experience if they decide to join 1xBet. This is a sportsbook that makes sure that every armchair fan and sports betting expert will have enough options to choose from. Offering fair and secure betting is a top priority of the sportsbook, with its operations being licensed by the government of Curacao.

Members of 1xBet can place their wagers on sports like tennis, handball, cricket, and many more. Qatari punters who enjoy soccer will also have the chance to place wagers on upcoming Stars Cup events. Different betting markets will also be available to punters, with odds being available in fractional, decimal, American, Hong Kong, Malaysian, and Indonesian formats.

For their payments, bettors will be able to resort to several solutions that enable fast, secure, and easy deposits and withdrawals. Conveniently enough, Qatari punters will be allowed to set their accounts in QAR and avoid currency conversion fees.

1xBet Pros
  • Huge sports coverage
  • Supports payments in QAR
  • Offers odds on Qatari football leagues
1xBet Cons
  • Fairly new sportsbook brand
  • Sportsbook section can be a tad cluttered

Qatar Betting Sites FAQ

Is Sports Betting Legal in Qatar?

Can Qatari Bettors Redeem Sportsbook Promotions?

What Payments Solutions Can Qatari Bettors Use?

Is it Important for a Sportsbook to Have a License?

Are There Any Plans to Legalize Sports Betting in Qatar?

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